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    I really don't care about the advertisements on uniforms. If it helps get baseball back on the field, I'm for it. Maybe it'll end up being like a minor league game where everything that happens is sponsored by someone. "That strikeout is sponsored by Allstate, and that argument between the batter and umpire is sponsored by Budweiser. Oh, and that dust being kicked onto homeplate by the manager is sponsored by Dirt Devil,"
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    Well bless your heart. Your computer can only access one website and you picked ours. Be careful on that stack of bibles, they get stacked mighty high there in Kansas. We don't want you to fall and hit your head again. Anytime you want to drop the country bumpkin act it would be nice. There are some folks here that would appreciate your actual intelligent side. Perhaps make meaningful contributions to threads.
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    Owners: It looks like we're going to make $20 are you happy with $10? Players: Sure Things change in the world Owners: Now it looks like we'll make $10 you happy with $5 Players: No, we'll stick to our deal
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    They should definitely televise that extended AFL season. It would be fun to watch those "prospect teams". Is my missing of baseball showing too much?
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    Have you heard Rosemont because I've heard North Central College? Also, the extended fall league the way it was initially described sounds awesome. Every team would have their own "prospect team" during an extended AFL season. It would be pretty cool.
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    I thought desperation trolling would be beneath you. Perhaps it's a sign you're bored with the Greg act, I know we are. Just register a new name and quietly start posting. We don't want you to go away, just the ridiculous character you've created.
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    I am 100 percent for my $1 million reparations plan. I think it would go a long ways toward making up for slavery and appeasing future riots, etc. Again ... a million bucks per family should get almost everybody on their feet and out of poverty and feel like America is truly righting a wrong. If $1 million per individual and/or family isnt' enough, I don't know what to say about that. Make the wealthiest individuals pay as much of the tax as we deem possible, then print the rest of the money and the economy deals with it later. How come nobody is commenting on my reparations plan? Can you imagine the debates? Trump is going to be against reparations. Biden for them. Specifics, Joe? Can you imagine if he says, $5000 per family or something? That's why I say $1 million. It's indisputably fair. Anything Joe promises is going to be very very insulting folks. 2000 dollars? Cmon.
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    Thing is ... people won't acknowledge that mean, selfish Greg has actually been a responsible citizen. I've obeyed all government orders here. I have sheltered as much as anybody else. And I wear my mask where it's required for certain and I put it on out of respect if I see those working in the stores have theirs on. I have been a good citizen through all this. My contact with human beings has been very minute until the past week or so. I've noticed traffic is much greater now and things are opening up. Our spike will be incredible when the students come back. Douglas County has had so so so few cases so far here.
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    This is just another example of how we all hate each other in America. It's doomed. My guess is the violence will be the new normal. We hate each other, let's face it. (You are not going to get consensus on a topic like masks when politics rules the country 24/7).
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    Its almost like this is an act, being done on purpose...
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    The size and placement of the Nike logo already ruined the uniforms. Might as well be McDonalds, Coke, and Ford now. Fuck MLB.
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    I hate this, but I hate not having baseball more. I just hope the advertisements will match the aesthetic of the uniforms (I know they won't).
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    I went to University of Kansas undergrad. The Chinese buffets are decent but the people certainly are sheltered in the middle. Many of my friends are just as foolish as Greg with feelings like we are infringing on his personal liberty by trying to protect each other. Love thy neighbor goes a long way.
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    16 playoff teams long-term may seem like a stretch (I prefer 12 or 14) but in a way, it could actually incentivize mediocre teams (hello 2015-2016 White Sox) to compete rather than rebuild. In doing so, perhaps parity increases along with quality of regular season games since fewer teams are actively trying to lose. This would be different from the NBA since being a 7-8 seed in the NBA playoffs is usually a guaranteed first round exit, whereas in baseball, there's much more room for flukes.
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    I’m still very concerned about bars, night clubs and churches even with masks. The drinking and dancing makes night clubs seem impossible especially on tracing. Id prefer they stick with the outdoor focus through sept.
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    This is powerful. I watched the whole thing. This is coming from someone who is both rich and well known. He has the benefit of a Stanford education, and has risen to the top of his profession, and he still tells the same stories about how he is treated. This is way bigger than don't break the law and the cops won't kill you. This isn't work hard and go to school and you will be treated the same. It destroys a lot of the myths that we tell people today.
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    Yet another pitcher compared to Sale. He's left handed and has a slider. When will the obsession end?
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    Wait a few years and offer them a mid rotation over achieving starting pitcher on a decent contract.
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    I just love everything the owners have done to increase interest in baseball and save the sport the past few years Add a wild card spot Cut 42 minor league teams Shorten the draft Let the Astros off with a slap on the wrist because public judgement will be their true punishment Push back J2 signings Call the World Series trophy a piece of metal Get Congress to pass the "Save America's Pastime Act" to allow them to continue to pay minor leaguers below minimum wage Make hand over fist money while crying poor Have roughly half the league not even try to compete, but instead follow the Astros/Cubs model and tank hard Try to renege on a previously agreed upon deal, thus preventing baseball from being the first sport back while America was crying out for any sense of normalcy and entertainment Pace of play Hi8is addition: $50 parking Bmags addition: Pissing off Trout as he swims upstream, avoids all the flies, and ricochets through the record books across the universe Addition after James' thread: FBI investigation into their Latin American operations Did I miss anything?
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    Nobody is comparing Crochet to Chris Sale, the MLB pitcher on a HOF trajectory. They are comparing Crochet to Chris Sale, the 21 year old prospect from FGCU. I think people misuse MLB comps way too much. They're not comparing these kids to fully developed MLB players , but MLB players as prospects at the time they were drafted.
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    https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2020/05/21/russia-coronavirus-chief-those-meant-die-will-die/ a.) I really don't want to die from coronavirus. That will suck if some b.s. disease created suspiciously is what takes me from earth. Hope I don't die and you all don't die from this. b.) Well, it's official. The hatred Americans have toward each other is out of control. Some young man at a nursing home in Detroit is caught on tape beating the hell out of an old lady patient. They arrested him later. Hopefully he'll get life in prison. ... and a church in Mississippi burns to the ground over coronavirus concerns. Somebody didn't like them holding services. I wonder if this mask/no mask thing will cause violence soon. People wearing masks attacking those who don't. It's amazing how far we're falling. https://news.yahoo.com/mississippi-church-suing-virus-restrictions-122138656.html https://wwjnewsradio.radio.com/articles/news/man-arrested-in-beating-of-detroit-nursing-home-patient
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