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    The thing about Schilling is this. Racism is not a political opinion. Sending out memes and tropes that disenfranchises and advocate violence against the media, muslims, and the LGBTQ community is not a political opinion. Doing that sort of behavior is morally wrong and against what freedom in America stands for. Yes, Schilling has the right to express his opinion, but racism and attacking various minorities is wrong, morally wrong. And there is a morals clause to getting into the Hall of Fame. Schilling should never get in.
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    Both Palka and Delmonico back with the organization. Cool.
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    why wouldn't you move moncada to second base?
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    If something like 1/$20 is possible at this point, I'd roll the dice. Otherwise hard pass. This. And as long of a shot as it may be, there is the potential that RF will be the only position we need to address next offseason, and Betts would be the finishing piece. A little easier to drop $350M on one guy when you don't have a shit load of other holes to fill. In the meantime, we still have the chance for Mazara to have his best MLB season to date, or Adolfo to stay healthy and explode. Definitely don't want to commit to NC longer than a year as that is committing to essentially punting team defense which is stupid.
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    I haven’t been to SoxFest in a while and am bringing my 9-year-old son this year. I didn’t see a time or other info about the opening ceremony. Does anyone have information on this and any suggestions on what time to arrive to get seats for the opening ceremony? Any other advice for SoxFest? Can’t wait and my son is very excited.
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    It doesnt mean everytime a star is available you should say the sox should get him. That's not exactly quality team building now is it. If you want to spin the Sox not being in on Arenado negatively, be my guest but it's absurd.
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    I find it funny that you think just adding a star because they're a star is always the right answer.
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    Yes,,,that could be a sign of a larger problem.
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    It upsets me greatly that I know all these names. Such is the life of the Terminally Online baseball fan.
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    Well yes, given that they rank in the top 5 in all of baseball in WAR generated via the draft so... uh yeah. so they're 2nd in all of baseball. I'll say the sox did pretty damn well.
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    The Tigers are going to have a ridiculously good rotation in a few years if these guys pan out.
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    If you're willing to pay for Arenado, just pay a little more on an AAV basis for Betts in a year who fits MUCH MUCH better and we don't need to fuck with our best player again, or move elite prospects.
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    I like all the stupid "Packers were the worst 13-3 team ever" stuff. The Saints this year were the first 13-3 team to lose in the wild card round. Literally the worst 13-3 team ever.
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    You forgot about the 13-3 Bears team in 2001 that got dismantled by the Eagles at Soldier Field. Injured Bears littered the field throughout that game.
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    I'd rather throw money at Betts next offseason
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    Kind of what I figured. I like all three of the actors, was hoping they would be in it more.
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    Vaughn's ranking is because he was heavily scouted and one of the best college hitters period. I would not put too much stock into his 2019 performance and would look for him to mash in 2020.
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    Let’s be honest, the Sox really only traded away two prospects worth a damn — Semien and Tatis Jr. The far bigger problem over the years was the Sox failing to draft and develop enough talent in general.
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    One thing that Kenny was great at that Hahn isn't, is internal scouting. The only player that KW traded that ever hurt him was Gio Gonzalez. Rick has traded 1 player that has become a star elsewhere in Marcus Semien, and an uber prospect that looks well on his way in Voldemort.
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    Oh for fuck sake...this is what they wrote... Highest Ceiling: Vaughn Not only is Vaughn the best all-around hitter among first-base prospects, he's also on the short list of the best all-around hitters in the Minors. He could produce a .300 batting average, 30 homers and 80 walks on an annual basis. and let me be clear that would be absolutely nothing like Cody Bellinger, of the Dodgers, or Clay Bellinger of the Yankees, or minor leaguer Cole Bellinger or Orioles shortstop Mark Belanger in any way. Any similarities by Vaughn to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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    Soxtalk can really suck. You get a little excited about something you read...you post it and then the howling negatives come out of the woodwork to tell you how wrong and stupid you are. Ok Vaughn isnt Bellinger...hes Frank Thomas 2.0. Better? .300 hitter with 30+ homers and 100 walks hitting in a lineup with 4 other superstars. Im gonna go dream somewhere else.
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    You shouldn't ever be reading anything into stats of players the same year of their college season. He held his own and was fine. This ranking should have been expected.
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    Boy, I sure thought this had something to do with prioritizing saving for a home vs an engagement ring.
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