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    Something barely coherent I'm sure
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    As we mull how productive he can be in the future just want to state that I love Jose and I really hope he gets a playoff game as a white sox.
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    Based on all of Hahn’s recent comments, here’s what I’m thinking they do: Wheeler - 5/$105M Grandal - 4/$72M Abreu - 2/$28M Gonzalez - 1/$7M Smoak - 1/$5M Collins, Stiever, & Walker for Haniger Rutherford & Flores for Mychel Givens Here’s how the roster would look: Robert, CF Moncada, 3B# Haniger, RF Grandal, C# Jimenez, LF Abreu, 1B Smoak, DH* Anderson, SS Madrigal, 2B Bench: Mendick, Engel, Garcia#, McCann Giolito Wheeler Cease Lopez Gonzalez* Kopech Rodon* Bullpen: Colome, Bummer*, Givens, Herrera, Fry*, Marshall, Cordero, Hamilton That’s a legit playoff caliber team IMO and payroll should be around $130M which is more than doable.
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    If they are all quality hitters, I absolutely don't care. Of course I would *prefer* a lefty, but it's not going to make me cross a meaningful upgrade off my list.
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    He should take anything that guarantees him more than 18 million.
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    If the Astros gave Greinke away for virtually no prospect return, would you take on his full remaining contract and leave the Astros with the money coming from Arizona? I might.
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    While it's a limitation, if your organization is insistent that you're keeping Abreu around, then yes you have to plan for your DH position to be filled by a 1 year guy this year, or at least have some flexibility to move your DH to other positions. I kinda like Moustakas for the second reason; throw him a 1b glove this year, tell him to learn that position and become a true utility guy by next year, give him a 2 year deal and he covers 3b, 2b, 1b, and maybe you could talk him into a corner OF spot, along with DH, and he also fits in by giving some LH balance. There's 500+ PAs available in year 2 for him if we can do that with him.
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    I'm not handing Abreu a three year guaranty, absolute max of two years and on club terms. He should take the qualifying offer, he is unlikely to be happy if he declines it
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    He's a guy who should have put in calls this week to teams. If he doesn't have anything close to that kind of money on the table then he should accept it, and his agent should have been telling teams that if they didn't put solid offers on the table he'd just take the QO.
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    Castellanos is just not a viable option for the Sox, IMO, given his sub-par defense. Our young pitchers and whoever we pick up via free agency just cannot have terrible defense on both OF corners for the next few years.
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    There is better chance of a supermodel falling in love with me than Jake Odorizzi getting 4/80.
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    Not to make the playoffs. I also dislike approach of caring about total spend. We should worry more about fitting individual yearly budgets into place. Adding Ryu and Wheeler at that price is still a very affordable rotation, and both have potential for very high ceiling years (and also not playing).
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    The Brewers may not have had elite starting pitching but they had a bullpen way better than anything we're likely to have this season on paper barring some enormous breakouts. I'll still accept that a truly dominant bullpen is a way to get to the world series, but I also note that when a dominant bullpen (Yankees, Brewers) went up against a dominant rotation in the last few years (Astros, Dodgers), the dominant bullpen has consistently lost. The last time it worked was with Kansas City, since then, the world series winning team and most of the losing teams have featured extremely strong, front-line starters. The Braves were, interestingly, the weakest division winning team on paper last year by fangraphs/pythagorean record and the only weaker team in the playoffs was the Brewers, who again were carried by that bullpen.
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    "Fortunately, Cole or Strasburg IS going to happen." There -- the baseless speculation ledger is back to even and we can concentrate on waiting to see what actually happens.
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    Jose wants to be with the Sox, and the Sox want him back. If he gets insulted or impatient, he really doesn't have any other options. His offers from other clubs will be lower than ours. He will either take the QO, or he will end up signing for something like 2 or 3 years at 12 or 13 million per.
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    Stras works at almost the same level so sure. I'm not going to be as excited for Wheeler and Grandal or something that brings in Martinez, but I'd get it. The stronger the top of this rotation becomes this offseason, the stronger this team is and the more I like it. The more you spread your dollars around, the more busts you are going to find.
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    Honest question: is there an offseason you would applaud the Sox that doesn't include signing Cole?
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    Pine Tar, Domestic Abuse and Sign Stealing: The Houston Astros Story Coming soon to a theater near you. Another example of why guys get so much better when they go to the Astros. Maybe it isn't that they have a great analytics department. Maybe they really cheat, a lot.
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    I like this part of the draft lead up where I want every player and dislike the month prior where every player is flawed and terrible.
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    I'm never watching baseball again if Matt Boyd gets traded. Period.
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