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    I took out zero student loans. F*** fairness. Get us through this alive and without everyone in the country bankrupt. Figure out fairness later.
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    It feels weird to be at home on a computer. In fact I needed to dust one off and add a new HD (SSD are amazing). I'm back to working from home after about a decade of being in a classroom. It brings back great memories of the early days here and the dozen or so posters who would be active weekday days. I'm watching this unfold both as an old guy with health concerns and a lot of elderly relatives and as a teacher of high school seniors. The parallels I have to this mid year possible permanent separation from my students were the eighth grade migrant students I taught. This is about the time of year that they would, at best, say goodbye or, at worst, just drop off my roster. Sometimes they had little warning as their employers (yes at 14 or 15) would call and say we need your family. Sometimes their parents found a new orchard or farm to work for the season and they would be dealing with even more uncertainty. One thing was always the same. The feeling they were leaving too soon. We had unfinished business. I pray each day that our class of 2020 doesn't leave unfinished business. Prom dresses never worn. Mortar boards not flung in the air. State basketball championship tantalizingly close (we're in the Final 4 for Texas 6A). A chance in every activity to challenge ourselves against the rest of the state. I'm also reading notes from my students. They are the overworked employees at HEB and Walmart trying to keep shelves stocked and they are the service workers who lost their jobs. Plus they are typically the oldest still living at home. That makes them the babysitters, tutors, shoppers, and drivers while trying to hang onto that last bit of childhood -- being a high school student. Yesterday at 2:00 pm I posted a short survey in my online classroom and about a third of my students completed it within an hour. When people talk about how lazy this generation is, I want to scream. These students are ready for this. They have trained hours each day to be on line, to communicate, to learn. I hope I can keep up with them.
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    I mean what damage could one guy do? https://www.wsj.com/articles/karaoke-customer-who-spread-virus-dies-two-weeks-after-final-song-11584607335?mod=e2fb
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    Trump just switches what he says every day, can't give too much on his words.
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    This crisis is probably the biggest crisis of the western world since the end of the cold war, the finance crisis and Islamic terrorism is nothing against that. In the end it will cause hundreds of thousands of deaths and a worldwide recession that is worse than any recession in the last 50 years. Unfortunately people realized it too late, just two weeks ago people still were partying and not taking it seriously and now it has hit them hard. Some have suggested to continue work and just let the old people die to prevent the recession but this is not doable even if you accept the deaths because there are not enough ICU beds in hospitals to treat all the people and if you don't shut down there us no space to treat other patients either and health care would collapse. Thus unfortunately there is no alternative to lockdown which will cause a recession of course.
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    Not to make this political, but didn’t Trump & Fox News originally claim this virus was a hoax and/or politically motivated to make him look bad? Now he’s talking about how quickly, bigly, and greatly he reacted? So, which is it? A true pandemic or a hoax?
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    At this point whatever dire prediction anyone comes up seems possible.
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    5 U of Tampa students test positive after returning from spring break. They should quarantine all the spring break fools in FL since their governor took his sweet ass time doing anything about it.
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    Basically my son build this one in 2012 with the best AMD processor and graphics card available. Upgraded a couple things though the years then gave it to me. I replaced the power supply and put in a new Samsung SSD and this is perfect for Google Classroom stuff. How's homeschooling going? You're better prepared than most people.
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    Of course it is Kansas. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/coronavirus-deniers-and-hoaxers-persist-despite-dire-warnings-claiming-its-mass-hysteria/ar-BB11qnrT?ocid=sf2
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    You're not a bad guy. We're all doing the best we can. I called up the person who cuts my hair and told them if they need to, call me and they can charge me for a haircut and theyll owe me one in the future. In some way your barber post made me think to do it. We have to all work together so that there is a light on the otherside.
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    greg, What's the acceptable amount of deaths for you?
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    There’s no way teenagers and 20 somethings will maintain a six foor distance partying on a Florida beach. They just down beaches in Australia and parks in Vancouver. People see others having fun together, think it’s not fair that they aren’t able to enjoy the same freedom and everyone gets in trouble. No haircut in 8-10 weeks, the world won’t end because no one will see you. If you guys try to take the compromise route of everyone doing their own thing...people will be out of jobs for months and months, and it will never end. Hospitals will run out of beds, respirators, staff and ventilators. We will all lose family members over a cup of coffee, a cancelled Spring Break holiday or a haircut. If everyone’s only thinking about themselves first, America won’t make it. If we wait to be saved instead of thinking what sacrifice we can make for our country, what does that say? Nobody is entitled to a great life, they have to earn it. We never had to experience World War II, Korea or Vietnam like some of our grandparents or even parents. That was real courage and sacrifice. Here’s someone on your side... Kevin Hassett, an economist and former CNN contributor who is returning to the Trump administration to help the coronavirus response, said this week that the pandemic could spark a repeat of the Great Depression that began in 1929 and lasted for years. "We're going to have to either have a Great Depression, or figure out a way to send people back to work even though that's risky," he said. "Because at some point, we can't not have an economy, right?" cnn.com
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    Probably would attend 81 home games and burn an article of team attire in public until getting permanently banned or arrested.
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    I propose a change.org petition be started requesting a million signatures calling for MLB to officially change the name and logo to this.
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    Ortiz criticizes Fiers and calls him out; people act shocked. Ortiz is a proven and known cheater himself - of course he doesn't want teammates blowing whistles on cheating scandals.
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