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    His xBABIP was in the .380s. Projection systems struggle with guys like him and Aaron Judge who always have high BABIPs
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    Moncada breaks these models. He pulverizes baseballs. He when he makes contact, the balls are absolutely murdered. He's top 5 in baseball for EV on ground balls and top 10 overall.
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    https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/yoan-moncada-660162?stats=career-r-hitting-mlb Take a look at this. Moncada is elite across the board offensively. His xwOBA of .362 is not far from his actual .367 OBP. His exit velocity was in the top 3% of the mlb, when he hits the ball he crushes it. Is he due for a bit of regression? Perhaps, but the underlying analytics back up what he has done. Plus, I expect Moncada to improve as he heads into his prime years.
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    Just looking at the projected lineup in the leadoff thread...man, that's some serious improvement over this time last year.
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    didnt he make really hard contact which contributed to his BABIP? If I am correct, while its bound to lower, I doubt it dips as much as other players would.
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    I feel very confident he'll have more than 12 stolen bases at least.
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    ROSTER and Players up for Consideration in Acquisition Listed Total Non-Pitchers 14 1B Jose Abreu Zack Collins (L) DH-C (AAA?) A.J. Reed (L) or back to minors if Collins makes the MLB roster to possibly pitch 2B Nick Madrigal Yolmer Sanchez FA (S) Utility Infielder FA watch signing before Sox Fest SS Tim Anderson Danny Mendick (AAA?) LF Eloy Jimenez Leury Garcia (S) Utility Infielder - Super Sub CF Luis Robert Adam Engel RF Nomar Mazara (L) 'NEW' Hunter Pence FA experience with great splits against LHP / Might be great catch Yasiel Puig FA Cuban dynamo wants to be full-time starter Kevin Pillar FA superior defense doubtful as wants to be full-time starter Pick one of the three C Yasmani Grandal (S) 'NEW' James McCann DH Edwin Encarnacion 1B 'NEW' Total Pitchers 12 SP-5 Lucas Giolito Dallas Keuchel (L) 'NEW' Reynaldo Lopez Gio Gonzalez (L) 'NEW' Dylan Cease RP-7Alex Colome Evan Marshall Kelvin Hererra (i) damaged goods for 2019 Jimmy Cordero Aaron Bummer (L) Jace Fry (L) FA signing - Pick one and potentially two Craig Stammen Will Harris Daniel Hudson Brandon Kintzler Steve Cishek Pedro Strop Trade possibilities Andrew Miller, Ken Giles, Josh Hader (?) AAA Michael Kopech TJ recovery ready by June Carlos Rodon (L) Surgery recovery ready post All-Star break Dylan Covey Carson Fulmer Ian Hamilton (i) recovery from car accident / shoulder and broken jaw Ryan Burr TJ recovery Matt Foster Zack Burdi Still not fully back from TJ AA Tyler Johnson Codi Heuer Detailed analysis below 1B Jose Abreu Team leader. Loves being with White Sox. Dick Allen. Frank Thomas. Paul Konerko. Jose Abreu. Top White Sox first basemen in the past half century. With a more balanced lineup with a few lefties should make Abreu that much more valuable at the plate. Underrated fielder. Class act who wants to only play for one MLB team in his career. Seems so much more content and confident since his son is in America. Uncle Jerry signing him was a sign of respect for all Jose has meant to White Sox. Rarely do you see any athlete basically say I would sign myself to be here and play for free if I have to. Will be in the White Sox Hall of Fame. Very good ball player. Really good guy and team captain. Zack Collins DH-C (L) Drafted as catcher and if he makes it there has a long ways to go. Bat first player with very good batting eye resulting in walks. Collins has a hitch in his swing. One major thing I noticed when he went down to Charlotte was when he started hitting he kept his left top hand over the top through the follow through. Sadly too many players today are under the influence of taking the top hand off the bat as well as this adjustment called launch angle a major reason why there are so many strikeouts. Likely if he makes the team a backup 1B and DH. Likely a 25th or 26th man. (Is he a trade candidate?) Either third catcher or at AAA. Still LH bat on bench to backup at First (Abreu) and DH (Encarnacion). A.J. Reed (L) May become pitcher. Former College Player of the Year at Kentucky where he played first base and was the number one starting pitcher for the Wildcats. Former top power hitting prospect 1B drafted in Second Round by Astros. One Yordan Alvarez (Rookie of the Year) with Astros came up they had no spot for Reed. Had an atrocious 2019. With Encarnacion signing if Collins goes to AAA Reed may make club as added LH bat. 2B Nick Madrigal Rookie Small spark plug who has excellent bat control and rarely strikes out ala Nellie Fox. Very smart ballplayer. High IQ. Leader by example. Might best be suited to batting one or two in lineup. Potential Gold Glover. Will be fan favorite. Yolmer Sanchez FA (S) Could be brought back at around $3M. Great glove, leader, smart player who does little things for a winning club / backup at 2B, 3B and SS / great clubhouse presence / wonderful character who is very good off the field as well / 2019 Gold Glove winner (If he is not brought back at lowered salary) Do not be surprised if he is signed at around $3M in time for Sox Fest. Renteria loves this guy who does the