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    Have you lived in this country for long? Have you been sleeping through all the horrible things we have been doing to each other for the past few hundred years?
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    Trump now demanding all churches be open. Says if Governors don't oblige, he will override them. Truly a man of God.
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    To me the owners crying poor over the lost revenue from ticket sales is just lazy. Adapt or die. -Empty seats? Sounds like a ton of advertising space to me. -Fans stuck at home? Get more creative with your merchandising to target that. “At home ballpark experience bundle” (or something like that and more) -Sell more games to more networks -Have a discount sale on mlb.tv and the sales would probably skyrocket If anything the owners should be pushing to get back as soon as possible. Being the only televised sport at a time when people’s mouths are watering for any kind of sport to watch sounds like a gold mine if you ask me.
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    So, scientists and doctors correct, Trump wrong. Who would have figured? Apparently, there is a dire shortage of ICU beds in Alabama. The other sad news is a new study indicates that as many as 42% of the recent job losses will not come back. Competent leadership matters. There is all kinds of info how this was basically ignored for a couple of months, and it has really hurt everyone except the filthy rich. Bezos net worth has gone up $34 billion since this began, Zuckerberg $25 billion.
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    All you’re missing is The Alamo soundtrack playing in the background...
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    That's correct, the vast majority of the AB's he took was in their "farm league", although he did apparently get some time with the regular club. Link
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    Viciedo was also supposed to be like Panda Sandoval. if we got that kind of player for a tiny amount of "use it or lose it" money why complain at all? Another thing: IIRC Dayan was the guy who would have gotten us Dunn from the Nats instead of Edwin Jackson. And while hindsight says that was never a good route to travel in, the point is that, if that is true, another MLB GM thought he had more value than Dan Hudson or Edwin Jackson back then. That could have gotten us a pretty good player in a trade regardless. Even if Colas turns into a player we can't really use -- like our version of Miguel Andujar, who I personally think blows anyway -- at least we will have something we can trade for value to some team somewhere.
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    Least we not forget . . . https://nypost.com/2020/04/13/virginia-pastor-who-held-packed-church-service-dies-of-coronavirus/
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    Sign of the times, I have multiple masks here and I'm kind of matching them to what I'm wearing.
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    He's a chunky Cuban That's it.
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    Yes, we have a chance with both Cespedes and Colas.
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    Interesting take. I think and hope you’re wrong about the pick. High school pitcher at 11? That’s not Jerry’s style.
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    All epic Texas stories end in Mexico. Lonesome Dove, The Road, Blood Meridian . . .
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    Why haven't you bought a gun yet? Why are you not planning a move to Mexico or someplace safer? Your chances of survival will be slim with the riots that are coming, I understand the folks that don't believe the hype not being prepared, but you are one of the few that really understand what's coming, yet you are just letting it happen. I was puzzled by this but it's all finally coming together, getting clearer . . . You know this is a suspicious virus, created with ill intents towards America. But instead of trying to end it, you want to help it along. You want to help spread the virus by being in public, without a mask, getting haircuts and stuff and wanting others to follow your example. It must be your sworn duty. Clearly you are the enemy, yet you are trying so hard to warn the good people here. Sadly, so many are ignoring you. You are brave G7 to try to lead us away from America's ruin. And as a Texan, and American, I salute you.
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    Elder abuse is horrific. It also has absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus so I have no idea how that got shoehorned in there but whatever
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    Many, many, many Americans will interchange that word with, like, Stalinism.
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    Beat me to it. I feel like that is the part that most people that are protesting and refusing to wear a mask don't understand. It was never to protect you...it is to protect the people you interact with in case you are someone that is asymptomatic. All these Karen idiots refusing to wear masks at stores in public places just blow my mind. It is called PUBLIC health....meaning for the general PUBLIC. What you do in your own house is your own business but when you are in PUBLIC you should follow PUBLIC guidelines.
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    Trolling, trollin, trollin, keep those gregs trollin, TROLLHIDE.
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    Haircuts are taboo. People are working from home. And now marijuana may save us all. The hippies moment is now.
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    Longenhagen also put a 35 FV on Jimmy Lambert and rated Yermin as the #8 prospect in the system. I think it is a lot easier to teach body type and work ethic than it is to teach skill. Put Colas around guys like Robert and Moncada and see how he develops. Because Colas is a prospect with some ability, I hope we sign him. We always need more quality prospects. Also, we should feel pretty good about his chances to play at the AA level immediately, and maybe also play well enough at the AAA level in the same year as his debut. Most of the players who are going to get these high 6 and small 7 figure bonuses are never going to make it that far anyway. And think about it, it's about the same cost as dumping the buyouts on Wellington and Nate Jones.
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    Really love the upside on this kid. He's my guy.
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    Willis was still arb eligible. They could have just non tendered him. I don’t even think the Sox came in second place. The Angels were all over him as well. They just didn’t like the Sox package as much as the others.
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