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    So you don't think the 1000s of officers caught on 100s of videos attacking unarmed protesters and escalating situations are a huge part of the problem?
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    I want to issue a very specific warning for everyone in this thread (not saying any issue right now - just making a stringent warning). I want to ensure EVERYONE is RESPECTFUL to one another while discussing this matter. All items on this topic, stay within this thread. This is a distinct thread for those who want to discuss within our community what is going on out there, your views, your beliefs, your questions for others, etc. But treat one another with respect.
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    Yes, thousands. We have hundreds of incidents on film from just the past few days. In many incidents, it's full riot lines of cops launching assaults on protesters. They are not being held accountable. We have nation-wide protests in hundreds of cities because of the actions of the police and their ever-escalating responses to protests, whether they stay completely peaceful or not. Or in many cases, random people not even involved in protests, some simply standing in their own front doors or walking home from work. The coordinated attacks on our fellow citizens are coming from the people wearing badges. Here's one decently long thread of police violence: Here's an even longer, ongoing one documenting nearly two hundred separate incidents in the past few days: And here's an idea of some of the good things we could do to actually help people if we reduced police funding: edit: instead, here is how municipal budgets often go:
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    Dude. The Sox have been spending on drafts since Rodon, which was a year after the the competitive balance rounds got added. If you're going to have a schtick, can you at least update it to the past decade and make it relevant?
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    Law has his 3rd mock up. Sox selecting Detmers. Would love for that to happen!!! Also Chrochet not in the first round. Abel #7 to the Pirates hearing rumors they love him
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    So peaceful protesters are shot with rubber bullets and tear gassed for a photo op, and the people who are OK with that think governors are dictators for making them stay home during a pandemic. Crazy what has happened to America.
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    Some footage I shot of the protest last night that made it to CNN. The big one they used was of a cop car on fire. I was there protesting from 4pm to 2am. Everyone was peaceful until some of the police started getting aggressive and when people from outside the protest started to loot. It’s important to separate the looters from the people who were down there protesting peacefully. As a black person we’re expected to just swallow it every time an unarmed black person is killed, especially by the police. And everytime we do protest peacefully, we’re told we’re going too far and are vilified. People are fed up with being gunned down in the streets. People are fed up with police officers not being held accountable for their actions. If there are people out there who truly feel that the only way they can get their voices heard is by rioting, we have to ask ourselves what brought us to this point. I saw people looting grocery stores and pharmacies last night because they‘re hungry, because they don’t have access to health care and because they’re out of work/the government hasn’t provided for them since the pandemic started. The system has failed these people and it has to be addressed.
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    There's perhaps something more morally righteous about these protests and their cause than getting drunk at a pool party. But there will definitely be outbreaks because of this. Unfortunate that the murder of yet another one of our fellow citizens sparked this off.
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    Author of this piece has had it ... his mayor told people to go to this rally of thousands, covid be damned. Meanwhile, locked down the past three months. I'm sure people will just dismiss this as racist, and you won't see any famous media reporters writing this cause they'd probably be fired, but in the spirit of accepting other people's rights to feel the way they want to feel in America, it's worth a read. Same governors who locked it down encouraging thousands of people to attend rallies. Some might see it as a double standard. https://regiehammblog.wordpress.com/2020/05/31/done/?fbclid=IwAR0nluJH0ZYQZ91ILysCOztrlW3mRkWhId4k0HKeRVy3afgBFPl-v5AS4ls
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    Well they are also shooting cops as well. 4 shot last night in St. Louis. Then this wonderful guy decided to shoot a cop in Vegas last night. And a couple of cops got ran over in NYC. But yes lets defund the police because its the cool thing to say. Are there bad police sure. There are bad people all over. Remove the unions from protecting them.. Fire them. And prosecute them with the fullest extend of the law if they fuck up. But all of these assholes who are using this as an opportunity to play grand theft auto live edition and shoot police and loot businesses can go fuck themselves. If you buy into that this is acceptable then you are truly lost. And for all of those who think we dont need police and can defund them. Good luck with that. I hope you are ready for GTA live edition all the time.