small things to help a team win. SS Tim Anderson Much improved player and the guy on the club with swagger. This one time starting guard on his Alabama High School basketball championship team has really improved his game particularly at bat including much better pitch selection as well as improvement in the field but this latter aspect of his game is still a work in progress. Has excellent speed and quick hands at bat. Has become pretty efficient hitting the other way.Tim exudes great confidence and he and his wife love the Chicago area where they do much outside of baseball off the field. Tim has shown a deep respect for Jackie Robinson and the fact he is the team's lone black American on the club and is keenly aware of what responsibility goes with that. Mention to Tim losing out on Manny Machado or trading Marcus Semien and Fernando Tatis and he is the guy who seems to like being challenged and proving doubters in error. Might be big things in his future. Is signed long term and really blossomed after the death of his best lifelong friend. Father of two young children also seems to have aided in his maturity. He is truly interested in and encouraging of young kids particularly in the inner city. (Something that needs pointing out is that the White Sox outreach to those in need is as good as it gets and Jerry Reinsdorf and the entire organization should feel proud of all the players and coaches do off the field for the good of the community and children including those in need). Danny Mendick Former 22nd Round Draft choice out of Lowell, MA. Danny is a tweener/gamer who has made himself relevant to a potential spot on the 2020 White Sox. Not a great glove but his bat and hustle could get him to the show. He consistently swings down on the ball using his top on over top on his swings. If Yolmer returns which is a distinct possibility Mendick either goes back to Charlotte or vies for the 26th man on the roster. Regardless he offers depth and a spark plug presence. Very enthusiastic. If Yolmer resigns Mendick likely to AAA after Madrigal comes up if he, Mendick, makes the roster out of Spring Training. 3B Yoan Moncada (S) Highly improved. Big time talent. Superior speed. Could likely play anywhere on field. Nice guy. If he could swing more down on ball could cut way down on strikeouts and be a doubles and triples machine. Due to being a switch hitter might be best suited to hitting third in lineup. Is very close to Jose Abreu and with Luis Robert and perhaps others this team has a noticeably Cuban flare. If somehow Sox got into bidding for Anthony Rendon (signs with Angels for $245M) which is not likely could Moncada play RF. Needs to improve two strike hitting. All current players need to review Juan Soto's changes with positioning of hands and feet with different counts. Moncada was a pleasant surprise at his natural position of third base. Great athlete. Cutest son in Robinson. LF Eloy Jimenez Big league power with 40 plus every year. Great persona to go with a young player that goes to all fields. Fielding lacks top flight performance but will be a fan favorite with personality off the charts. Adam Engel Very good outfielder with excellent instincts. Bat is well below average. That said he works very hard and was reasonably competent after going to minors working with Menchinno at Charlotte and did well particularly versus left handers. Possesses good speed and is very athletic. Was a top Ohio HS QB who could have played major college football but opted to Louisville to play baseball. Is he a candidate if someone like Mazara or Pederson as a platoon player. (Mazara traded for) Engel does not quit. Could be 25 or 26th man as backup OF. (Possible RF platoon with Mazara but this is poor offensive production player option. Did hit better against LHP last season) Believe a RH RF for platoon is coming. Pence. Puig. Pillar. Pick one. Pence has advantages including a lower salary. Puig is an option for a variety of reasons listed below and is a fabulous defensive player plus being Cuban which would give the Sox Grandal, Abreu, Moncada, Robert and Puig born on the island. Is the ghost of Minnie Minoso working from the other side? Read below about Pillar. CF Luis Robert Rookie Superstud potential. Best WS prospect since Frank Thomas. Saw as a 17 year old amateur and saw the wow of a premium talent with a high baseball IQ. The most talented all-around six tool player I have yet seen in the organization. Major talent and a CF who has chops in the field. Can run, hit, hit with power, field, throw and has the special mind / High baseball IQ / understanding of the game. Once he learns the language and due to his demeanor is going to be truly taken in by the fans in Chicago and across the nation. Pippin/Jordan/Rodman type talent in a different sport. May not be Mike Trout but like Trout at a young age this is what dreams are made of. Was tremendous leading off last year. A natural even if his name isn't Roy Hobbs. Most gifted athlete to lace up a pair of spikes since Dick Allen on the Southside. Leury Garcia (S) Good all-around switch hitter who has played all outfield positions including CF and has the skills to play SS, 2B and perhaps 3B in a pinch if needed. Good personality and a value player that is a jack of many trades and has good speed and has improved his game. Strikes out too much. Wish he and others would learn to hit with two strikes by choking up, shortening the swing with the goal of making contact. Again see Juan Soto and perhaps even possible teammate Hunter Pence. Whenever