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    On the plus side, Collins just got more attractive as a player.
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    You’re a treat. I thought it was pretty clear in my post that the guy was not reliable. Maybe I should have just said that he’s not reliable. Oh wait... Only reason I posted it was because of WSD’s random message last night.
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    Tatis and Semien, just to cut down on 50 pct of the posts on here
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    This beats the Price craziness. We give up nothing here and pay less than we would have had we made that crazy trade scenario.
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    Hahn did it. I’m impressed. And a Boras client no less.
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    There are so many things wrong with this I can't count them...but f***, let's go with this one. In Eloy Jimenez's contract, 2025 and 2026 are option years. If we want to be that cheap, those years don't need to be paid.
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    All of this makes the miss on Wheeler that much harder to swallow. Why could they not have just said, here is a $10 million signing bonus in addition to contract. No need to re-litigate just needed to vent. Let’s see what happens by start of spring training. Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Hahn finally put his money where his mouth was. He missed out on Wheeler but made up for it. This is a legit offseason that the big boy teams have.
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    Thank God we should never see Dylan Covey start another game for the Sox. If he does, a disaster has occurred.
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    With all these moves, I’m starting to think they will add a legit bat / DH as well.
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    He'll compliment the young fireballers in the rotation very well.
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    I think now we know FOR SURE that the Sox won’t get any of those pitchers. The Kinander kiss of death
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    Dump the farm to get a player that plays the same position as our current best player AND eats up some or all of the free agent money we would theoretically use to get pitching, which we DESPERATELY NEED. Why?
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    Sox played near .500 ball before the ASB last season before injury and lack of depth caught up. And that was before any of the new additions. I too think they are aiming much higher than .500.
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    Look at that lineup. Envision what the pitching staff will look like after adding Ryu/Keuchel/Price and a top reliever or 2 this offseason. This is not a .500ish team. It has an excellent chance to win the division. Depending on how fast Madrigal & Robert acclimate to the ML game...might actually compete deep into playoffs.
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    Nick Punto and Lastings Milledge
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    Yonder Alonso and Jon Jay
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