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    I have no problem with a woman on the broadcasts; I just think she was bad in general. Men certainly are bias against women announcers for unwarrented reasons - for example, everyone hates on Doris Burke and Doris is fine and she really understands the game and her knowledge is shown. Mendoza was just a players apologist who did this acting as a "friend" to players and not an analyst. She's also a moron who promoted cheating.
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    1. All prospects have risk 2. There are more All-stars in baseball than 70 grades given out by FG's by nearly 20 times. 3. Scouting should try to be right, not cautiously optimistic 4. It's OK to be wrong about a guy and evaluators need to get over that fear. 5. Robert is a 55 on FG; so he's no where near a 70. 6. Every prospect has concerns, and in what world does Robert have a .310 OBP? He is projected for a .317 (still low) but he was running 340-380 last year. And yes, no prospect is perfect so Robert deserves a 70; his ceiling is elite. 70 isn't too high for generational tools. This thought process that if he doesn't pan out, then my grade looks stupid is naive. Luis Robert is projected to be a 3 WAR player in the MLB as a 22 year old rookie; if that's not a 70 talent, then nothing is. It's one of the rosiest projections for a prospect I've seen.
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    One thing that I always look forward to as Spring Training comes to a close is where the top prospects will start the 2020 season. Here are mine! 1. Robert- Chicago 2. Kopech- Charlotte 3. Madrigal- Charlotte 4. Vaughn- Winston-Salem 5. Dunning- Birmingham (June) 6. Stiever- Birmingham 7. Basabe- Charlotte 8. Rutherford- Birmingham 9. Adolfo- Birmingham 10. Gonzalez- Charlotte 11. Sheets- Charlotte 12. Thompson- Great Falls 13. Dalquist- Great Falls 14. Pilkington- Birmingham 15. Johnson- Charlotte What do you guys think?
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    Sox FO should be ashamed of themselves. Goldglover was in the org for 10 years and has to settle for a minor league deal... I guess Abreu didnt like him 🤣 "Turned down major-league offers for chance to be everyday starter at second base." ok sure
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    Damn I thought Yolmer had a chance to some back. I'll miss him dumping Gatorade on himself during walk off celebrations.
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    I think the only chance Madrigal breaks camp is if he has a monster spring and players clamor for it.
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    That's awesome. I've wondered how popular the MLB is in Europe. They really should tap into that market more to grow the game. I'm not sure how feasible it would be to regularly do games there but this increased season length to give more off days could be a precursor to it. This is something that should be addressed in the next CBA.
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    This was one of the reasons for the move. Not the biggest one, but we did actually get like 1-2% of our traffic from Europe, and that disappeared at the beginning of 2018 when TribCo screwed the pooch on that stuff. Also, FS now has a writer who in fact resides in Europe, which could not have happened on CN.
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    That's literally the point of every one of these contracts. Just as an example - in Fangraphs valuations, Mookie Betts last year was worth $53 million. You are not going to pay him even $45 million for any one season in his next contract, which would be roughly fair value for his expected performance in the first few years. However, he's going to get that money - you could sign him to a 7 year, 350 million deal that pays him $50 million a year, or you can up it to 10/$375, you're basically offering him $8 million a year for each of those last 3 years, it gives your team the ability to pay him under $40 million a year during the years that you are most likely to be competitive, and if he holds together as even a 1-2 win player over the final few years of his contract you also get that performance out of him. Whoever does sign him for that kind of money, that's how they do the math. Plus, if there's an opt-out in there that the player is good enough to take, then you might even get out of the commitment for those last few years.
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    I’ve said it already before and will repeat it here again: If the Chicago White Sox sign Mookie Betts, I will dance naked anywhere this forum asks me to.
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    Stone sounds like my echo machine. I've been saying no to Puig and Zobrist forever . Holt was one of the first guys i wanted at the start of the off season and have recently suggesting Miller too or Flores if he's still around.
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    I think that’s probably it. Most teams want him as a utility man. He would likely start at 2B for the Cubs but they have no money to pay him.
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    Holt would be a really nice bow on the offseason. There is 0 chance Madrigal is up opening day based on the chatter from the FO and Stone. There is a reason he hasn't been signed though. I'm wondering if he wants a legit starting job.
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    I've heard that Yolbert, Thompson and Dalquist are slated to start in Kanny.
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    Sounds like my college kids when he needs money. 😉
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    The new site looks phenomenal though. I've said it before many times, but the content Futuresox puts out is simply phenomenal. I recommend it to all the White Sox fans I know. As we enter the (hopefully) golden age for the White Sox, I hope Futuresox and Soxtalk get an influx of new White Sox fans, causing both sites to flourish like never before.
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    She’s terrible. And in the future, ESPN, please do not add female softball players to broadcasts just to be PC.
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    Kopech would need to miss around 57 calendar days from Opening Day to not exceed 172 service time days in 2020, which would be May 21st - if I am doing my math right.
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    Sure, for as long as you want. 😂
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    There will always be some type of issue as long as any promotion/free agency/arbitration is tied to time. There has to be a cutoff at some point.
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    I did something similar with Buehrle's perfecto. I was 45 minutes late to a meeting with an admissions advisor for Elmhurst college because I did not want to turn off the radio in my car. They didn't find it amusing, and also happened to be a Cubs fan. Didn't make much difference though, I still ended up going there.
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