someone has two strikes it becomes necessary to alter how one approaches the count. RF Nicholas Castellanos FA Had huge improvement including leading all of baseball in doubles in 2019 after coming from Detroit to Cubs during season. Had the best stretch of offense in his career with the Cubs and is excellent hitting the other way. Some might view him as a poor man's JD Martinez. Excellent hitting left handed pitching. Good also against right hander's. Probably best suited to part time RF and DH. Defense is lacking for the one time third baseman. If he signs with Sox look for them to get a LH RF to platoon with him. (Mazara) Agent is Boras. Has hit well against White Sox and in Guaranteed Rate Field. (Possible RF platoon with Mazara and other days DH. Question remains will Sox spend so much in this market with Boras?) Highly unlikely sign now with Encarnacion and Vaughn waiting in the wings. Yasiel Puig FA Tremendous talent but comes with the kind of baggage that may or may not scare off Uncle Jerry who once had Dennis Rodman with the Bulls. One of the very best defensive RF's in the game and arguably the best throwing arm since the likes of Roberto Clemente and Ichiro Suzuki. Was the most popular player while on the Dodgers. Since becoming a father he seems more responsible. Cuban connection cannot be overlooked and with a competitive audience environment in Chicago with the Cubs Puig is a headliner that could bring in numbers of fans. If this is indicative of change in his life Puig rented a helicopter and flew to a Camp for Jewish boys (Camp Simcha) who are ill and led one of the most memorable days any athlete has done out of love for others. There are risks with a clubhouse that is considered excellent and no one wants to rock the boat. Puig brings an aura to the game that has potential much like Rodman. Note-Puig is fluent in English. (If Sox go with Puig Mazara could be primarily LHDH platoon with possible Mercedes if they do not sign a DH ike Edwin Encarncion - NOW SIGNED or trade for JD Martinez which is unlikely) Since signing EE Mazara is going to be a platoon RF with Puig, Pence, Pillar, Garcia and/or Engel. Hunter Pence FA Revamped his entire swing after a disastrous 2018 season after seven very successful years with Giants and two championships. Fan favorite who works very hard at the game, in fact, so hard that he went to the Dominican Republic after the bad season and completely changed and worked on a new swing. The result he signed a $2M contract with the Texas Rangers and had a very good season hitting against LHP with an OPS of over 1.000. For the money Pence may be a bargain and veteran winning presence that could take the cake for a great value sign here to platoon with Mazara in right. Pence actually made the All-Star team last year. Experienced winning ball player. Great leader and teammate. Excellent communicator. One of the most underrated players of the past decade. Does not fit the image of the perfect baseball player whose style of play looks a bit strange but the man gets the job done the offensively and defensively with an accurate arm and is truly committed to his craft. An all-time San Francisco Giants legend. The kind of player and persona that might go over big with Chicago fans and in the clubhouse. Very good guy. Deep desire to always do his best and win and find silver linings even in a loss. One of the most passionate players in the game whose play and preparation are an example to his team. Might really fill the bill. Kevin Pillar FA Simply one of the very best defensive outfielders in the game top talent for CF but plays anywhere and with a high level of superior defense to earn him the nickname 'Superman'. Played for a number of years with the Blue Jays and was traded to Giants where he had his best offensive numbers of his career though much can be related to juiced ball. Still his defense is among the best in the game. All said I imagine there are clubs looking for a defensive stud in CF so I have my doubts of a White Sox sign here but if anyone thinks Adam Engel can go get it watch Pillar. Amazing he has never won a Gold Glove. Was surprised Giants decided not to sign him. Inspiring player. Avi Garcia FA Former WS who went to Tampa and is possible return candidate if played in a platoon situation. Plays hard most always and is a very good teammate but his history is injuries and despite the new juiced ball his HR output has not been boosted. Has a very good arm. Talk is Brewers are interested. (Signed with Brewers for $20M for 2 years) He gone! Adam Jones FA Veteran former Gold Glover from years in CF for Orioles may be a good platoon RF and excellent presence in the clubhouse and dugout. His salary would likely come on the cheap. Class leader who for a bargain might supplant need for a right handed hitter to platoon with a LH hitter. (signed in Japan) He gone! 