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    It's not frustrating at all. This was never going to be some free agent signing frenzy that for some reason people thought it would be. They have until Aug 1 to sign players. There is no rush. The only players signed are sr signs and a couple dumbass high schoolers. Fear not. They will sign guys you've never heard of and will never hear from again.
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    Some of you must have sore backs carrying water for the owners. There is so much supposition on this thread, without having any facts in evidence. We all want to have MLB on TV this year. But I can't feature the socialization of losses for a group of @ssh0les that have all the advantages that MLB owners have. Carry on, then...
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    You have never engaged in an honest and open discussion. You have never acknowledged anything despite all of your pretending to not understand things that just happened to all fall along a single partisan line. If you ever want to drop the dumb greg act there are plenty of people who will engage you in an open and honest exchange. Until then don't come in here and demand satisfaction on some point while pretending to have been a full intellectual participant in this discussion. The day you drop the greg act, and actually act like the real person you actually are people will treat you with a real level of respect again. Until then, take your demands and stick them with the rest of the trash.
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    I recapped the 2020 draft for the White Sox here: https://www.futuresox.com/2020/06/13/premium-talent-the-focus-for-white-sox-in-2020-draft/ Premium talent was the focus but some trends seem to be forming for future years.
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    3-5 years is way too big of sample size, IMO. Teams have changed a lot in 5 years. But maybe doing something like the combined records of 2019 + 2020 would be fair. Basically a 220ish game sample size.
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    Disappointing to hear. At the kansas speedway about 20 miles from here the buffet was (I doubt it'll ever open again, corona) amazing. The salad appeared crisp and fresh; the meats were not gross; the pizza was good; the rice and chicken appeared amazing; everything seemed fresh and good. But I take your word for it; if it's nasty, it's nasty. I'm telling you though ... that buffet is soooooo good.
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    Del Castillo is a guy the Sox drafted in the 36th RD in 2018 out of HS. Pretty crazy that he's now being mocked to be a top 5 pick, even a year early.
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    Owners. They signed a contract with the players and are now renegging on it after the players already agreed to concession. They want to spread their losses with the players but wont spread their gains. They come out with these completely unbelievable/incomplete financial figures to try and garner public support and shift blame onto the players.
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    Royals starting to sign some decent guys. still - most of the signings today are the guys you’d expect in rounds 11-30...not 6-10
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    Let there be issues. There was going to be a fight anyway. The owners could have made it a bit better by actually taking some risk here.Caving to ownership isn’t a solid strategy, especially when they won’t prove their claims. If the person or corporation owning the place you work said we didn’t make any money this month, next month looks bad, in fact the next year looks not so hot, we I’ll pay you 1/3 of your salary to work 1/2 the time, I am sure they would be tickled you understood and were on board covering for them. I am guessing most of your colleagues would flee.
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    That doesn’t matter. Their guaranteed contracts aren’t tied to how much money the owner makes. The owner can make unlimited money. The player only gets paid what his contract says he gets paid. Besides, even you acknowledge the owners won’t show the players how much they will lose The players are taking the health risks and having to go through all of what they will go through. Pay them what they are contractually obligated to be paid, and if it results in a loss, that is part of owning a business. If a recently re-opened restaurant wanted to triple their prices to make up for r losses in a pandemic, there is probably a good chance most patrons, even if they were sympathetic, wouldn’t feel obligated to bail them out, and choose some other place to eat. Now, if they had an attendance clause in their contract, that stated if the team only drew x amount of fans or less, they would be guaranteed less, then they would have a point. Most people get some sort of raise and some sort of bonus every year. If the company they work for says they didn’t make any money so no raises and no bonuses, they might be able to get away with it once, but even then, tend to lose their better people. Sometimes ownership has to bite the bullet. They can afford it.
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    Passan is the best in the business.
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    No Golden Corral or Country Kitchen ever for me. My buddy got deathly sick at one and a friend's wife at another, both years ago. Can't bring myself to either.
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    Owners agreed to pay in March. To renege is disgraceful. Pay the players what you agreed already.
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    Owners. Play ball. Show some leadership. Take a hit for one season. If it's like this next season, then be hardline.
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    Greg’s schtick is stupid. There are thousands of better ways to spend your time.
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    Maybe if owners hadn't insisted on paying minor leaguers poverty wages all these years, it'd be easier to listen them to cry poor.
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    Baseball owners and good faith. Surely you jest.
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    You are all for owners not having to lose any money, but seem to have no problem with the player supposedly guaranteed $20 million this season getting paid $6 million. Ken Rosenthal had a proposal which, if the owners are being straight, something most people find laughable, would cost them each $20 million this year. Or one year of James Shields. 72 games full pro rated salaries. Seems reasonable. If that is too much water for an ownership to take on, they need to get out of the business. https://www.forbes.com/mlb-valuations/list/#tab:overall
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    Who cares anymore? Call me when you have a deal, jackasses.
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    I think this draft worked out amazing for the White Sox and I have absolutely no complaints. Realistically, the White Sox just added two guys that you could argue should've been Top 12 picks. I also like that they're on completely different timetables. Crochet should be a quick-to-the-majors kind of guy. I would imagine that the organization would like to have him on the big league roster in 2022. Kelley is only 18 and was arguably the best high school player in the draft. He will have a ton of time for development and will most likely be on the same trajectory as Thompson and Dalquist. That is an impressive trio on the rise together.
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    Talk about fun guy to hang around with. I would live to sit within in a bar and let him go.
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    Colas is almost exactly 3 years older than Bailey and has played at significantly higher levels of baseball than Bailey has. He is almost certaintly a better hitter, but that's not a fair question. Bailey might already have a better approach at the plate, but that's tough to say from one year playing in the DSL.
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