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    Unless i am mistaken there are 0 allegations that Biden has ever molested or raped a child. Maybe that is going to be your narrative, but hopefully for the rest of of society the narrative is going to be which choice gives the best chance for your children to have a normal future to look forward to. The answer is easy, its Biden. You sound like a Trump operative trying to deflect from facts. Vote however you like its your choice.
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    You can keep saying this - that Biden "molests children" - and there is not a shred of evidence it's true. I've even watched the (creatively edited) videos you are referring to, because some of my Trump-supporting family got into it with me. One can say, at very worst, that he was too eager to put arms around them or speak close to their ears, for someone they didn't know. There is just nothing there. The only people outraged now, or who will be outraged later, by those videos, are people already bound and determined to support Trump. Which make is a non-issue for the election. Have you see the comparison of per capita curves for Iowa and Minnesota? They were identical up until the day that MN (and other states) put in place more stringent controls. They are neighbor states with similar cross-sections, especially if you take Minneapolis out of the equation. And starting within a few days of MN's order and Iowa's decision not to lock down, Iowa's curve skyrocketed in comparison in MN. And MN is slightly denser in population so all else equal they SHOULD have been hit harder. It's one of the best, clearest examples of how the shelter in place orders work.
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    This isn’t an alleged assault contest- nobody should go there. Just assume everything about all of them is true. Everything. Ok have you done that in your head yet? Ok good. Are you crying yet? Good. Now watch the videos of Biden groping children. Try to ignore the videos of him groping women and focus on the kids. How does that make you feel watching him sniffing their hair and petting them? It’s a deeper level of terrible when you involve the kids. Like it or not, that’s going to be the narrative until Election Day. That’s why I’m so pissed America has to pick between these two idiots. 2 rapists and one of them molests children. This is the best of America?
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    The Democratic Party is supposed to the more liberal of the two parties, but they don't act like it. They keep thinking they have to talk like Republicans. In 2018, in my state, the Democratic Senator tried to run like some conservative. His campaign ads showed him with Trump. He got his ass kicked. If people want a real Republican, they will vote for one. This Senator hasn't been heard from since, and he is politically dead. Or at least I hope he is. His campaign was a joke.
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    Meanwhile the President has talked publicly about being sexually attracted to his daughter.
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    Drunk Heads is the best Heads.
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    Trumps been accused of sexual inappropriate things far more than Biden. Trump has been recorded talking about sexually assaulting women. When I look at my children, I think about their future and the world I want them to grow up in. They deserve better than the world Donald Trump has brought us over the last 4 years. And Bernie lost again. Nobody stole it from him. Over the last 4 years he could have learned from his mistakes in 2016 and possibly been the candidate. But he didnt and he lost.
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    Been enjoying watching these games. The game was so much better 15 years ago. Today's game is Bobby Jenks debut. Frank homers. JD plays 1st base. Podsednik beats out Jeter in an all star vote.
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    This is flat-out untrue. Joe Biden was clearly, significantly polling stronger than Sanders. Out of something like 50 polls taken after everyone else was out of the race, I believe there were 0 with Biden showing worse than Sanders. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_sanders-6250.html same story.
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    The whole idea of running out a safe moderate to combat the relatively far-right Republican candidate hasn't really worked though. For a recent example, see 2016. The "electability" factor ends up alienating a large section of the party and perhaps offsets the moderates that are "won". Sanders was polling quite favorably against Trump before he suspended his campaign, or before COVID. Even better than Biden in most regards *Edit: Polling better than Biden before Super Tuesday
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    Why do you speak in third person? Why not vote for Joe as he is now and vote for him to give the office to his VP? It is not too far fetched to think about that happening. I can’t see Bernie winning moderates and I doubt Warren becomes the nominee.
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    Another day of 15k+ tests which is awesome news. 2k positives. Seems we’ve officially gotten over testing hump. Two straight days of lowered positive %
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    That's literally, exactly, to the letter, how we have the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the world. Because people who were against him didn't actually vote for the opposition, and they let their represntatives spend years doing things to restrict other people's voting rights.
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    Can we not turn this thread into something resembling pizza-gate?
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    Let's sign that other Wander and hope some GM is dumb enough to trade for him, like when Arizona's Dave Stewart traded for the wrong Luis A. Basabe. https://arizonasports.com/story/742725/yahoo-teams-gobsmacked-by-d-backs-haul-in-brad-ziegler-trade/
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    https://theweek.com/articles/655770/61-things-donald-trump-said-about-women Explain how, for example, evangelical Christians voted 81% to 16% for Trump over Hillary Clinton...let’s remove Biden from this entirely. They all had the opportunity to vote for a woman who suffered at the hands of a man most frequently compared to Trump and Dr. Jeffrey Epstein. How could they do that? Trump has had multiple divorces, and at least 27 documented cases of sexual assault/harassment violations. Perhaps the one thing I’ve never heard critics of the Clintons or Obamas say is that didn’t raise their kids well. Conversely, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single person not economically or politically tied to Trump who asserted he was an exceptional parent. Yet all of these factors were consistently ignored.
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    They could have 20 on the roster, if they are all crap, it doesn't matter. And to be frank, outside of Graham (who is mediocre)...they all STINK. I really do think the biggest reason this team and Mitch took a step back was the complete JUNK they got out of TE. No team was even close to as bad as the Bears a TE last year.
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    That seems highly unlikely to me. They can open up in July and deal with that. There are four pretty clear reasons they are doing it. One, because they've hooked themselves to Trump's horse train. Two, they fear the backlash of the Trump followers if they don't do this. Three, they want to do everything possible to keep unemployment payments lower. And four, they all have rich friends in business who they want to help, so that they can rely on those rich benefactors come election time. I have no idea the balance of each of the four things, for each given governor, but those I believe are the main drivers.
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    to be fair, Senator Warren published a Coronavirus response plan on January 28, so...
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    These guys are all idiots if they though they'd be back to playing in front of fans. It's not happening. I've heard similar things that Harold has. I disagree with him that there won't be baseball though because I think the players will ultimately cave. If public health officials deem one of those plans effective and safe to play, I think they're playing. Could you imagine if the other sports resume, baseball has a place to play and owners cancel the season anyway because they can't afford it? The sport would be essentially over. It would be just like the strike year where many people wouldn't return. The players were fronted $170 million. If there's no season, that's all they will get this year. For that reason, and that reason alone, I would bet on there being some semblance of baseball this year. Money talks.
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    You think about the amount of money the White Sox and every other team just pisses away every year on garbage signings. We are all numb to it. $2 million $4 million is nothing, but it probably covers a huge portion of the off field staff for many months. It’s pretty sad the industry isn’t prepared to pay some who probaby are lucky if they make $50k a year for the rest of the season.
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