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    It wasn't weeks but Shirley wasn't being truthful about that story. They didn't just see that he was off the board and start compiling a new strategy. Kiley McDaniel mocked Kelley at 47 for a reason. I was told that the Sox and Kelley had a pre-draft deal. I didn't find out about it until after he was selected but that's what happened. They knew they were getting Kelley on Wednesday afternoon once the salary demand was met.
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    CBSsports gave us an A. Baseball America called our class one of the five they were most excited about and considered both Crotchet & Kelley as top 15 prospects. Jim Callis considered Kelley one of the top three steals in the entire draft.
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    I like to say I take all situations individually and see what makes the most sense. I would say I'm fiscally conservative but not in areas like education. I don't necessarily support the owners in everything but when it comes to the finances it's just common sense. If the league doesn't generate enough revenue to sustain itself, there is no league. It's pretty obvious that there is financial issues. The league will have lost at least 2/3 of its revenue. You can make a valid case that the players shouldn't help the owners. In a normal CBA negotiation that true. However, this isn't normal and financial issues are real.
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    Huh, but I thought we punted on the last 3 picks and our draft was a waste? I could've sworn I heard how we did this draft all wrong, surely you must be mistaken.
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    All unions renegotiate based on extreme circumstances. Our union had long negotiations to change our agreement based on the changes in the academic year. Its bargaining in good faith when circumstances change.
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    So for all of the posts directly to you and trying to educate you on your "questions" and general ignorance that you completely ignored, not to mention the garbage conspiracy that you have spread on a regular basis, now you are going to come in here and personally call someone else out? You have some nerve.
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    I absolutely love Crochet but I'm not nearly as high on Kelley as so many others are. Cole Wilcox was taken in the 3rd round. I would have much rather have him over Kelley. They also could have had two high upside HS pitchers like Ben Hernandez, Kyle Harrison or Carter Baumler for what they paid Kelley. We'll see how it works out but like I said this draft was so deep with high upside players I would have liked them get as many as possible.
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    Show me one post where someone argued the opposite
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    Excellent post. I root for the humans with you.
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    I'd love for you to acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of protestors marching close together and still breaking social distancing rules has not helped. I just wish people were fair and blamed all factors. For some reason the protestors get a pass. Just be fair and blame all factors please. I'll probably never get to eat a delicious buffet again because of this. And I'd like to blame a whole lot of people not just certain folks.
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    They should have thought of that before they made the bad deal.
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    In retrospect from the discussion, I'm really not on the owners side. I've stated before that I can see both points of view. It's just that so many others are so anti-owner that I find myself attempting (and failing) to explain their point of view. No owners are going to run their team as a deficit for any length of time. Just not going to happen, especially with a new CBA coming up. People can talk about the billionaires should take the hit but they arent in business to lose money. Even if they sell the team and make their money the next owner will be the same. In the end it really doesnt matter to me. I love the game and if the 2 sides are too stubborn and idiotic to come to an agreement, I will mourn the loss of baseball this year. However, I will go back next year as I enjoy watching the game regardless of how much the player or owners make and regardless of how many other fans are there. I remember the days of the late 80s when it was just me and a friend in right field talking to ivan Calderon because there was no one else there. It was still baseball
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    He's good. He's the best pitcher in the international class. He slots in favorably with Matthew Thompson and Andrew Dalquist. Those guys are a bit of a troika.
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    I think it's a give and take. The players are still making money regardless of what agreement there is. They are not going to lose money. The owners in this situation could lose money and cause issues for the league going forward. The owners can certainly afford to lose some, that's why they need to negotiate it. Again if you believe the owners number of around 58 games is break even, knowing negotiations it's probably higher, if they settle on games somewhere in the 60s at full prorated rate it's a good deal. It's all for the good of the league this year. This cant happen if too many teams need to borrow money to make expenses. This will only hurt the league in the long run.
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    Oh this reminds me that you have a dislike for business owners. We had a discussion a month or two on HF, right? But to me this is different than the real world. Because just about all of these people are filthy rich 0- both players and owners. the exceptions being the young players that havent been paid yet. I don't see why both sides can't meet in the middle. And for proposals, the owners are offering plans paying out similar dollars, but much different lengths of schedules. If the players are concerned they are risking their health, then one would think they would jump at the lower game total plans, right? Less games is less risk. But they want the opposite. How come? Oh we all know why, don't we?
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    There were 160 players drafted this year. Previous years 1200+. That leaves a lot of guys out there. I suppose one would have to look at the good players in the majors today and see how many were drafted after the 5th round to realize there are some All Stars who were not drafted. Who finds them? What do the Sox do ? If they plan on going heavy into IFA do they make a token effort to sign the UDFA's out there fora a pittance ? If you can sign 50 guys that's only $1M isn't it ? Sox need to go full bore after the best UDFA's unless since they are actually free agents and 2 or more clubs want the same player can they actually negotiate for higher than the 20K ? Seems like they should be able to otherwise it's not free agency . There isn't a cap on what you can spend on UDFA 's ? Isn't it that you can sign an unlimited number of guys at 20K ?
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    I absolutely love this draft. They hauled in 2 of the best arms in the draft. I love it. I would trade my 2nd 3rd and 4th picks for another top 15 pick every time. And the great thing about the MLB draft, is that you don't even need a trade partner, just a willing player. In a way it is similar to what they did last year, except they traded for basically 2 second round picks. I love it. Get as much high end talent as possible.
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    I like getting whatever avenue gets us the best chance of getting an elite major league level player. Those guys cost money and aren't readily available. You can cheaply fill a roster with good players to surround them and those players are available all the time in FA/trades
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    I think Theo made some moves with the Cubs (specifically the Gleyber deal) which he wouldn't have made under other circumstances, but did due to all the pressure on the Cubs to win the WS. The next time around in that scenario, I don't think they make that move. Also they really didn't have the kind of Sale/Q/Eaton/DRob+Kahnle package of talent to dump (and Abreu also which was never done) when the new regime took over, so I think the Cubs started with less and were under pressure to empty the cupboards a bit faster. Overall I think they have done a great job obviously, I mean they won a WS and have been division champs mostly and legit contenders every year. We are hoping to equal that and it's absurd to hope to better that. We can't try to better it until we get at least 1 title first. But anyway, in a game built around pitching that always favors pitching (provided Manfred is kept under control) you really can never have enough, because you can never have enough backup starter, back-end relievers, or trade chips.
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    Y2Jimmy says the Sox staff think Crochet is a stud. You have to trust your people and Fulmer aside, the Sox haven't shown me anything that says we can't trust them on pitching. Given Crochet's upside it's a no-brainer to take him if that's what they think. Kelley, same thing. Given the upside, if he's their guy, that is great. On paper this was an attempt to gain the kinds of talent that really don't become available to you in a trade unless you are dealing the centerpiece in a major blockbuster, and the kind of talent that you don't see in FA until they're at an age where you're half-scared to sign them and stuck looking at $15-20M per plus regardless. I always want to see this kind of strategy. I wish they could have gotten at least 1 more player but I'm very happy overall.
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    Feels like they are tickling your brain.
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    Alexei may not have been a "Very good" player, but he was absolutely a "Good" player for a number of years. Alexei also had the potential to be a very good to great player, so not reaching that potential was disappointing, but he was absolutely a fine player to have on our roster. If Tim Anderson had a career as productive as Alexei's we would be content. Not thrilled or delighted, but absolutely content.
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