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    My God, just go away. Please.
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    I just love everything the owners have done to increase interest in baseball and save the sport the past few years Add a wild card spot Cut 42 minor league teams Shorten the draft Let the Astros off with a slap on the wrist because public judgement will be their true punishment Push back J2 signings Call the World Series trophy a piece of metal Get Congress to pass the "Save America's Pastime Act" to allow them to continue to pay minor leaguers below minimum wage Make hand over fist money while crying poor Have roughly half the league not even try to compete, but instead follow the Astros/Cubs model and tank hard Try to renege on a previously agreed upon deal, thus preventing baseball from being the first sport back while America was crying out for any sense of normalcy and entertainment Pace of play Hi8is addition: $50 parking Bmags addition: Pissing off Trout as he swims upstream, avoids all the flies, and ricochets through the record books across the universe Addition after James' thread: FBI investigation into their Latin American operations Did I miss anything?
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    I am OK with the Sox not being a part of it, even if it means missing out on top talent. Exploitation of families and kids isn't worth a few more baseball wins. That article is horrifying what is being done to the families involved here.
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    It definitely would be a good time for a rival league to start. I kind of agree with you. If they can't agree to play now they never will. This is the summer of the virus and given a chance to do something they let their skills go dormant. Pardon my ignorance but have players been getting their full salaries during this corona stoppage? If not why not? They are under contract.
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    I'm not expecting baseball again, ever. I think we all saw our last MLB game last year. It's over.
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    Lets say they sign Cespedes in January. Colas becomes available sometime in that calendar year. He'd have to wait until January 2022 to sign with the Sox. Teams already have the majority of their international space allocated though. There may not be money out there for him in the 2020 period. He'll be like 23 in the 2021 period. The whole thing is so stupid.
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    I do have some concerns with Illinois' strategy, it seems we have done poorer than most: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1109011/coronavirus-covid19-death-rates-us-by-state/ Last week 82% of deaths can be traced to LTC facilities; overall 55% are clearly related to LTC facilities but the number may be higher. Illinois has failed to protect our most vulnerable.
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    It's so funny how some just don't want to see what is obvious and don't want to picture owners making large sums of money, but even then, people want it both ways. JR is unique because he owns the Sox and Bulls, and most of the people in the Bulls ownership group, also have a piece of the Sox. Yet, if anyone mentions, well, the Sox could take a hit because the Bulls made a ton of money, it gets shut down because they are 2 separate businesses. Yet, you seem to have no problem with the players having to take a cut to pay Ricketts' loan to rebuild Wrigleyville even though those are separate businesses. Like the writer for the Athletic said, they are capitalists when the money is flowing, but socialists when there is an issue.
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    Massive scout layoffs. Continuing to antagonize/disrespect the best player in the game in trout.
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    Illinois has another best day. 2.5% pos rate, less than 500 new cases. Also a three day stretch of less than 30 deaths. For so long IL was on this horrendously slow decline while other states seemed to solve it. It’s very weird being now one of the few states still seeing falling rates.
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    Going to be interesting to see what they do about in-person learning at k-12 schools. There simply isn't the physical space to do 6ft distancing with the ever-increasing class sizes.
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    These are dark times for a lot of people and Manfred is determined to extend that to baseball fans. Fuck off dude. Passan is spot on. Time to get off the pot. You've already shit all over the bowl.
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    In a weird way, I really hope this is why we haven't had the successes in Latin America that others have had. Hopefully we have been doing it right, while others are not. Maybe the Wilder lesson kept us out of this mess.
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    This is showing that the Sox have indeed signed Ty Madrigal.
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    So we are over two weeks from the initial protests but still only about 8 days from the biggest protests. But so far so good.
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    Why you gotta come in here and 1 up me like this? I can't compete with this. You win, greg.
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    An article in The Athletic put it a lot better than Me, although it was the mist of what I have been trying to say. The owners are capitalists when things are going well and socialists when times are a bit tougher.
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    Trevor Bauer is mercurial and mediocre. I'd rather have a mid 4 ERA starter that wasn't always trying to be the center of attention.
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    Time for everyone to call their reps and tell them to remove MLB's antitrust exemption
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    I think the most fair thing would be combined 2019 and 2020 record. That way you do consider 2020 results but you are getting a decent sample size and the worst teams draft highest. For the sox that would of course be great as they were bad last year but projected to be better so with a combined record they could get like the 16th picks despite let's say their 2020 record giving them the 22nd pick (if they are that good hopefully).
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    Owners. They signed a contract with the players and are now renegging on it after the players already agreed to concession. They want to spread their losses with the players but wont spread their gains. They come out with these completely unbelievable/incomplete financial figures to try and garner public support and shift blame onto the players.
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    Some of these guys don't want to go to school. If they can afford it, get yourself in an organization now. The team can pay for your college later. It makes sense for certain guys. School isn't for everyone.
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