'NEW' Nomar Mazara (L) trade Still only 24 this is one of the most powerful young hitters in the game. Sox need a LH hitter and Mazara plays RF so he fills two needs. Thing is he has not much improved since coming up but Sox fans and team officials remember all too well the 500 foot HR he hit last year against Reynaldo Lopez that if not for the upper deck might still be going. He is a fine young man out of the Dominican and he speaks fluent English. He has two years left of control and it appears Texas may be ready to move on and a realistic deal could be had. If Kenny was still GM this is the kind of guy he likes. Only made like $3.5M. ($6.5 for 2020) Has a nice throwing arm. Platoon situation for RF. If not Mazara we move on to Joc Pederson. (Trade for Mazara did happen) Believe agent is Boras. Very nice soft spoken guy with a good sense of humor. Light tower power ala Jimenez and Robert. Could be platoon DH with possibly Mercedes if DH such as EE is not acquired (Encarnacion was signed) May have had a bad thumb last season something that Luis Robert had to deal with. The second. #2 and LHB. (Acquired in trade from Rangers for Steele Walker) Good OPS of better than .850 of second half of 2019. Has yet to show he can hit lefties. Don't stop now boys! Joc Pederson (L) trade Pederson is primarily like Mazara a platoon RF but one with big power and trained as a CF he is a pretty good defensive player who would move to RF with the White Sox. Thing is this is the last year of Pederson's contract with the Dodgers and the question remains what would the Sox have to exchange for someone who hit 36 HR's in 2019. No way on Aaron Bummer here. Sox last spring were is talks to acquire Pederson. It could happen this year. Pederson is one of the few Jewish ballplayers in MLB and played for the Israeli team in international play. His left handed bat much as with Mazara would be welcome additions to balance the lineup at RHP made life difficult on Sox RH bats last season. Has come up big in big games including the World Series. Kicked the tires and went with Mazara. NO. Corey Dickerson (L) FA DH Has some pop but is a left fielder and is on the smallish side. Has a upper cut swing which is not my favorite. Hard nosed player who is motivated to be better. Not sure he cuts it for RF. Option for DH. Not a likely sign. (signed with Miami 2 years for $17.5M total) NO. Yoshitomo Tsutsugo (L) FA DH Japanese slugger with excellent batting eye who gets walks. Top leader with big time desire to play in major league's. Great clubhouse guy as well. Sox had success with Iguchi and could consider Tsutsugo as DH and OF option though his play in field is not his top strength. Mazara and Pederson at this time may be better options due to defense and flexibility. Tsutsugo may be a bargain though with contract. Intriguing prospect but with Vaughn coming next season is he the right guy for this team? We shall see. No trade compensation of players if he is signed versus having to trade for a left handed hitter. Has played outfield, 3B and 1B. Throws RH. Guy can hit and to all fields with power. (signed with Tampa 2 years $12M total) Sleeper. He gone! C 'NEW' Yasmani Grandal FA (S) ($73M Major FA signing with White Sox). Another Cuban who happens to have a deep friendship and connection to Zack Collins. Was surprised with the signing but Sox now have top catching duo in the game with McCann. Very committed player who has a reputation for being a top pitch framer. This switch hitting catcher was someone on my personal radar going back to his early days. Bold move signing him. Has good power and has caught some of the game's top pitchers for contending teams. The first. #1. Don't stop now boys! James McCann In my view the team MVP in 2019. Superior knowledge of the game. Prepare like few others. Solid bat last year. Like how he chokes up on the bat and is willing to go with pitches. Very solid player. Team leader. Lucas Giolito credits McCann so much for his improvement. Will one day manage in the big leagues if he wants to. Super smart player who is as good a defensive catcher the Sox have had in years. Under no circumstances should he be traded. One of the best catchers in the game who knows how to use his footwork to block the plate and is excellent blocking pitches. Was catcher to Verlander and I believe Scherzer for a brief time in 2014 while catching for the Tigers. A good leader who has good skills behind the plate is tough to find. Molina, Posey, Perez, Contreras and few others. Speaks with a southern accent despite being from Santa Barbara, CA and while at Arkansas caught Dallas Keuchel for one season. Yermin Mercedes DH Watch this guy as he can flat out hit and with power and has a high degree of confidence and swagger. A short version ala Manny Ramirez. Could DH with Collins but this guy really can hit. Strong throwing arm but has difficulty blocking pitches. Maybe Grandal and McCann can teach him. Keep an eye on this guy in the box. DH 'NEW' Edwin Encarncion FA If Sox want a value and experienced DH this might be the guy. With more than 400 HR's and more than 1200 RBI's EE has the experience and with some good ball clubs to really add a nice veteran presence and bat in the lineup. Hit some 34 HR's last season in just over 400 AB's. Probably in the $8-12M range. If Mazara or Pederson is on roster along with the added Grandal and Collins or Reed there may be enough LH bats but Encarnicion is a tempting asset to a playoff potential team. Some lineup they would have. EE is an established big time power numbers guy who has hit more than 32 HR's for eight consecutive seasons. The fifth. #5 (signed with White Sox $12M with second year club option) Don't stop now boys! JD Martinez Has three years left at around $20M from Red Sox. Did not opt out. Would be great addition but with Andrew Vaughn waiting in the wings would they get Martinez with so much in salary due? They might but might rather spend on pitching and more likely Encarnacion? JD is a great hitter and terrific in clubhouse. Had big impact on Mookie Betts. Fluent in English and Spanish. Steve Stone very much likes Martinez and who could argue with Martinez' production. NO. SP Zack Wheeler FA $100M Top pursued FA SP for White