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    They have to defund the police and redistribute that money into the most economically devastated communities. I'm glad to see all these organizations in Minnesota end their contracts with the police department.
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    Very fine people on both sides.
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    All you have to do is scroll up just a few posts to the post that StrangeSox made. That's a FRACTION of the videos I've seen over the past week. I could spend hours posting stuff I've seen. They are attacking people walking home with groceries that weren't even part of the protesting/looting/rioting, reporters, medical personnel, children, people simply standing on their front porch or balcony... So no, I don't think 1000s is an underestimate. I don't think de-funding them means there would be less of them. It just means they don't all need to be equipped like militarily soldiers. Maybe that money would be better spent on better training? Teach them how to deescalate situations instead of doing the exact opposite? And no, it's not okay to shoot police because thousands are taking things too far. But something needs to be done. They don't even care that they are being filmed doing the things they are doing because they know there will be no consequences for their actions.
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    1000s of officers caught on video? 1000s really? I think you misplaced a zero. Cops doing stupid things, I just said up in my post fire them and if its criminal prosecute them. But I think its a bridge two far to say lets defund police. Because if you think that ditching the police is a good thing then you have lost your mind. If there are no gatekeepers eventually it becomes a free-for-all. Look at the looting situation. This is happening as coordinated attacks that are benefiting on the police being stretched thin reacting to protests. Do you think that each of these people doing this would do the same thing if there was a real possibility that they would be imprisoned for the crime. Hell I watched some lady take 20 minutes loading a bed and box spring on channel 7 news the one night. She didnt have a worry in the world. She had time to ask her fellow looters to help her get the stuff on her car. Why did this happen? Because the police were not there. So let me riddle you one back. Is it okay to shoot police because a few officers, not thousands, are taking things too far.
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    I'm with Law on this one. If Detmers makes it to 11, he should be the pick. If not, I'd cut a deal with Howard (who seems destined for WS). I'm happy either way, especially if we can add a fireballer or two in 2-5.
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    Is there any reason you don't like Kelley? It sounds like he has big upside and is probably about where Kopech was as high schooler.
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    Why is he doing that? Even if he is sure to go to college why not just dangle a super high number out there and if you don't get it just don't sign? What can he gain by removing himself from the draft? He could also hint by his agent 3.5m or bust and if he doesn't get it just not sign.
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    For sure. It’s weird on here right now. 2 weeks ago people on here were screaming about the lake of the ozarks kids not social distancing. Going out for any reason but to get groceries was murder. Opening states slowly was murder. Trump murdered 100,000. We botched the whole virus thing, but the social distancing and curve-flattening hopefully bought us time and opportunity to set up trace and contain. But now you watch videos and see pics of literally tens of thousands of people crawling all over each other...so if any of the science that was being screamed at people on here for the last few months is true....then the only possible outcome of these riots is exponential death. It’s the only possible outcome. How do we set up trace and contain now?
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    You may want to consider who is instigating the violence in many cases: Many, many more examples from across the country are available.
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    https://www.chicagotribune.com https://www.dailyherald.com https://chicago.suntimes.com There you go
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    I can't imagine trying to do any kind of fitness or exercising while wearing a mask.
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    I posted some signings on twitter for people to see. I wrote about these for patrons back in February but I corresponded with Ben Badler recently and the players will be in his International Previews on Baseball America. Norge Vera RHP Cuba $1.5 million bonus Victor Quezada 3B DR $525K Manuel Guarimon C Venezuela $475K Dario Barrero OF Venezuela $350K Adrian Gil RHP Venezuela $250K Gabriel Rodriguez IF Venezuela $100K Antonio Jimenez OF $90K Quezada is a big, strength/raw power guy. I tweeted a video. Sox had decent luck with pitchers similar to Gil the past few years with (Cristian Mena and Manuel Veloz). Badler said he expects another "big Cuban signing" due to their history and available pool space.
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    On one hand, I agree. It doesn’t make sense to me to break the windows of a business or loot stores. On the other hand, Colin Kaepernick tried to protest the same issue silently by simply kneeling, and he was vilified. Im not really sure what alternative form of protest will actually make a difference.
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