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    Yeah, I don't have a problem with anything you said in your plan. My issue is just that the idea that there is a "middle ground" that is always right is extremely historically tone deaf. If that were really true, slavery would still exist today, white men would be the only people allowed to vote, etc. Not to mention, the U.S. doesn't really have a "middle", since the area between conservatives and liberals is still extremely to the right of the global or true middle. That said, I agree with your overall idea, but I believe that phrases such as "the truth is always in the middle" and whatnot are extremely reductive and historically false
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    Madrigal is literally the perfect complementary piece on this roster. He does EXACTLY the things the Sox have lacked for years. Let's stop trying to replace him or trade him or upgrade from him. Just let him go out there and play gold glove defense, hit .290-.310 and be towards the top of the league in putting the ball in play the next 6-7 seasons.
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    At least acknowledge this part is true. Look I'm no brain surgeon but I'm no dummy. I watch livestream of the protests every night (yes they are still going on nightly in Portland, Seattle, Denver; the Portland ones are quite intense nightly). They say we shouldn't be in crowds of more than a handful of people and the protests which have been ongoing for a month are attracting TONS of people during a pandemic.We even had an autonymous zone in Lawrence and our COVID numbers mysteriously are raging now since the zone appeared. Let's be fair at least. Trump rallies: Bad for pandemic spread. Protests/riots: Bad for pandemic spread. Cmon it doesn't take Einstein to believe my penultimate sentence here is correct as well. p.s. I don't see why people are so bent out of shape day after day about Trump. He's not gonna win, folks. Just relax. You can voice your displeasure at the ballot box.
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    So weird that it's already out. Hopefully these games happen because for once I actually really like the outlook. And opening on the west coast will be a nice change from rain/snow postponements
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    I like the idea but Sale was basically tempting fate everytime he pitched. Glad someone else gave him that monster deal. It's always this guy defies the norm until he well doesn't and blows out his arm like Sale and Linescum have. I don't have any problem using Crochet control years up and if he wants to use that violent delivery let him but for the sake of his own career he should work on making his delivery more standard and removing the strain he is putting on his elbow.
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    IIRC, the reports of Yermin's ability to actually play 3B at the AAA were not very kind. Yes, he can stand over there. Yes, he can probably make 8/10 routine plays. No he is not an everyday option at 3B. He would make Miguel Sano look like a gold glover.
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    I think we have our “surprise” from Ricky...Yermin at 3B!
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    So I go sailing through the rivers of my mind — I go sailing, be surprised what you can find.
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    Not a two sides argument here. Other than Sweden and Brazil, no country has been worse at this...UK even recovered from their early missteps and have done much better than the US, all things considered. We spend many multiples per patient or per capita US population on health care compared to any country in the world except for Switzerland and Luxembourg. So it’s a false equivalency. Fauci’s “fearful/conservative” science vs. “we just have to live with/muddle through” are not two sides of the same coin. It doesn’t really matter how much information and advance warning roughly 1/3rd the US population had, they weren’t willing or were simply unable to listen until something dramatic happened to change or completely upend their personal circumstances...sick family member, lost job or house, etc. I started this thread the first day the world really started taking notice, the morning of the lockdown here in Wuhan. If you look at all the concerns over those months about accuracy of testing, access to PPE, ventilators, therapeutics, vaccines, hospitals pushed to capacity, contact tracing/public health departments underfunded, nothing has fundamentally changed except doctors and nurses learning through trial and error, then pooled experience, the optimal strategies to minimize the death counts upon hospitalization. And how could we possibly expect mayors and governors to have more expertise than the CDC (muzzled or undercut repeatedly), NIH and HHS/FDA?
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    Are the people protesting wearing masks? Are they protesting outside? At the president’s rallies, are participants wearing masks or social distancing? We can complain about Mr. Trump each day if we want to, he is not leading against the virus from the top, is not considering teachers when returning to work this fall, is using schools reopening as a tool to reopen the economy without regard for lives and he is not for anyone other than his base. He also can’t unilaterally defund public schools, which are primarily funded through local and state taxes. After 2016, there is no way that we can assume he is not going to win.
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    ... which proves even more costly when you look at some of our pitchers like Keuchel that induce a lot of ground balls. Now is when we should be stressing strong infield defense - we've got enough bats to go around, we don't need HRs at every single position just to be able to compete now.
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    Not until Tim Anderson gets his fair shot at catching though.
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    Maybe Kopech or Moncada are back? Maybe Anderson catches? /greg775
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    Do you really think phase 3 or phase 4 is going to make a difference? Or is it whether people act reasonable. Some people arent going to follow the rules no matter what, they are going to parties, going to other states, not wearing masks etc. There has to be some sort of incentive to work towards. Otherwise more people will act unreasonable.
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    The massive eviction wave getting underway is going to be absolutely brutal so much unnecessary pain and suffering and death in this country
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    I guess we just have a different view. Unless the entire US follows the same path, I think it was unrealistic to believe that IL could ever get it under 500 per day consistently. I think a reasonable goal is somewhere between 500-1000. With the current restrictions in place in IL, I think that its enough for IL have some benefits. Again this is all based on the people of Illinois acting responsible. Given the current status of the US, I think IL earned their chance. Especially as even if IL was completely shut down, it wouldnt stop people from going to WI and IN. So why further decimate IL businesses, when IL has shown improvement.
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    Hopefully Hahn has learned at least the basics of the concept of "salary dump" . But so far,it's been ugly when Hahn wades in these waters.
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    I'm not sure that's the best plan because the CBA expires in December 2021 and I'm not sure they'd make more that off-season than this off-season honestly
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    Last 5 days for IL: 862, 639, 614, 587, 980 Had you posted 30 minutes ago the 980 wouldnt be there and the trend would have been down and the statement "Climbing upward" would have been false. So I dont think you can say IL is climbing upwards just yet. Outside of today, IL was trending down. And there are no other states that operated identical to IL, so you cant really compare.
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    It is easy to crap on people for this kind of stuff, and it is a pretty Boomer attitude to do something. No matter what you think of it, it is real to the person who is experiencing it, and really that is all that matters.
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    If I had enough money I'd buy an entire section and fill it with an army of Klingon soldiers.
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    Cleveland Spiders is the only good choice imo
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    For me I'd have illinois in a modified phase 3 with much more leniency on outdoor activities but would not allow the indoor restaurants/bars that are allowed now.
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    Conspiracy theories are lame as fuck.* Epstein was a rich, well-connected asshole who finally realized this was the big one and no amount of money was going to save him from it. He didn’t want to spend years being gawked at and having all of his sickening details dragged out into the open, and suicide was preferable to this state of complete disgrace. The jail’s suicide watch was weak because they have limited resources for a fixed amount of tasks and bodies had to be elsewhere. So Pedo Jeff had and took his chance. Also, trying to argue whether Bill Clinton or Donald Trump is more of a pervert is like...oh I suck at analogies, but imagine something really fucking pointless. *If you just want to read about something shocking and twisted, go read a book on the creation of the modern Middle East, particularly towards the end of World War I. Lawrence In Arabia by Scott Anderson is solid. There’s connivances, there’s backstabbing, there’s incompetence, murder, suicide and more! And it’s all undeniably, documentably TRUE. Leave the conspiracy theories for the fringes.
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