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    GUYS! I just got a message back and word that I WILL BE SINGING APRIL 16!!!! Thanks all for your help. Probably wouldn't have gotten this far without the information! I owe you all a beer if I ever run into one of you.
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    I posted this last year but to no avail. I can't seem to find any information online about how to audition/send a tape for the National Anthem. I just recently sang for the Pacers and would be a dream come true to sing for my favorite sport and sports team (WHite Sox).. Anyone know of any information... or even a contact?! I'm totally tagging people who have sources because I have no shame.. @raBBit @Y2Jimmy
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    Congratulations! Now tell me this isn't going to be our year.
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    congrats! now do lamar Johnson proud.
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    Yeah the poster who normally does the White Sox has the same username here as he does on the Operation Sports forum for the show. CWSPALEHOSE I believe. The full rosters normally get uploaded within the first month of the release of the game. I haven't owned it since 2017 and now that you can rollover your franchise from one year to the next, I think it helps get the rosters out sooner.
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    Here's me being charitable though - they did get unlucky. Especially the sacramento jump year. They've had pretty close to their worst case draw every single year except last. We very much are talking about maybe the resurgence of pax if they had the luck of sacramento rather than the luck of someone like orlando recently. However, there are plenty of other teams, many who have had different scenarios and have been much better at putting together competitive teams than the bulls. Hell, look at Indiana. Look at the Heat. They both took different routes than tanking, both had the end of their dynasties around similar times to bulls. Both emerged much faster. Bulls just keep pointing to the damn knicks.
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    Yeah, I could buy that. It's amazing how the Sox pioneered one of the best health driven organizations in MLB baseball, and the Bulls are one of the worst in all of sports. It's amazing they're owned by the same guy given how differently they view the importance. I will never forget this team almost killing Luol Deng and then acting like he did something wrong.
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    Lol this is true. He would have had spinal fluid tested right away
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    The guy was just shocked he had any left. It really is unbelievable the Bulls just can't admit they were way off with this guy.
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    I included the section on Matt Lisle because there was a lack of "buy in" last year. This is the reason for the change though IMO. Everett Teaford and Ben Broussard will both work closely with Hansen. Ryan Johansen is the assistant hitting coordinator. Multiple others have biomechanics experience. Mike Shirley uses it in scouting too. The Sox might be behind the great orgs still but at least they've recognized it.
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    Yea Jim. Just like when you said you would never yank guys out of the lineup "never have, never will". LaVine has to be laughing his ass off at this clown.
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    Man coverage is pretty tough against team speed like that. Whoever let Hill go on third and 15 also has to be feeling pretty crappy today
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    Sarcasm might be something you look for on this website just sayin
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    It's been more than 4 hours and it still hasn't gone away. Should I call my doctor?
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    FYI to everyone the Kansas City Chiefs are based in Missouri, not Kansas.
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    I never thought Puig was going to be a hot commodity but this offseason has been a surprise. Looks like he could be had for not much other than incentive laced deal. Maybe our Cuban clique could convince him to get serious about his career. Nice bench piece with lots of upside at the right price.
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    This is how I see it breaking down next year. My guess is Mookie gets 10 years at $350-370MM. Takes him through his age 39 season Padres maybe (probably not) Angels out Cubs maybeeeee (probably out) Red Sox, Yankees out Dodgers in (Friedman has done a masterful job managing their payroll) Rangers out Phillies out Astros out Braves maybe? Nats out Twins out Mets (should be, but out) Giants maybe? A's, Rays no Dbacks no Those are all of the 1.) big market teams and 2.) competitive teams seemingly in a spot to make a push for major signing in 2020-21 offseason. There are only a handful of teams that make sense in terms of window and money who will be all over Betts IMO. So... ... The White Sox *should* be ALL OVER him. He's a perfect fit for their roster in every single way. We've all seen that movie before though, so I'm not gonna hold my breath. I think they prioritize extending Moncada before signing Betts as well.
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    If they want to avoid the subject of Jackson and 1919, holding a game in a Iowa cornfield that hosted a movie based on the 1919 scandal is probably a bad idea. A season ticket email that I received from the Sox back in September stated that the full plan would only include 80 games, and ticket information about the Iowa game would be released "later". Nothing yet.
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    Holt plays 7 positions and is coming off back to back years with an OBP over .362. Yolmer is nowhere near as good. Their similar WAR totals are a function of playing time, not performance
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    It's a good day imo. February 1st is a huge date on the calendar for any sports fan. Super Bowl. Then signals the start of CBB tourney season and spring training, and then obviously the Big Dance and the start of real MLB. Meanwhile you've got the PGA Tour in full swing on the west coast (leading up to Pebble Beach and then the Masters) and the NBA is winding down for ASW and then gearing up for the final playoff push. If you're into soccer, it's the meat of the Cup and League season for all major Euro leagues, and this year we also have WCQ starting. For Chicago folks and most of NA above the mason dixon line it's also the time you start to notice the days getting longer and here in the PNW usually the 2nd week of February starts gardening season and the end of "winter" (at least any real chance of snow in the lowlands). Today is a good day.
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    13 is a fair floor for our as yet untested lineup. We have unproven potential for top 5 rating. As a biased fan I believe we will end the season closer to 5 than 13.
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    Yeah, my first reaction was "Yeah, Sox at 13 is fair. They could easily leap to Top 5, but there is a lot of boom-bust." *Reads article "Holy crap this list is bad."
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    Yeah. Wow. That is a bad list. White Sox in the middle of the pack I think is fine though. Don’t forget that we always see the upside of our guys because we’re fans, but this is a lineup with a ton variance. The potential is massive but the downside is very real. If you’re projecting, you gotta take the average. This lineup could very well turn into a top five lineup this year if everyone takes a step forward/no one regresses, but it could be pathetic if everyone stalls/everyone regresses. Overall, that potential should make it actually fun to watch for the first time since the rebuild started.
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    For whatever reason, I think Sheets is a big time late bloomer. I hope I'm right.
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