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    There are a lot of assumptions on here about the health of the players. A few of them will surely spend time on the DL, and it’s a lot better to have the depth of actual big leaguers instead of having to use the likes of Skole.
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    If we add EE, we are basically replacing Engel, Cordell, Yolmer, Alonso, and McCann with Robert, Mazara, Madrigal, Encarnacion, and Grandal. I’m not a WAR expert, but my calculations say that improves our team by about 217 wins (give or take a couple).
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    I’m sorry, but you’ve gone off the rails with this post. Outside of Keuchel, none of our additions could even be argued as “backs-against-the-wall, win now” moves. Grandal is one of top two or three catchers in baseball and solved numerous needs for us. He was a tremendous addition even if you want to argue we’re still a year away. Gonzalez provides cheap SP depth that this team desperately needed if you followed the team at all last and does so for $6M. A guy like Mazara is the exact oppose of a “win now” move. And buying a 2 to 3 win DH for 1/$10M is the definition of efficiency. So basically you are upset that Sox spent $55M guaranteed on a low ceiling starter in Keuchel when elite guys were available and have now decided to go on this bizarre tangent where you claim everything we’ve done has railroaded our rebuild. Trying to argue blocking Collins is somehow this egregious offense is funny to me. I actually like Collins as a prospect, but he not a guy who should just be handed a job, especially with Vaughn right around the corner. Smart organizations would use him as a versatile bench piece or as minor league depth if they have any realistic chance of competing. The Yankees did not hesitate bumping a much higher regarded prospect in Frazier down to AAA to add the same 2 to 3 win DH we’re looking at now. I’m sure you’re response will be we’re not ready to compete and that’s fine if you want to make that argument. But the front office believes the clock is starting to tick with Moncada & Giolito only left with four years of control and wants to have a roster in place that can win the worst division in baseball if our young guys take big enough steps forward in their development next year. The Twins executed this such plan to perfection last year without any elite free agents and there is reason to believe we can do the same. If you’re going to be critical of our individual moves, at least do so under this lens. Just don’t argue they’ve pushed all their chips in and that they’re all win at all costs moves.
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    I’d go with this: Robert CF Moncada 3B Eloy LF Grandal C Encarnacion DH Abreu 1B Anderson SS Mazara RF Madrigal 2B
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    Let's all remember the last time we had this silly debate about not wanting a full time DH and when we decided to go with the rotating nonsense instead of getting a legit option like Thome. This would be that again. If Encarnacion can be had for cheap on a one years deal, then it's a no-brainer.
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    I think the "all time high" phase for Collins is long gone.
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    Get off of soxtalk Ozzie
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    Wake up for the one year old, stay up to yell at the drunk crowd
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    I'm fine with trading for MLB ready. But, Angels would laugh in our face.
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    Very well said, and hard to refute. For those concerned about our best young prospects, consider that, in 2021, Vaughn could very well be the first baseman, Collins could be Grandal's back up catcher and one of Adolfo or Basabe could be sharing time in RF, with Mazara. Moreover, Mazara is only controllable for 2 years, and therefore may not even be in the mix, going forward. I'm hoping that he becomes a beast, but then the front office will be faced with the dilemma of whether, or not to sign him as a free agent. Bringing in E. E., for one year, seems like a very prudent move, at this juncture. If we're lucky, Vaughn, Adolfo, or Basabe and Collins all become part of the core, and afford the front office the financial flexibility to extend Giolito, Moncada, Robert and anyone else, whom they're concerned about ultimately losing to free agency, in their prime. It's interesting to note how some people seem to have no respect for the job that Hahn and the front office are doing. For my part, I'm quite satisfied with the overall rebuild, and am grateful that some of those, who consider Hahn an "idiot," are not running the front office. Perhaps we should try to better understand the rational behind these moves, before rejecting them, as "cheap, idiotic or desperate".
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    I can’t really see us adding both. I mean, financially it’s totally doable and I guess you could still get Mazara a decent amount of playing time by spelling Castellanos, Jimenez, Abreu, & Encarnación, but you’d be making a major commitment to Nicky’s ability to play a competent RF as the DH spot would be mostly blocked going forward.
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    👏 I have been as critical of this FO as anyone, but this new complaint about blocking future prospects by spending money on good players is baffling. Building up your assets by spending money you have, and have been hoarding, is exactly what they should be doing. They are building a team with depth for the first time I can remember. They are preserving their core, while allowing more time for development, and even making players earn it through competition. They are using veteran's to safeguard against the best case scenario. Just because these are foreign concepts to Sox fans doesn't make them wrong. Having too many options and potentially too many good players will always work itself out.
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    I would love to have EE and Castellanos but I would be stunned if they acquired both. To me it's one or the other and then move on to something like middle-late reliever
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    With an automated strike zone I wouldnt mind having Collins as our backup but man is his framing bad. How does Mercedes look behind the plate?
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    No.. McCann stays as the backup. That's all he should be anyways. People thinking he should get DH at bats were and are delusional about his skill set.. If we sign Encanacion I think Collins is traded as he has no spot in 2020 or in the future. You don't necessarily want your backup C to be a very poor defender and he'd never have DH or 1B opportunities with Vaughn and Abreu long term and Encarnacion and Abreu in 2020. Bye Collins.
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    That's pretty close to official without being official then. Meh. He's a win now addition when our RF is not. If they upgrade RF I'm sold
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    Once Madrigal and Robert acclimate...they and Anderson will all take a shot at #1. Madrigal is so Nellie Fox like I think eventually #2 is made for him. Just an observation...that bottom third looks kind of interesting. No more doing other stuff when the bottom third is up to bat.
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    So, batting average? 2016, High A: 151 wRC+ 2017: High A/AA: 130 wRC+/166wRC+ 2018: AA: 128 wRC+ 2019: AAA/MLB: 140 wRC+/77 wRC+ Looks like a dude who crushed the minors and struggled in 100 PA in the Majors. Weird because it took Nick Castellanos over 1,000 PA in the majors before he recorded an above average offensive line.
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    I love how after 4 hours this didn't even get a negative response. Soxtalk has really changed
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    Until he gets struck by lightning or some shit
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    Ok. As I said hes a 2.5+ WAR player with a wRC+ of 90. The more tools the less risky a prospect. Calling a guy the most risky prospect when he impacts the game in 5 ways just isnt a valid concern imo. Robert is safer than say Eloy who relies on 2 tools to carry his card.
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    Which is why he’s a softball coach now and not working in analytics in MLB.
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    And you COULD stop being pessimistic on every optimistic view, signing, and idea
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