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    Another pitcher off the market. What the hell is Hahn waiting for? Why aren’t we signing any of these guys? Oh wait, he signed with the Sox? Then what are we doing signing this washed up piece of garbage? Sorry, sometimes I get confused on how to fit in around here. (In all seriousness, I love the move. Now go sign Ryu or Keuchel.)
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    Do you ever stop and think, "maybe I shouldn't be a total asshole in every post?"
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    On the bright side, people have to stop calling Giolito “Gio”.
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    better than wasting time sitting her being angry at hahn and wiliams for days without any info. Live a little
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    I just turned to my coworker (who also reads the boards) and said, "Countdown to Moan4Yoan chiming in with something negative...3, 2, 1..." Then I hit refresh and sure enough! Thanks for giving us a good laugh, you miserable human being.
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    How anyone could be mad about this move is just so silly.
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    At this point, you’re just complaining for the sake of complaining. Gio Gonzalez is a lot better than the Covey’s and Despaigne’s of the world. This is a big upgrade for the Sox.
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    I'm excited to finally see him pitch in a Sox uniform. No problem with this as one of the moves for SP.
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    Nice - totally cool with Gio as our #5 for the first couple months.
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    Your statement is nothing but bs, I have zero interest replying to every comment you make on this site but this i will, the White Sox fan base is no different than any teams fan base. I see even the Yankees fans cry like a baby when they don't get some player, we have garbage ownership, and garbage management, enough of being the White Sox mouth piece.
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    Reinsdorf is a joke. Catching lightening in a bottle is the way he's run this organization since he bought it for peanuts then realized he couldn't compete with these far more affluent ownerships. The White Sox are cursed by historically bad ownerships. I hold out hope I'll live long enough to see this paradigm finally change.
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    Here is a HOT TAKE.... I would rather trade Anderson than Madrigal if one had to be included for Lindor... oopsies.
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    If we're doing a list of Sox that are past their prime, I'll contribute: Kenny Williams and Jerry Reinsdorf.
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    This feels like a made for Caulfield thread.
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    I preferred Coleburg, but I can see why some would want Strasman.
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    One year deal for $3-5 million I'd guess as well. Low risk deal, and I think he still has some gas left in the tank. Hard for anyone to dislike this move as long as we look to add a higher quality option(s).
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    Seriously tho, I love the people that get made about minor league signings.
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    If he is healthy all year, I think Eloy will hit at least 40 next year.
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    I doubt the #1 driver of veteran minor league contracts is performance. Maybe they like how he works? His messaging to younger pitchers? I'm not gonna waste my energy judging a minor league filler signing.
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