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    Sleepy Harold makes his FutureSox debut! Give his story a read, which focuses on a potential diamond in the rough among Sox prospects, HERE.
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    I think if he doubles his 3% K rate to 6% in the big leagues, keeps using the whole field to hit and plays great D he's going to be a great piece for the Sox for a long time.
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    The Joker-Nylander trade is an absolute disaster. Tony knows I'm a pretty optimistic Hawks fan and this was beyond awful. Injuries have hurt this team but in all honesty, if the Hawks even had average goaltending, they would be with Detroit at the bottom of the league. It is that bad.
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    Yeah, the early 90s Super Bowl teams were a snooze.
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    Here ya go: http://www.chicagonow.com/future-sox/2019/12/futuresox-podcast-ben-badler-of-baseball-america/
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    I don’t think you really believe that. Every aspect of our lives can be negatively affected by something toxic.
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    I was pretty adamant about Rodriguez in the FutureSox thread most of the year. Hell I made a thread about him towards the end of the year here. Needless to say I like his start and the tools.
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    I also dream of Moncada, Robert, Eloy, Timmy, Lucas, Kopeck & Yasmani being like the Big Red Machine & those Dodgers you mentioned. With luck & health, the pitching staff could, I said could, be something a couple rungs below the 90s Braves. Remember, I started this that I said it was my dream. Dream of greatness!!!!
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    Can confirm that the Twins are not at all hopeful in regards to JD. They still need a 1B or 3B, though.
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    There is a lot is symmetry and balance to our team as it now stands. I , for one, prefer that they do not risk upending that balance or the character of the team by signing a fukup like Puig or bringing back Yolmer the assclown. If Madrigal continues to show that he can play great defense and hit during Spring Training, I would bring him up on Opening Day despite potentially losing a year of contractual control. I said "potentially" because the Sox can always choose to extend him later this season or down the road. Having Madrigal in the starting lime-up on Opening Day means that the Sox don't have to futz with signing some infielder to start for a month, or making Leury platoon in the IF and OF which could dilute his effectiveness. So.... come out of the gate on Opening Day with Robert and Madrigal in the line-up. Develop team chemistry from the start, rack up as many wins as possible in the first two months, and bury the sh1t teams in the Division right off the bat.
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    He was the #4 ranked international prospect available at the time. Yolbert also has an elite (or what scouts described, special) glove. If Colas signs in July, he'll be 2 months away from being 22 himself. There's also the comparison of him being in the Japan minor leagues to Sanchez who played in the Cuban league. Honestly, I have no idea what the league Colas played in compares to. FYI, I already acknowledged Colas likely has the higher ceiling, Sanchez likely the higher floor. Was just stating I believe Colas is much less advanced when I meant by better coming out (which goes back to me saying I have no idea how the Japanese minor league Colas played in compares).
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    Funny ESPN would be so positive about a team they didn’t even know won a Workd Series in 2005
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    Then... just move on with your damn life instead of commenting and replying to everyone. How about that? If a thread about Cordell is a waste of time, why are you wasting your time in here? GMAFB
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    You’re wrong. You know it, but it’s impossible for you to admit. Unrelated, Gordon Wittenmyer’s twitter handle is @GdubCub. It’s ok to be wrong sometimes.
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    What a miserable signing by a miserable GM. Eddie Jackson is no star. Talk about overpaid.
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    Lip now writes for South Side Hit Pen.
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    Yet you clicked on it and responded. 😭
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    Honestly, if he's under contract, I don't care what he "wants". If Giolito wants him to catch, he's not going anywhere.
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    Could you imagine if he just does his 2018 numbers? 32 starts, almost 190 innings, and an ERA under 4? Sign me up. Hopefully the baseball has been normalized. I think that would be to the Sox benefit.
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    Not worth it for one extra year, unless Hahnny thinks he will be an elite player worthy of a 200m deal.
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    I am now irrationally excited for the 2023 White Sox - the greatest baseball team of all time.
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    I think he should be allowed to win the job in spring - if he has a big spring, the job should be his.
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    This might be the way to go. In general I am a huge proponent of extensions and RH has proved he knows how to sell them. In this case I want Madrigal on the OD lineup and you can still extend him in a year. My kneejerk reaction would be to extend him now but I do see very little to lose by bringing him up for OD and waiting to extend.
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    Or they could just go off script, and bring him up on Day 1 without a long term deal. Less likely, but some teams have done that recently.
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    My comment was from years of PTSD in the 2000s when we would go 4-14 every season against the Twins due to their ridiculous dome and cheap hits. Their lucky hitters slapped the shit out of us and I will always hate the Twins more than any other organization in baseball because of it.
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