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    How about Amazon employees being underpaid and working in dangerous conditions while Bezos becomes unfathomably wealthy off of their labor? Edit: I bet all those travel CEO's are still doing much, much, much better than the hundreds of thousands of low wage workers who have been laid off in their industry.
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    We already kill millions around the world. Every, and I mean every, death that is attributed to poverty should be counted. Lack of proper nutrition, housing, health care are deaths in pursuit of economy. There are enough resources on the planet for every human to have food, clothing, shelter, and health care. Economic systems are tools that concentrate those resources in a few hands and they alone decide in perhaps an abstract way, the quality of life for a few billion people.
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    One thing that must be addressed is the pressure that is being put on health care providers. I see that an ER doctor has committed suicide and others are emotionally cracking. That is one reason they need to get all the support they can get. And real support. Not just words or gestures. What do we get from Washington? A bunch of rich, elitists who feel they won't be touched by this because they are rich and powerful. It starts with Trump and McConnell and goes on from there. This is not about these out-of-touch assholes holding onto power. This is about the country. The arrogance and out-and-out incompetence is galling. These are the worst examples of public officials I have ever seen. They are letting the American people down, but all they care about is their poll numbers. Pence is nothing but a kiss ass. That man lowers himself more and more every day. It embarrasses me that my state elected this moron as governor. And yet he think he can be president someday. Things are not going to improve just because we start opening up.
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    Things are looking better recently with many states, including the hardest hit state of NY, showing signs that the curve is being flattened. That, along with the latest article about there being baseball "for sure", I'm more optimistic now than I have been since early April when we realized how bad things were going to get. The Mayor said she could see baseball in the city this summer, albeit probably without fans. The response to the "sports" over the weekend, the NFL draft, showed that fans are itching for something to watch. The MLB, owners, and players will (hopefully) come together and formulate a plan to bring the sport back. They could have TV to themselves over the summer. All that being said, I'll continue to be cautiously optimistic.
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    How many people are acceptable for you to kill in the pursuit of economy? Where do you draw the line?
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    And how do you possibly have the information at hand to state that 24 teams won't make money without fans? Show that work.
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    Per Forbes in October 2019, Jeff Bezos was worth $119B. Today, it's $140.3B. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/10/03/forbes-400-amazon-ceo-remains-richest-person-us-despite-divorce/3849962002/ https://www.forbes.com/profile/jeff-bezos/#789855e21b23 That's about $1600 per second that his wealth has increased since the October article. Compare that to the pay and conditions for Amazon warehouse and delivery workers in the midst of a pandemic. We shoveled megayatchloads of more money at the rich and powerful and have done next to nothing for most Americans let alone the most vulnerable. We bailed out the stock market. We are going to come out of this economic and health crisis a much more inequitable society with broken or destroyed public institutions in exchange for ever-more power concentrated among the wealthiest of the wealthy.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCLYrlI7s5c All my fellow old school wrestling fans on here would appreciate this.
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    What's their net wealth increase since January 1? Edit: This came off a bit more harsh than intended. I too wish the government had done a better job of helping those who actually needed it.
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    I am only being partially sarcastic when I compare this to the 2nd Amendment and gun control. There is a good percentage of America that feels like the government is out to get them. Of that group my guess is a majority can only survive because the government props them up. I don't care if the government can track me, I am not going anywhere. but i also feel that semi automatic weapons are not needed in life. America is pretty selfish as a whole and then has this fear that government and big business are try to control their life on top of it. I have a friend that is a government employee that hates the government....yet if it weren't for his bullshit government job he'd be destitute instead of retiring at 52 years old at 65% of his pay and will never have to work again in his life and can retire to his summer home and finish the story of the American Dream provided by the same government that he hates. The only hope is Biden finds a great VP, builds an amazing cabinet and then retires four months in.
