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    Going back to the old question of what would you put on a billboard on the Dan Ryan....maybe a picture of Rick Hahn carrying around a folding chair?
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    I love Jose. I think we can express our love for him in different ways, like giving him a big statue or producing a buddy cop movie with him and Moises sierra. But maybe we don’t have to do like a long term deal.
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    Is Rick Hahn Guy Fieri in this scenario? And is the end result all of us going to flavor town? I'll tell you, that whole ramble got me disinterested when RBIs got involved. And the best part, I dunno why you felt the need to give him 10 more RBIs than he actually had last year.
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    Can we just have a seat at a very large table with Boras and all of his clients?..."Ok this is how much we have to spend fellas...who wants some?"..."By the way, have you met Southpaw?"
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    Based on past performance of this FO, those are probably the guys they have their sights set on.
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    If true that's disgusting.
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    I unno, smart money would be on them signing the run down pitchers with small markets they think are great value.
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    That one win season from Heyward was definitely the reason for that World Series win. Without that epic game 7 speech, the Cubs ultimately choke.
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    I mean... if you consider the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, etc as the "fine dining" of professional baseball, the White Sox are the Chinese takeout counter that is protected with bulletproof glass. So Rick's "seat at the table" is probably one of those $4 walmart TV dinner stands. /metaphors
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    Polanco would be a lot closer, and Nimmo...at any rate, they’re certainly not capable of putting together the package for the preferable S.Marte with secondary pieces, but the Pirates will Pirate, so who the hell knows.
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    Disagree this is another rebuilding year. We need to start going for it starting in 2020. We may not see enough growth out of our young guys to get there, but we need have the major holes filled in the event they do. There is no more punting seasons when Moncada and Giolito are only under four seasons of control.
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    Ah I see what the author did there now. Careful reading is a skill I guess I have not yet mastered. Thanks.
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    Ok, let's speed this whole process up. Every free agent gets their day on a free agent draft. Teams take turns and have 30 minutes to put together an offer. Let's see Boras figure this one out.... And with the first negotiation on Nick Castellanos day...The Detroit Tigers offer 3 years at 45 million with a full no trade clause....Castellanos has turned down that offer...The Orioles are on the clock.
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    Hence why it is a bold prediction. Everyone would be shocked. Kenny would even need to wear shades.
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    I’d much rather have Benintendi than Puig / Calhoun because he doesn’t come with the baggage of the former and has far more upside than the latter. I just don’t see why the Red Sox would ever give him up given their payroll constraints. Acquiring Lopez simply creates a hole in the OF and doesn’t really accomplish anything for them.
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    I don't see Benintendi as a better RF alternative than Puig/Calhoun and they don't require a probable #3/#4 starter.
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    Is that what the statniks say, is this the injured era
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    I didn't realize there were only 3 options in all of baseball for the RF spot next season. You've got me there.
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    for those mentioning he’s potentially overpaid- so what? Our cheap ass organization finally shelled out some money? Great. Reinsdorf has billions. I know many of you feel there is some theoretical ceiling For payroll but somehow I feel as though Jose lives outside of that idea for the front office.
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    Ummm...amazing starting pitching, a great catching FA and potentially getting some Red Sox bargain bin deal is definitely worth blowing it all on. Honestly not spending it on Harchado and seeing Moncada, anderson and Eloy succeed sent this rebuild into BUY NOW mode. We want a 4-5 year window. That accelerates amazingly if they go 160m payroll
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    If you could identify a single thing this board has guessed and been way off on every offseason it’s how much teams will give up just to rid themselves if bad contracts. But I’m sure this time it’s different, with one of the richest, most well run franchises in the game.
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    Even though he missed a portion of the season with an injury, the Rangers can value him like a 5-6 WAR player under control for 3 years based on him raking this year. Kopech, Cease, or Robert as the headliner, Madrigal or Vaughn as the 2nd piece, then a couple more guys to go along with them?
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