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    Wheeler has had one freakin injury, it’s not like he’s been out 12 times. Dude has been a great pitcher outside the TJ surgery. Still in his prime, it’s not hard to see why people want this dude. If we’re not going to be in on cole this is the dude to get.
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    I want nothing to do with Ozuna or Puig for that matter.
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    We have to remember, many of the rebuild pieces added probably don't happen without the failed Shields for Tatis trade. There is no world where we still have Tatis, but also have Moncada, Giolito, Robert, Eloy, etc.
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    Another day another awful contract. If this is part of a major splash in FA fine but we've essentially committed 36 million AAV to two guys who are 30+ and both of these guys got one more year then they should have which means probably the only reason why they signed this early is because our offer blew all others out of the water. If you look at why the good teams are good and the bad teams are bad it's moves like these. The smart teams wait for the market to come to them. Now we see if this is part of a larger splash all I can say is it better damn well be if they are going to blow money like this it better be as part of some huge splash. Otherwise if we are operating under a similar 120 million ish budget we are screwed.
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    Boston will not want Vaughn. Their top two positional prospects are both IB, one in AAA and the other one in A. My guess if they trade him, will be for starting pitching.
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    If you are willing to trade Vaughn...trade him for a sure thing controllable player. A one year rental would be GM malpractice.
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    Hell no. How is he any different then Eovaldi? You want to go a bit higher fine but I don't see the logic in offering someone with his injury history a 5 year deal. Personally if we are not going to sign a front line starter I'd rather get some SP via the trade market.
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    Typical SoxTalk overreacting to something that’s not even a big deal. I think this was an overpay, but it’s not the end of the world like you guys are making it out to be.
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    Listen. Im stoked about Grandal. I hope this is the beginning of a dynasty like the rest of us on this board. After watching MLB network tonight; I just can not get over the James Shields for Fernando Tatis Jr Trade. Imagine the flexibility we would have as a franchise. I beleive this team has depth to acquire a star caliber player. However; in this what if scenario, imagine having a player like Tatis in our core... Our Sox could fantasize about any star player to add to this dynasty via trade. Our current depth is jaw dropping itself; but lets Imagine having Tatis Jr. into the mix I have faith in our baseball ops; we have always proved to make ‘interesting’ moves. However; no matter what the results are in the next 2-5 years , I cant help but to dream of the max potiental this team could have. This is not meant to be a negative post. It was a poor early season trade. I beleive that this trade made our baseball ops department more disciplined in future trades. As a fan, I just cant help but to imagine what if...
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    This is his very 1st year in the majors, let's see if he makes adjustments And I think we have some outstanding young talent but Tat is is a superstar offensively and defensively.
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    I totally disagree. Tatis was an A ball player when this started.
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    Some of the "haters" simply do not care about the emotional aspect of sports. They don't care all the guys love Abreu; they don't care that he simply adores being a member of this team. They see his age and simply freak out (OK, they also think he's a clod defensively). Meanwhile, guys his age on other teams? Bring 'em in. The unknown player is sexy; Jose is not I guess. To the haters: Think of our team next year without Abreu: Who is the feel good/Sox lifer dying to win a pennant? Nobody. Let him be the face of the White Sox. I know the haters will counter that they are fine with Jose but for way way way less money. I say why feel that way? It's a fair contract. If he sucks for some reason, big deal. The Sox have saved SO MUCH money on everything but signing bonuses during the tank job. Why feel angst about Jose. Enjoy him. Good days allegedly are ahead, but I won't believe it til we sniff .500 and go from there. Give fans like me what we want ... give us some Jose, three years of Jose, baby! Don't fret; be happy. Jerry's bank account will be fine and this actually may make him demand we win the pennant sooner rather than later!
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    I hate dealing with Boras but he will take his client to the highest bidder. That just might be us.
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    A slight overpay for a loyal soldier who shows up for work every day. This is the AL rbi champ...not some NL has been. Lets move on.
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    Soxtalk was up in arms over the Sox being cheap when they couldn't beat San Diego's deal for Machado, but 50 million for the "face of the franchise"" over the past 6 seasons while the team has been horrible, who is as classy of a player as you'll get, who is also fairly valuable... and we complain they overpaid. Jesus Fucking Christ people.
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    A company man because I like Abreu and couldn't care less about paying him 14 million dollars in 2022 when that'll be worth about 11 million? If you were already giving him 18 million, and you're arguing that the additional 28 million and two years is going to cripple or hamper the organization than this team never had a chance of succeeding in the first place.
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    I don't like it, but it's realllllly not that big of a deal.
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    Yes, how dare someone reward an employee for doing everything right and working his ass off. In the real world, this is good business. In this world, fans get pissed that players aren't treated solely as financial assets. I don't. I would hate being treated like that. Yes, and it's not just that they brought these players in - it's that they care about their assimilation, and they work hard to make them comfortable.
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    2 steps forward 1 back. So fucking typical of this franchise. Jesus Christ. There is about a 50% chance you're paying a REPLACEMENT LEVEL DH 18 million in 2022. FFS. Hahn sure loves lighting money on fire in FA.
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