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    I have seen Jordan a handful of times, I remember him hitting a game winner on Charlotte in '97...awesome moment. I was very lucky when I was in 5th and 6th grade to attend his came in Elmhurst for 5th grade up to 12th grade, we got to meet him. 10 hours a day for 5 days, MJ showed up 3 times a day, each time in a new car....15 total cars that week. Upper Deck was there to authenticate autographs, all the counselors were great college players (Jason Terry, Shawn Marion), the last day featured a scrimmage with NBA players and the counselors, Juwan Howard and Pippen showed up, I came in 2nd in a free throw contest and lost in the championship to a senior, I was devastated. Best week of my life and well worth using my summer allowance on that week, you more than make up for it with the value of the signature you'd get (I don't think I'll ever sell) My favorite story is Jordan scrimmaged three kids a day (one for each visit) up to 5, picks a short senior in high school kid with a Superman shirt on. Kid gets the ball first, takes MJ to the baseline and crosses him over three times...Jordan gets faked a little on the last crossover and the kid rises up and swooshes a 12 footer over Jordan and leaves his hand raised in the air as he walked back to the top of he key. The entire gym went nuts....Jordan then blocked him and dunked on him 5 times in a row to win 5-1. The competitiveness is unquestionable.
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    Crochet. I'll take the high ceiling lefty.
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    IMO it's because of the attitudes of these government officials. If they'd work with us instead of being so mean and dictatorial .... the Chicago mayor haircut thing is one example. The meanness at press conference by the Kansas gov. and Michigan gov and Calif. gov. Now the spike consequences will be great. After two months of this, Americans were going to rebel when spoken down to as they were so often. It's like a good leader at work. These bosses who are loudmouthed jerks ... nobody wants to produce for them and will do the bare minimum to not get fired or to suck up to them. The leadership in this has been appalling. Work together; don't throw people in jail for putting food on their table and making sure their kids don't starve.
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    The only thing that lost momentum was patience
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    I'm a sucker for nostalgia type movies. Read a quote one time that really hit me too. “At some point in your childhood, you and your friends went outside to play together for the last time and nobody knew it”
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    I think they'll have a deal sometime between Memorial Day and June 1st. There's too much money at stake not to.
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    There's a strong rumor that Bailey has a deal with the Pirates at #7 already.
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    My brother just started watching the old Bond movies and texted me that “every boomer whoever ejaculated over these movies should be shot and same with every woman that’s wanted to bang Sean Connery for the last 70 years. This guy couldn’t lift 10 pounds over his head.”
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    Remember the episode of the Simpsons where Homer bowls a 300? That would be me, but 100 times worse.
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    Yeah - Even after losing 5-1, I'd have been talking mad smack to MJ the whole rest of the week. He probably would have made camp a living H for me too hahah.
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    Awesome story - Thanks for sharing and I LOLD hard at the last sentence. That is Jordan in a nutshell.
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    I watched 1 and 2 on Sat night. Wanted to watch all 3 in a row but I am lame and was too tired to watch 3, so I did on Sunday.
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    I'd walk off of the floor at that point. It would never get better than that, so why try.
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    I'm laughing my ass off picturing this senior's face. Like, dude swished a jumper on Jordan. That's as great a feeling as you can get. But the leaving your hand in the air...man, that's like daring God to smite you.
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    Die hard fans, no, they won't go away. But they'll lose plenty of casual fans. I lost interest in baseball after the stoppage in '93. Granted, I was a Pirates fan at the time so I had other reasons to lose interest in baseball. It took moving to IL and having my wife be a Sox fan to get me back into baseball. Hockey lost a lot of fans after the 2004-2005 season was cancelled over a labor dispute. They had to change their game, rules and all, to get fans back. I know, baseball isn't hockey, but if a season is cancelled over money, casual fans will lose interest.
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    I think this is not the year to be smart in the draft, especially for a team like the sox who is improving in that regard but not elite in the analytics stuff like the Dodgers, Rays or astros. Just get the best players in the first two rounds and then see what you can get later.
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    There are some who think Dingler is better than Bailey.
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    I agree with all of this except the last 5 words. No one who considers themselves a diehard fan is going to not watch next season. If anything we'll all be dying for a season and will look forward to it then more than ever
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    This is ah-mazing. I love every part of this story.
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    I've been washing mine down with bleach.
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    We were told it would get ugly, and it has. I still think both sides have too much to lose by not working out a deal and playing baseball. I understand that there will be significant losses for 2020 if the entire season is played without fans, but the losses will most likely be much more significant long-term if they end up cancelling over money. Both sides will be blamed, and they will lose fans.
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    It's Back to the Future in a landslide. No comparison. SBM is a nice movie, but cmon guys.
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