Sox. Wipeout slider/curve and former high #1 pick. Wheeler has had TJ and missed big time but appears to be back strong and any team willing to cough up $100M have to be assured Wheeler is healthy and strong. Would be welcome addition to Sox staff and a top priority signing. Would be a one or two at top of staff with Giolito. (signed with Phillies for $118M) He gone! Stephen Strasburg FA unlikely Dominant in post season and for World Champion Nationals. Always pitches from the stretch and has ace stuff including coming up big in big games. Most likely resigns with Washington but could consider move to hometown of San Diego. We are talking big bucks here for someone who can dominate a game. Shows wicked stuff. Very low key man. (resigned with Nationals 7-years for $245M) He gone! Garrett Cole FA unlikely Arguably the biggest name and stud of this FA class. First player since Nolan Ryan in 1977 to have more than 300 K's if memory serves me. Dominant pitcher who will be a number one on any team. May get $250M contract or more. Top teams in hunt included Angels, Yankees and Nationals if they do not get back Strasburg. Stud pitcher who is one big man with an easy motion. Former #1 pick of entire draft Cole is from Orange County as many believe Anaheim is in his backyard and with Trout / Madden / Otani and the coming Adell many feel Angels are ready to make their move. Not a likely player for the White Sox. Better off spreading around the money. Grew up with his Dad as a Yankee fan. (signed with Yankees 9 years for $324M) He gone! Madison Bumgarner FA (L) One of the very all-time best post season pitchers in MLB history. Minus a bump a few years back after a foolish accident I believe riding a motorcyle Bumgarner's game took a drop in performance. He has one of the hardest series of pitches to pick up as the way he throws around his body. Does give up HR's as one of most prolific in the game here. But he has special experience as a multi-time World Series Champion under Bruce Bochy and Dave Righetti. I believe Bumgarner who loves to hit may stay in NL but as a key experienced veteran who knows how to win he should be in the conversation. For the record he and Yasiel Puig have had their issues in the past. Both fierce competitors. Would be a great second sign behind Wheeler presuming the latter is signed. With Wheeler signed may be top choice presuming he goes to AL. (Steve Stone favorite. Signed with Arizona for $85M) He gone! Hyun-Jin Ryo FA (L) Excellent control lefty from Dodgers. Reminds me a bit of Mark Buerlhe. Unsure if he speaks English. Agent is Boras. Good second sign if price is right. (signs with Blue Jays for $80M over four years after Sox signed Keuchel) 'NEW' Dallas Keuchel FA (L) Soft throwing control lefty. Former Cy Young but that was some time ago. Would be nice second and likely looking for minimum of three years. Was with Astros when they won World Series. Uses a classic over the head windup unlike most pitchers today. This lack of stretch of the arm may be a major factor in so many TJ surgeries. Former Cy Young Award Winner. Had the opportunity to discuss my observation/hypothesis with Bob Feller. Agent is Boras. The fourth. #4 (signs with White Sox 3 years for $55M with vesting option for year four and a total of $74M) Don't stop now boys! 'NEW' Gio Gonzalez FA (L) Former White Sox number one draft choice traded twice in Nick Swisher deal and Jim Thome deal. Has won 130 games in career. Excellent curve ball. Had dead arm last season so we shall see if anything is left in the tank. Spot kept warm until Kopech returns. Good veteran presence presuming his arm is OK. Balances starting staff with a second southpaw. The third. #3 (signs with White Sox one year for $5M) Don't stop now boys! Cole Hamels FA (L) One-time Philly dominant originally out of San Diego Hamels was 7-7 with Cubs last year and is 36 years of age. However he may be a good fifth and a badly needed lefty whose experience might be a big asset. From what I read he and his family like Chicago so what would it take to bring him to the Southside as the second FA SP. Good veteran presence for young pitchers. (signed one-year deal with Atlanta for $18M) He gone! Julio Teheran FA 28 year old veteran RHSP out of Columbia and pitched entire career with Atlanta. Braves are deep in MILB in starters and chose not to bring back top or their rotation pitcher for $12M per year. Would be a viable option or a starter who always goes innings and has the top pick off move in the game with super quick feet. Feels for the right price might now be a potential match with upper guys gone. Very athletic. Young pitcher who has been around for eight seasons and has won over 80 games. Speaks fluent English. (signs one year contract for $9M with Angels) He gone! Felix Hernandez FA Former great Mariners pitcher who appears to have lost it with an over 5.00 ERA in 2019. Career could be winding down. Then again does this star veteran have anything left in the tank. Long shot but could be a five and the questions is whether Cooper can fix that which may be over the hill broken. When King Felix was good he was great. But that looks as if it was long ago. NO. Tuijuan Walker FA Former Mariner and Diamondback who was a top of the rotation potential starter. Was hurt and would be a shot in the arm chance if he regain his stuff. Big man. NO. Ivan Nova FA Dependable starter for White Sox last season who consistently throws strikes and was a good veteran presence on the club. Pitches quickly and when he keeps ball low he is at his best. Would