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    2/22, 2pm, Angels, webcast 2/24, 2pm, Dodgers, NBCSC 2/25, 2pm, Giants, webcast 2/27, 2pm, Mariners, webcast 2/28, 2pm, Indians, webcast 3/2, 8am, Angels, MLBN (3/1 game) 3/2, 2pm, Padres, webcast 3/3. 2pm, A's, webcast 3/5, 1am, Brewers, MLBN (3/4 game) 3/5 2pm, Rockies, webcast 3/6, 10pm, Cubs, MLBN (delay) 3/8, 3pm, Royals, webcast 3/9, 2am, Padres, MLBN (3/8 game) 3/9, 3pm, Reds, webcast 3/10, 3pm, Rangers, webcast 3/13, 3pm, Cubs, NBCSC 3/14, 3pm, Dodgers, webcast 3/15, 3pm, Mariners, MLBN 3/17, 3pm, Brewers, webcast 3/19, 8pm, Indians, webcast 3/21, 2pm, Dodgers, NBCSC 3/22, 2pm, Dbacks, NBCSC 3/23, 840, Dbacks, NBCSC 3/24, 240, Dbacks, NBCSC
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    Hopefully before there are any more hints at Steve Stone being racist without any evidence.
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    have a good evening.
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    White boomers? There are also poor white kids that can’t afford to play baseball.
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    Hey, I'm mostly kidding with you. It's just baseball. That said, you spent a couple hours, and several pages of this thread to go over the speeding issue. [Seriously, look back at your posts from the other day.] You also didn't cite any links, and chose incidents from several years ago. I understand those who complain about the man's past. But, I believe men have the ability to grow and to learn from their past, which is why I asked Puig's critics to cite something from the past ~6-12 months, with a link. At the end of the day, Puig is just flat-out a better player than Mazara. But it won't matter, because Mazara's here now. For better or worse, he'll probably fall on his face this year because he's about as mobile as a drunk Paul Konerko.
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    If true, this would be a pretty decent development https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/white-sox/one-scout-thinks-white-sox-prospect-andrew-vaughn-way-better-paul-konerko
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    So again, you have zero problem spending endless money on the military machine... or on corporate bail outs (which took, at the time, a significantly higher percentage of your tax dollars)... I imagine you had no problem with the farmer bailouts either. But, heaven forbid some of your tax dollars goes to helping a kid with cancer or the less fortunate with life saving treatments? Or help a kid getting an inhaler or insulin... Let's all hope no one in your family ever falls to financial or healthcare ruin. I go to work everyday too, and I will have maxed out my SS contribution by 40 years old, and who cares? Life isnt all about me. Taxes are paid regardless and I'd much rather have my taxes go to support a better life for my fellow americans, than to support bombing and droneing brown people in the middle east. It seems from your posts you only help your neighbors if theres some benefit in it for you. Pretty sad. If 1 penny out of a dollar isnt worth it so that their life expectancy can be similar to yours, my goodness. And again, Medicare isnt a social benefit program and you'll be using medicare post 65 just like everyone else given that it's as good as private insurance. My folks use it and they did quite well for themselves.
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    Yolbert getting a bit underrated by some I see.
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    Yoan is 6'2" and does look short next to those two😆.
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    that dude has one of the quickest load mechanisms I've seen. Very efficient. Doesn't waste motion.
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    Man, that Nugenix is amazing. Trims you down and hardens your wood.
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    Speaking of Vera, this shit ain't subtle.
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    Thanks, I've been waiting to share some tips. I'd recommend staying in Tempe if you're younger or single. It's about a 30 minute drive from Camelback but at night you can walk to Mill street and enjoy the nightlife and scenery. If you want something quieter Scottsdale is nice and has a number of resorts. Driving is easy in the valley for the most part. I wouldn't worry about being "too far" from anything. If you rent a cheap car you can get to everywhere you need to be in under an hour. As far as seeing the games outside the Sox, I'd recommend hitting up Talking Stick that place actually feels like a MLB park. If you have kids it's a must as they have a huge kids area. Great beer selection as well. Peoria sports complex is...interesting. There is a place outside there that is a must visit IMO called the "moon saloon" that has some of the cheapest drinks around. Think they had $2 beers and $4 well drinks when we went there prior to the Mariners game. I haven't been to the Cubs' stadium but it's supposed to be on the best. Tickets are usually pretty pricey tho. I usually like to go the first week of March. The weather is milder (usually about 70-75 day and 45-55 at night) and you have a better chance of seeing both the main guys and the youngsters. By mid march most of the young camp invites will be sent to their affiliate and many of the regulars will be getting rest days already. Don't bother to purchase tickets in advance unless you're in a large group. And don't bother with anything other than "lawn" or "general admission". The ushers are VERY relaxed in spring training, especially at Camelback. You can slide up right behind home plate about anytime after the 2nd inning. For autographs at camelback usually the Sox players sign on the 1st base lawn side starting about an hour before the game and then when the guys get pulled they will often sign on their way back to the clubhouse. For stuff to do outside baseball I'd recommend climbing Camelback mountain (steep but short and a great view) and if you're into hiking Tom's Thumb is a great hike a bit outside the city of moderate difficulty. For food in Tempe I recommend NCounter, Pedal House brewery and La Bocca. La Bocca is a really great wine and pizza bar. A bit pricey but excellent food and service. Eating outside there with a glass of wine and a solid piece of pizza after a day in the sun and baseball is pure joy if you're coming from a harsh winter.
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    Lopez is going to have a great year. Calling it now.
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    Good luck hitting .335 again if you don’t think walks are important.
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    Manny Banuelos signed with the Mariners; hate to see such a talent leave the organization.
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    I pick and choose what I pay for as well. I pay for The Athletic because it's awesome. ESPN comes with my Disney Plus subscription and I have to have Baseball America. FutureSox is basically still free. Everything we did before, we are still doing. It's rankings week. Our patreon subscribers are getting separate articles with each of our individual rankings all week. They will also get insider content and weekly podcasts all year. I completely understand not paying for it. I get it. I have a good international source and I'm the only person who has published the names of the 6 players I listed today. I'm sure that will come out eventually and when we do the International Preview, there will be more info on them free for all to consume. For now though, the only people who will see the names are patreon subscribers or someone that takes the names from the post and puts them somewhere. I'm a teacher. That's my full time career. I don't need the money. The site does though and every little bit helps.
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    Numbers are up on the Sox site. Gio Gonzalez is taking McEwing’s 47. Madrigal starts with 92. Hopefully 1 on opening day. They didn’t update McEwing, Menechino, or Coolbaugh. Unused- 1, 5, 21, 22, 25, 45, 46, 49 Madrigal would look good with 22. 1 is too cliche for the little guy.
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    I don't give much public financial advice, but I realistically see Tesla with a 1 trillion dollar market cap within the next 6-8 years. I am pretty heavily invested into Tesla though. I am a firm believer in not only the social move towards renewable, but also a big believer in the battery technology and loved him moving much of the production in house. With further growth in the Chinese market, and his contracts in Germany for driverless cabs, the expansion is coming fast. Efficiencies on the production side need to increase, but I'm invested into Tesla for the battery technology - not for cars.
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    Don’t make a movie that an entire sex and/or age group doesn’t want to see. You don’t see chewing gum companies manufacturing dog shit-flavored gum, do you? Cuz they know it won’t sell. Just like how the production company should’ve known that the majority of men weren’t going to see a movie called “Little Women.” 😂
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    You were also wrong about ba and rbi but besides that it was a great post!
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