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    Career OBP is .341 - this would: a) Give him the third highest OBP on the White Sox b) Make him 44 points higher that Billy Hamilton’s career OBP c) all of the above
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    The entire last offseason. Snitty is an understatement for the rants the President of Baseball Operations went on.
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    They probably haven't announced Yolmer because Jerry wants to give him his money, just not 6 million of it.
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    If we sign anybody today I wonder if there's 20% off.
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    So it looks like none of these roster moves meant anything.
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    Oh so you are a humanitarian now. Is that why you bring it up so much because you care about his health ? Funny that never quite shines through in your posts, You know you can die from snowboarding from running into a tree, you can break a leg or arm , it can be dangerous so I can extent the health angle to that too since the original question from you was "why would anybody give a shit if he snowboarded". There you have your answer from your own fingertips. Game, set. match.
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    Black Friday shopping Zack Wheeler on the prize shelf One hundred million
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    We're not allowed to mention Hamilton amymore, it stings him too deep.
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    Because he's never played RF in his career before? Just because a guy is elite in one position doesn't mean he'll be great at the other. Hell I remember the Royals quickly squashing that decision with Alex Gordon in RF years ago (if I'm not mistaken, he's rarely played over there after that)
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    Imagine the Starlin Marte ideas should start swelling here soon now that he has essentially demanded a trade to a contender, and the Sox *might* fit that category if he is paying attention.
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    Yolmer is official. Sox non-tendered their longest tenured player and never made any public acknowledgement of it. Burr has not been make official yet. Why they would wait, I don't know.
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    Makes you wonder what has been said between commercials off air
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    The best was when Hawk was still with Wimpy. They were playing a day game in Oakland and kept showing women wearing hardly anything in the stands. Hawk says, "I'll tell you one thing about this camera crew in Oakland, Wimpy. Best beaver shooters in the league." I thought for sure he was in trouble.
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    It was tough to get Cole, stras and wheeler all into Chicago the day before Thanksgiving. Next week...
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    Both. It's probably, the Sox jumped so quickly on Grandal (and Abreu, more or less), and then almost right after the signings, the Sox are rumored to be front runners for Wheeler, so now everyone (including myself) are hyped about the next big signing happening fast. I think we are all being reminded that rumors are only rumors. I've been intentional about not getting my hopes up with signings, not that I don't think Hahn can't get it done, but being disappointed is not fun. It's a lot more fun when you aren't expecting anything and then all of a sudden you do your daily random refresh and boom White Sox sign X player for X years, much like it happened with Grandal IMHO: Rumors=nothing more than fodder to get fans hyped up. Not much backbone to them. The only person I really listen to with any sense of credibility as far as inside connections are concerned is Rosenthal.
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    Bird feathers pulled. Bait on the lure, money. Take big bites.
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    Why would anyone care if Abreu chews tobacco ?
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    McCann has plenty of value to the WS. Any trade acceptable to our FO should be an overpay.
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    We had the Burr news on Monday morning at FutureSox. You just can’t always report everything you hear. I’m pretty sure Lombardo got it once Burr wiped the Sox affiliation on his social media.
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    Oh shit, Wheeler + Castellalos happening!?!? Double Turkey Day surpise incoming!?!
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    Memo to investors put $10T on the Sox to tank this one.
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