be fifth starter and could transition into long role in pen upon Kopech's arrival. Had a very nice second half in 2019. Works quickly. Unlikely sign now after Sox signed Gonzalez and Keuchel. J.A. Happ (L) trade with Yankees Solid veteran originally from Illinois this 37 year old veteran may be on the block if the Yankees intend to secure Gerritt Cole via FA. Was tough two years ago after solid career with Toronto Blue Jays. For consideration if Yankees pick up some of his guaranteed salary. Is an option. (LHSP option if Yankees pick up part of the salary. Happ went to Northwestern and is from the area) NO. Chris Sale (L) trade with Red Sox Is it possible? Red Sox are looking to dump virtually anyone and everyone. Could Sox have package to reacquire former ace. Have stranger things happened? Sale's salary could make it tough. Is his elbow healthy? (Is a reunion possible with Red Sox wanting to dump salaries. Rumors abound about David Price and Andrew Benetendi the latter would surprise. Not a fan of Price who Sox would need some salary help on his $32M salary per season. But is Sale an option though a longshot?) NO. Jose Quintana (L) trade with Cubs Could crosstown rivals meet up once again. Would Q be an option in 2021 via FA? Stranger things have happened but I wonder if Cubs would thread Sox needle making them more formidable in market competition. Again we shall see. Q's salary makes it easier. (Don't think Cubs will trade Q now but maybe mid season) Not at this time. Maybe FA signing next year. Familiar setting where he pitched much better with White Sox). Lucas Giolito SP Went from outhouse to the big house in one year. Turned to his HS pitching coach from Harvard Westlake in Sherman Oaks (same team with Max Fried and Jack Flarhety) Ethan Katz (now with SF Giants) who caught flaws in Giolito's delivery. Dramatic change in where he keeps his throwing arm and release point. It really showed as he made his first all-star appearance. Hid the ball making harder for hitters to pick up pitches. Great confidence and a very nice guy. Wife is studying to be animal doctor at UCDavis. Family were/are in entertainment business. Credits also James McCann behind the plate. Looks the part of being a top flight starter. Really into the mental preparation aspect of the game. Really dedicated himself to be a better player and seeks being excellent. Good student of pitching. Like him also as a person. Nice guy who has class and a good sense of humor. Good teammate. Reynaldo Lopez SP A quandary of a pitcher who at times looks like a world beater ace and other times appears to lose concentration and focus and just loses it. Kid seems to want to be good and if the Sox sign FA starters it will be time to shit or get off the pot and move to the pen or be sent in a trade something I do not believe the White Sox want to do. The talent is there plus he has stamina. Maturity is a key and he has deep family roots with his grandparents. Late in the season Ricky Renteria really gave him a talking too and Lopez just looked into his manager's eyes and listened. Seems to be a good young man and has all the talent in the world. Perhaps like Giolito he will breakthrough this season. We shall see. The kid has the talent. Dylan Cease SP The second piece with Eloy Jimenez in the Jose Quintana deal with the Cubs. At times exhibits ace ability but the consistency with control has not yet been there. Then again Cease was a rookie last year. He posses one of the best wipe out curves in the game. Has a slow deliberate motion. But key to him is control. Was hit pretty good when he came up but the last part of the season he started getting his act together. Would have been a first round draft choice but had TJ surgery in HS and fell to Cubs in Round 6. With time, patience and experience Cease has the chance to become a top three in the rotation. Michael Kopech SP (TJ) June. Big time power pitcher. Came in the Chris Sale deal along with Yoan Moncada and Luis Basabe. Very hard worker. Training warrior. One of the hardest throwers in all of baseball. Had TJ surgery last year and is throwing again and is not missing a beat. Thing is when will Kopech be ready to join the MLB club. Spring training may be pushing it to come up with the big league team. I expect we are looking at around June for a call up. Will he be in rotation or pen when he does arrive. If he masters control he has chance to be potential ace. Has an aura who wants to be great. Reminds me of a Turk I grew up with with an independent flare knowing he is good. Carlos Rodon SP (L) (i) I expect to see Rodon as a member of the bullpen when he returns by midseason. If Jace Fry goes to Dodgers as part of Joc Pederson deal (which did not happen) Rodon would serve in similar role. Sox will have numerous starters but will not risk injuries. Rodon has a wipe-out slider but has been hurt multiple times. Another factor with injuries to pitchers is that very few wind up any more leading to flexibility issues that lead to DL and surgery stints. Plus Rodon is not built really like a pitcher. Dane Dunning (TJ) Sort of a RH Mark Buerlhe type pitcher. Throws strikes. Another TJ surgery. Won't pitch until mid to late season. Aaron Bummer (L) Lights out eighth inning reliever who once he found his control became a real pitcher. Bummer was a 19th round draft pick originally out of the University of Nebraska. When Bummer is in the zone which now has become commonplace he is a very good set up man to get to the ninth. Last year in discussions for Pederson his name came up. Do