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    Your interpretation of my posts is a direct result of your own narratives. Spare me from this strawman garbage. I don’t derive my identity by polarizing myself to one end or the other of the political spectrum. Donald Trump is trash. Could that set the record straight? Nope, not for you because you can’t fit it into your own narrative about me. You use you your podium here in the same way Trump uses his. You two are not as different as you desperately need to believe. Now let’s see what kind of spin you can put on this. Can’t wait.
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    The only leap is to read a thread like this and feel the need to attempt to correct non-factual interpretations of the articles for no reason at all, if I were to actually believe this pile of fertilizer was actually truly how you felt. It is no coincidence that every single reply you have made here supports one political narrative, even when only the human angle is present.
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    I did read the article and was specifically referencing exactly what you’re citing above. Maybe we have different interpretations of these two statements. Also, I fail to fully understand this desire to group anyone who disagrees with you as a supporter of our “Dear Leader.” I mean, maybe I can understand it from a perspective of someone clinging their identity of a being person who dislikes the President. But making that claim given the information you have about me in this case is quite the leap.
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    Trump says many things and makes many claims. I have stopped listening, especially in these times.
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    It's the same spin you've used through all of your IDs on Soxtalk. Sadly while you protest too loudly, your actions still show otherwise.
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    https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-air-force-academy-commencement-politically-correct_n_5e9b7f91c5b664cb6c43d9fd He can’t even get the distancing amount right. CDC recommends six feet. AFA commencement used eight as the guide. Trump claimed it was ten feet. I guess that’s closer than the difference between millions and billions, so progress...
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    My Shot, from the Hamilton soundtrack.
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    Yes, for trace and contain. Right now we're totally in reaction mode, with hundreds of thousands of cases. In order to safely open anything, we need to be able to throw tens of thousands of tests out every time there's a case. This has been bugging me specifically since my state is one of the ones that wants to reopen stuff, so let's take the example of Texas state parks. A couple things we know - people are commonly contagious for several days before they show symptoms, the virus can survive on surfaces, and whether it's the situation or biology or something else single infected people have in some cases infected dozens, if not hundreds (the entire South Korean peak apparently can be traced to 1 individual breaking quarantine). So, a family of 4 goes to a Texas state park and camps for the weekend. Earlier that Friday, one of the parents is exposed and contracts it. They become contagious at some point that weekend while they're still using the toilets, maybe shopping at the store there, whatever. How many people are at the state park on a weekend? For normal business, several hundred, all could be exposed. They won't all come down with it, but chances are good that some people will. Everyone leaves on Sunday, going back to their local places of work for Monday and Tuesday. It is Wednesday of that week before the first person in the chain starts showing symptoms. It then takes 24 hours to get results back on the test, which comes back positive. Meanwhile, anyone who picked it up at the state park is already contagious, most likely without showing any symptoms yet for several days. How many people need to be tested from this chain? Everyone in the state park has to be tracked down, everyone they work with, their families, everyone at stores they visited. If any of them ran into someone who works at a nursing home, this chain could kill dozens of people shortly. How many people need to be tested to shut down this one chain? Potentially ten thousand. Any one of that chain could be a "Super-spreader" and you don't know which person it is, so you have to track them all down. Furthermore, you don't know how the chain started, so you still have to figure out where the first person got it at. Singapore had enough cases that one person got into a packed facility for migrant workers, and now they have thousands of new cases. Until we have that little transmission that we can overwhelm every single case with tests, then we're in no position to relax this stuff.
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    A high school student in the NW suburbs just died of the virus and another is in ICU. Even if you are just thinking about yourself and not others, younger does seem to help, but you aren't immune.
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    But you know, states right!!!
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    If you actually read it, the article flat out said... "“It’s hard not to think about it now, looking back,” Cathedral coach Jason Delaney said. “You think about fans screaming and how close everybody was to each other. You start thinking, ‘Man, it was all around us.’ But there was no way of knowing that.” There is no way of knowing exactly how it spread or where DeSalle, Loggan, Johnson, Taylor and Rush contracted the virus. What we do know is all five were in the same gym on March 6 doing nothing more than watching the best high school basketball doubleheader in the state that night." But you know, can't have anything that could insult the Dear Leader potentially.
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    Pritzker had to secretly fly in supplies from China before The federal government, the back ups, could seize it. The dog whistle with the LIBERATE, his now calling social distancing politically correct. It is time for the 25rh amendment.
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    The sax solo from Baker Street.
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    You obviously never saw Aparicio play. Not even close, and I saw them both.
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    Trump now claims his shutdown of China travel after 45 countries did before him, and over 400,000 people travelled from China to the US after the first case of Covid 19, and over 40,000 did after his total shutdown, has saved billions of lives.
