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    g I'm wondering when this Tea Party crap is going to die out or when the sane part of the country truly catches on. These people are paranoid and simple-minded, and they all ever have done is shut the government down or fill the national political debate with garbage. And they are not the patriots they say they are. They wave the flag or the constitution around when they don't know the symbolism or meaning of either one. That's right. No one is going to tell them what to do even if they can endanger others. Their idiocy became old years ago. Hey, GOP. You have become a prisoner to these complete fools. You happy now?
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    These guys are all idiots if they though they'd be back to playing in front of fans. It's not happening. I've heard similar things that Harold has. I disagree with him that there won't be baseball though because I think the players will ultimately cave. If public health officials deem one of those plans effective and safe to play, I think they're playing. Could you imagine if the other sports resume, baseball has a place to play and owners cancel the season anyway because they can't afford it? The sport would be essentially over. It would be just like the strike year where many people wouldn't return. The players were fronted $170 million. If there's no season, that's all they will get this year. For that reason, and that reason alone, I would bet on there being some semblance of baseball this year. Money talks.
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    Good for who? Seems like this only benefits the billionaire owners of the MLB franchises.
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    Looks like Burlington (one of smallest full-season markets) and Clinton are gone. Cedar Rapids spared...hard to imagine the Quad Cities would be gone with that bigger population base, and an owner (Heller) with multiple teams (Wilmington, Lowell and Billings). Quad Cities fate now partially tied into the completion/readiness of new Beloit stadium (for 2021), which was supposed to commence construction this week but will be delayed indefinitely with coronavirus. Looks like the Pioneer League is in trouble for both geography reasons as well as cultural assimilation for Latin American players.
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    If it indeed improves the playing conditions of the players as they can allocate more of the funding to upgrade the facilities that will continue to exist, then it benefits them. As I said, I also like the idea of minor league teams being closer geographically to their major league affiliates.
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    He said the doctors said it is the more treatable and most curable form. I listened to the segment on the podcast form this morning.
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    With the current administration, I am pretty sure they would see "hurt universities" as a feature, not a bug.
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    It will definitely be a different type season, and it would be no better time to try some things for future seasons. I think the type of season we see will come down to geographical. The latest idea, with all teams playing in one of three hubs, would allow teams to play different opponents than they normally would. Regardless of what plan is ultimately acted upon, the post season will be very different..
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    Silvy diagnosed with Stage 3 Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
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    The commissioner of baseball is a f'ing idiot.
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    The commissioner of baseball said yesterday that there will in fact be baseball played in 2020. I think we can realistically expect it to happen in some way or another.
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    If a player or employee falls into the high-risk category (ie over 60) he/she would stay home from the start unless they are willing to take the risk. If an otherwise healthy athlete or employee chooses to play, begins showing symptoms and tests positive, he/she would go home to recover. Herd immunity follows eventually. Play Ball.
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    Conan just got a podcast recently. It's like 4 or 5 episodes deep, but it's good, I've always loved his sense of humor. Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend is the title.
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