not see Sox dealing Bummer in deal for Pederson this time around. (Mazara traded for) Amazing when getting the ball in the strike zone can do. Jace Fry (L) Looked every bit the part of a poor man's Andrew Miller when he came up in 2018. However, Fry regressed in 2019 not hitting his spots plus the opposition started making adjustments. That said this former third-round draft choice out of Oregon still has the upside of a quality reliever. As such I suspect his name will be mentioned in talks surrounding Joc Pederson with a trade with the Dodgers. (Trade for Pederson did not happen) Talk is Dodgers are interested in Bryce Bush the HS star out of Michigan the White Sox scooped up in the 33rd round prying him from a commitment to Mississippi State. Originally drafted as a third baseman he has now moved to RF. If Sox do deal Fry expect Carlos Rodon once he returns mid-season to move into the bullpen. Alex Colome Lights out closer with fabulous cutter. He was dominant in the first half of the season. Second half he came back down to Earth. Still Colome is the White Sox best closer since Bobby Jenks. Has ice in his veins and loves pressure closing situations. Got a salary bump up to $10M. Nickname is The Horse and any game that Colome comes in he has a shot to put the game away. If Sox are going to contend for a playoff spot Colome is going to be a key to teams potential success. Evan Marshall Good pick up going into 2019. Marshall turned in good performance as a seventh inning set up man. Seems to have a rubber arm. Another of the many who seem to have benefited from Don Cooper. Value pitcher. Jimmy Cordero Surprise pickup who pitched well as the RH used prior to Marshall and Colome. Kelvin Herrera Top bullpen signing last season. Was dinged up virtually all season and was highly disappointing. Was dominant as member of Royals against White Sox. If he can come back to his old self he could be welcome addition. So far he looks like a bust signing owed more than $8M for 2020. Dylan Covey Has his shipped sailed. Given ample opportunity this one hailed first round projected pick developed diabetes and that set him back. One of the few pitchers in the organization who actually has a traditional wind up. Is a control pitcher. This is his last chance if the bus has not left the station. Originally a pick up via a claim from the Oakland Athletics. Ian Hamilton (i) Top bullpen arm who had a freakish 2019 from side effects of auto accident that affected his shoulder and then was hit in face by line drive in dugout. If he can come back could be valuable asset in pen. Hamilton was an 11th round draft choice out of Washington State despite being listed at six feet is a shorter pitcher and not up to the listing in real height in the guide. He has a very good wipeout slider. Bulldog mentality. Ryan Burr (TJ) Good bullpen piece. Former Arizona State closer and fifth round draft choice. Sox acquired from Diamondbacks. Throws straight over the top. Had TJ surgery last season. The second half of Hamilton and Burr. Matt Foster Former 20th round choice out of Alabama Foster is a bulldog who throws strikes. Has a shot at making club at some point next season and maybe out of spring training. Good numbers since entering the organization with reasonable consistency. Zack Burdi (TJ) Former first round choice out of Louisville and Chicago, Illinois. Had TJ surgery and has not hit his numbers since. I do not like the fact he does not hide the ball and rotate his hips well but he once threw near 100mph. Wait and see here. Too many pitchers today do not know how to hide/protect the ball including not having a leg kick making it more challenging to pick up the pitch. Carson Fulmer Last chance ? Trade candidate as throw in at this point. Has been a bust so far. Very small guy. Does not move ball around. Far too easy for a hitter to pick up. Throws a straight fastball that does not move. Questionable control. Seemed like a bulldog but has more tendencies to throw more like a batting practice pitcher. At this point he looks like a bust. Seems very competitive and confident but the results are just to date not there. Has had numerous opportunities and if he is going to make it the clock is ticking with the White Sox and soon their may be no longer a barn for this horse to go back to. (If anyone wants the former first round draft choice (#8) out of Vanderbilt he is available) Tyler Johnson Interesting former fifth round pick out of South Carolina. Unusual delivery release point that can be challenging to pick up for hitters. Missed much of last season. Appears to be top RP in organization. Codi Heuer Former Wichita State starting pitcher who has thrived in relief role. Did not give up HR. Kyle Kubat (L) Jamie Moyer type control pitcher who went undrafted out of Nebraska signed by the Royals and acquired by the White Sox. Has been a sleeper throughout the minors up until call up to AAA Charlotte last season where he struggled. Then again with the juiced ball who did not get challenged. Still he has shown some strong signs and could compete for a long relief spot start role. Is a character. Could he be a sleeper? Unlikely but one never knows with his rise through the system. Will Koncanon Big RH local kid who has a power arm but is only in A+ ball at this point. Possible future piece. Sox will sign one or perhaps two veteran FA RP. Craig Stammen. Will Smith. Daniel Hudson. Brandon Kintzler. Steve Cishek. Pedro Strop. etc. And/or trade for a reliever such as Andrew Miller, Ken Giles or Josh Hader which is a longshot.