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    https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-secret-group-of-scientists-and-billionaires-pushing-trump-on-a-covid-19-plan-11587998993?emailToken=52281952aa731ce0ab195686a0f7bb91pNX96nrwqAd54J2pUtMOCm5Z+w4rSBr9tLpbY1PXzgxmDzoEKnEyrWvzsA4DD2q1fyUqRqsI04tCYInkXLdpzfOKKgFRcbhJeSVGeSro62IzsH+S6FQWYXPUV4NFUPb1waqCKYwuUcT8jt6kinc1uA%3D%3D&reflink=article_copyURL_share very interesting article
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    We’re never going to get a number...doing so makes those individuals sound like a cross between Mussolini and Pol Pot. It’s simply not the way most of us were raised. To willingly sacrifice so many American lives that were 100% preventable. This is clearly not the same issue as sending transport ships against fortified pillboxes on Omaha Beach.
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    No, you literally said "I know it's stupid but my brain says it's an issue so far."
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    I’m not looking to pick on you Joe, but that Moncada post was certainly not a joke.
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    Ive told anyone who has asked me that the 30 day period is the most unclear part of the law. I think in retrospect that they should have never called it an "extension" and instead said that they would be issuing a "new order." Ultimately I think that it will prevail, but they should have anticipated this attack.
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    The wildcards for Nov are how many Dems will die off from CV-19 and how many Repubs from Clorox Colon Cleanser.
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    Greg, I dont want to pick on you. But once again, you're full of shit. First, I've worked with Alzheimers patients in a previous career. Biden does not have any of the behaviors of someone with Alzheimers. It is impossibly moronic on your part to associate Biden with Alzheimers. It is also incredibly insensitive to families that have an Alzheimers sufferer in their family. Second, Biden has been a gaffe machine. Partly because of his history with a stammer. We have had previous gaffe machines as president; Bush the younger comes immediately to mind. There is nothing about Bidens gaffes that are more alarming than others who have held this office. So, once again, I'm not picking on you greg. But, once again, you're completely talking out of your asshole, and you would be better to stfu on this.
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    We were lucky before. Trump tried to talk us into wars with Iran and North Korea, but they didn't happen. The economy was good when Trump took office and it got better. But now we really have a crisis, and we see how this president has performed. He really is in over his head, and the country is suffering for it. That's what we get for electing a celebrity who had no real concept how to govern and has shown no willingness to learn. He shouldn't be running for re-election. He has already shown he can't do the job.
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    Yet someone who has lied nearly 20,000 times while in the WH and thinks injecting or ingesting disinfectant clearly DOESN’T have any mental degradation because...he’s “rich,” which makes him more worthy or valuable somehow? Didn’t we see the exact same trick...four years ago, trying to convince voters that Hillary Clinton was failing physically? What has Trump done in the in the last 6 weeks that would indicate he shouldn’t be removed by his Cabinet. He refuses to attend coronavirus task force meetings, but instead just goes on spontaneous riffs in front of worldwide audiences about some latest junk science for a miracle cure that will only serve to get more Americans killed? It doesn’t bother you that the rest of the world is now watching these daily breakdowns (over science or fighting with reporters) and thinks the US has gone insane? Do you feel prouder now to be an American? Are your children better off now than they were four years ago?
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    2018 the dem moderate candidates did quite well. 2016 was a very odd election. Regardless. Bernie said he would bring out a massive youth vote. He didn’t. He lost his rural support to Biden. He didn’t take more of the Af American vote than last time. He didn’t win over more than half of Warren supporters. He got whooped without Anti-Clinton vote.
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    Hillary Clinton was a fine candidate if you bothered to look into anything at all about her, but no you couldn't be troubled to. When people like you asked what the worst was that could happen when you didn't vote for the professional woman, well here's your answer.
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    That's literally, exactly, to the letter, how we have the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the world. Because people who were against him didn't actually vote for the opposition, and they let their represntatives spend years doing things to restrict other people's voting rights.
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