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    GUYS! I just got a message back and word that I WILL BE SINGING APRIL 16!!!! Thanks all for your help. Probably wouldn't have gotten this far without the information! I owe you all a beer if I ever run into one of you.
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    They called Miami "Florida" and spelled Cincinnati wrong...so I think that is your answer.
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    And some Sox fans need to get the fuck over it.
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    Wow i think the Twinks botched this one. Thats quite a bit for a pitcher who cant throw more than 150 innings at a 4.00 ERA clip.
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    What in the F*** kind of report is this?!?
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    So is this the hat Manny was wearing last offseason
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    The correct way to do this would have been to do the baseball swinging guy with the chicago flag coloring him
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    That literally looks EXACTLY like off brand white sox hat that you would buy at Shipshewana (or another amish flea market) LOLL
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    Freaking awesome. One Soxtalk jacket coming right up haha
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    I like this deal for all teams involved. Like it for Twins in 2020. Like it for Dodgers in 2020. Like it for Red Sox in 2021. Like it for White Sox in 2021.
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    But Pederson also may not have been as available as he was when the Sox traded for Mazara. Now hes just an extra piece and they'll probably just look to shed his salary.
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    What was he supposed to do? Wait until beginning of February to see if Dodgers acquire OF help?
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    It's like someone accidentally forgot to turn a layer off in Photoshop and then made the entire line like that. Absolutely awful. A few of them are cool, but the White Sox one honestly might be the worst of the set
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    Who the fffff would want to buy that garbage? Not sure how you screw up a logo that has 2 great logos as a part of it, but MLB found a way.
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    For those that want to buy it (everyone): https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/new-era-mens-chicago-white-sox-black-2020-spring-training-39thirty-stretch-fit-hat-19newmmlbwsxtcsprcws/19newmmlbwsxtcsprcws
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    Supposedly Ozuna turned down 3 years 50 million to "bet on himself." Seems pretty dumb but what do I know?
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    With his bat control, he will as to use an old quote "hit them where they ain't" He will struggle at first with turning on MLB fastballs but once he gets the feel for it his skills will translate well.
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    Make it ugly, goofy, and old fashioned as hell... like a Members Only jacket. People will really notice it then. 😂
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    It’s great that we are starting to catch up to the big boys.
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    Sox need to get on the curve before they can get ahead, but yes, nice to see more effort
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    This was a really good read. Nice to see the org trying to get ahead of the curve with analytics & player development.
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    I remember in the show 18 someone created an all 2005 OSFM Roster. It was wonderful and I played post-season mode and relived that magical Sox run. Sucks though, I can't find the roster anymore. Maybe it was deleted or didn't carry over? I wish someone would make that again 😕
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    I'd totally wear it LOL
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    Won’t happen. Their best bet is to trade for him and hope to extend him but if he’s traded now he will want 350+
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