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    No doubt. The option is more valuable than the player himself at the moment. And whenever you need his 40 man spot Covey is easy to let go.
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    It would make no sense for an organization to offer to combine two years to get to 160 IP unless they believed he was an elevated injury risk by that point. Keuchel's battled health issues the last 2-3 years, but not any significant ones like TJ or rotator cuff/labrum.
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    It's not easy getting through a 3 year rebuild. There are many highs and many lows, but it has been an awesome ride this year. Hopefully, we can all sit back and smile at these dark days of losing, as they've led to a few titles.
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    we just need @southsider2k5 to rejoin us this year! Let bygones by bygones.
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    @Look at Ray Ray Run Always nice to see a classy post. There is a cornucopia of wonderful posters here and it's why I've been coming here for over 15 years. And many thanks to Jason (owner) and the Argonauts (moderators} for keeping this place going and for being good sheriffs. Rock on !
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    Offense: 1. Robert .295 AVG, .340 OBP, .538 SLG, .878 OPS 2. Moncada .310 AVG, .370 OBP, .544 SLG, .914 OPS 3. Abreu .260 AVG, 325 OBP, .460 SLG, .785 OPS 4. Grandal .234 AVG, .369 OBP, .470 SLG, .839 OPS 5. Encarnacion .253 AVG, .338 OBP, .512 SLG, .850 OPS 6. Eloy .292 AVG, .348 OBP, .589 SLG, .939 OPS 7. Anderson .305 AVG, .332 OBP, .434 SLG, .826 OPS 8. Mazara .286 AVG, .329 OBP, .489 SLG, .818 OPS 9. Madrigal .294 AVG, .342 OBP, .391 SLG, .733 OPS Special note: Abreu will bat 3rd for the whole season and Soxtalk will go crazy. Pitching: 1. Giolito 18-6, 3.11 ERA, 209 IP 2. Keuchel 13-12, 4.19 ERA, 198 IP 3. Cease 10-7, 4.08 ERA, 154 IP 4. Lopez 12-5, 3.88 ERA, 172 IP 5. Gonzalez, 9-12, 4.49 ERA, 179 IP Kopech 4-6, 4.21 ERA, 88 IP Rodon 6-3, 3.39 ERA, 92 IP Special note: Lopez and Cease have themselves great seasons but struggle with pitch counts. Bullpen and bench will put up average numbers, Colome is going to falter but Bummer becomes a good closer. 88 wins.
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    Yeah, it's when I got involved with posting here. It was one hell of a roller coaster and taught me to shut off all the noise and wait until that baby is delivered! It was an up and down year; amazing that all the anger and sadness about Machado wasn't warranted as it may have been the best thing to happen to the rebuild. If people want to add threads and etc to read that was good from the year prior that wouldn't be a bad idea either.
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    I am actually back on the Hahn bandwagon after he managed to sign a Boras client that we needed. I liked all the acquisitions except for Mazara. I just don’t see a reason to go cheap in RF with a question mark where there were better options available. But then again, none of us will always agree on players and their talents.
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    That is why you think it's unreadable? Not the references to Tuijuan Walker and Will Koncanon, the Dane Dunning-Mark Buehrle comp, or the Ulyssean length of it all? Okaaay.
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    I was thinking Mendick with a .290 .380 but no steals. That's fine as long as he can get on base.
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    Batting Leury leadoff should be a fireable offense.
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    Pace has shown that he struggles at top pick drafting. - Pro Bowl in italics. 2015 Kevin White - DeVante Parker (14) Eddie Goldman Hroniss Grasu Jeremy Langford Adrian Amos Tayo Fabuluje 2016 Leonard Floyd - Jaylon Smith (34) Cody Whitehair Jonathan Bullard Nick Kwiatkoski Deiondre' Hall Jordan Howard DeAndre Houston-Carson Daniel Braverman 2017 Mitchell Trubisky - Patrick Mahomes (10) Adam Shaheen (3rd round pick traded to SF to move up to #2 spot turned into Pro Bowl RB Alvin Kamara) Eddie Jackson Tarik Cohen Jordan Morgan 2018 Roquan Smith - Leighton Vander Esch (19) James Daniels Anthony Miller Joel Iyiegbuniwe Bilal Nichols Kylie Fitts Javon Wims 2019 (2nd round traded for Anthony Miller turned into Pro Bowl WR Mecole Hardman) David Montgomery Riley Ridley Duke Shelley Kerrith Whyte Jr. Stephen Denmark
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    Jerry promoted the White Sox social media intern to assistant to the director of player development. Expect the announcements to be delayed for a while longer.
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    Knowing how the Sox operate, one of these Wednesdays.
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    The 2000 lineup was the highest scoring team in baseball. 1977 was only the 4th highest that year.
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    I think extension offers will be made to both Madrigal & Robert. RH wants to hit the ground running in 2020.
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