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    It would take 73 consecutive days testing at 450,000/day to reach the 10% of population level most experts are recommending. Three times the amount we are currently capable of. And that’s not even going to be 10%, because many of those will be positive tests that need to be retested multiple times until it clears...not to mention the potentially reinfected, false positives/inconclusives, etc. The former director of the CDC, Dr. Tom Frieden, is arguing it needs to be 10-20x that. Which would amount to 1.5 - 3 million tests per day. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/19/health/us-coronavirus-sunday/index.html Harvard is arguing 350,000 per day, compared to the present 150,000. Btw, it’s starting to look like the Civil War Era all over again. Florida, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina among the first to make plans to reopen, West Virginia, Arkansas and Georgia next?
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    They’re going to need a lot more than 450-500,000 tests performed per day (a 3X increase in current levels)...because all of these people now venturing out and about are just going to serve to increase that number of potentially infected or exhibiting symptoms. Amazon might be the only company in the world with the capacity to create an adequate and sustainable testing regimen for their own employees...of course, the irony is that a W-shaped instead of a V or even U insures even more profits for Bezos, the Walton Family, etc. Above and beyond that, you have all these cities like NYC being denied revenue for businesses as well as incoming tax receipts. How can there be a reopening when many of these cities are going to be technically bankrupted by coronavirus and can longer provide essential services? Obviously, they can double or triple taxes upon reopening to make up budget shortfalls, but that will just create more deflationary pressure...which leads to discussions of drawing down from pension funds that have already taken a 15-20% hit...and inevitably to cuts in Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security. Of course, none of these will be considered until January, 2021. If they don’t help the cities and hospitals when interest rates are so low, they will regret it. Austerity policies are only going to hurt the middle class and poor, small business owners, those on fixed incomes. The Top 10% will be just fine. They will be making loans that lead to further indebtedness, buying up distressed properties and adding to their investment portfolio while others are forced to sell in order just to make ends meet. Tale as old as time.
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    But it wasn’t divided by need or amount of cases. There are some states that will receive over $100k per Covid 19 patient. Want to guess if they are red or blue? And they need way more especially if they are supposed to be doing all the testing and bidding against each other like an episode of the Apprentice to buy masks, gowns, ventilators etc. Trump is ripping Cuomo for saying he needed 40,000 ventilators, well Coumo determined he needed them based on Trumps CDC reports.
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    https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/04/coronavirus-donald-trump-and-the-wizard-of-oz-presidency.html There’s a concept in economics known as diminishing marginal utility. What seems like a potential advantage (nearly unlimited and free airtime) will not look the same way to the American people six to eight weeks from now if they still have inadequate testing, no job, a return to stay at home policies...unemployment benefits not arriving or facing the spectre of them soon running out. Presidential elections are almost always decided on the economy...with the only exception being not wanting to change presidents during wartime. That said, by ceding all the responsibility and decision-making authority, he’s acting like the opposite of FDR. He wants the same fireside chats, but this time as an open platform to malign and disparage his political enemies instead of attempting to unify and comfort the country. Sooner or later...people in his base will start to wonder why he’s more concerned about ratings than doing something to improve and/or safeguard their lives. Great American presidents have never run in the opposite direction during challenging times. Lincoln never paused before Gettysburg when times looked particularly bleak for the Union and said let’s call this whole thing off, I am not at all responsible for the Civil War, let the individual states decide these issues amongst themselves. Instead of fighting for all the people, the reality is it’s turning out to be none of the people when your primary audience continues to be only 38-46% of Americans. Divided against each other we shall fall.
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    Yes. One is 19 years long. One is one day long. Trump dubbed himself the "wartime president", so he should actually address it as such.
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    Which was my original point(!) that the government should guarantee a big purchase now and offer large rewards for treatments and vaccines. I was told that no pharmaceutical would dare allow that. But the business of covid isn’t good for anyone. Even Amazon, who will do probably better than anyone, is feeling tons of pressure from customers on AWS for support (it’s most profitable line). The government should be helping anyone it can right now. Hospitals shouldn’t be very busy with employees on the line for their health - and fighting for their financial lives.
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    Not sure. All these plans require the players and everyone else involved to get tested a lot. Testing will be better by the time they'd start playing. Ideally if someone gets it, they retest everyone and go from there. If the testing capacity improves to this level, I don't think the league will need to shut down. On the other hand, if testing doesn't improve to this level, the entire economy will crash and we'll likely all die anyway.
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    I also read where coastal breezes make the 6 foot separation obsolete. Crowded beaches and I crowded beaches aren’t very safe right now. Aannnd they are crowded already. Everyone should be pissed off at these people. The more they fuck up, the longer responsible people will have to stay home.
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    I’m not sure what you think is damning about this. I know your galaxy brain sees The word profit and thinks it’s a rich white man sitting on a bed of money, but the rest of these diagnostic companies are losing lots of money and they are furloughing those employees. So they need to hire up techs specifically for this testing but the current cost per test, and hiring costs money. They need to be trained and aren’t as productive as current staff. They could get a loan to hire for something that isn’t profitable long term for them and lay off more staff from other parts of their business, or ... the government could increase the costs they pay for each test. Or maybe the government should force them into bankruptcy after this is over along with the many hospitals losing money right now so that balta can sleep comfortably knowing the technicians that worked around the clock during this crisis got laid off immediately after.
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