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    At least he won't be another strikeout waiting to happen. This pull and swing for the fences approach of most of their hitters is getting old. Hopefully, they look back at the week and adjust at least a little. I think Madrgals contact skills will negate the lefty-righty somewhat.
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    I don't think it's a positive that he's covering so much of the outfield. I'd like to see the White Sox get some competent outfielders to play on either side of him. I'm afraid that Robert is going to get hurt trying to cover so much of the outfield. Plus if he was allowed to just focus on CF, he could be god-like.
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    Then you didn’t watch the second half of 2019...
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    Nothing really lost yet, projections say you only need to play .500 this year to get the last playoff spot. So as long sox are not more than 1 or 2 games below 500 after 30 games they have a good chance because after the Yankees, rays, twins, Indians and Astros and As there are still two spots left for the angels, white sox, red Sox and blue jays with the rest of the teams sucking. Somebody behind giolito and keuchel in the rotation needs to step up though.
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    I swear he's reminded me of Abreu lately going with the pitch to RF for a hit the other day for the 2 run single today going up the middle today, Nobody appreciates RBI's any more but Abreu knows how to knock them in and if he is counseling Robert that's not a bad thing. The kid appears to be wise beyond his years when it comes to hitting. Natural ability only takes you so far.
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    Thursday is the first day that Madrigal can be called up without costing the Sox a year of control. What are the odds they don't even pretend to hide their intentions and just call him up prior to Friday's game? Or will they wait until the Brewers series on Monday figuring they can get past the Royals without him just fine?
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    Flip flop Abreu and Robert and pray Madrigal is ready and Mazara is competent and you have a winner here. Also EE has to play every day. As much as I love McCann, Grandal is the everyday catcher. McCann is the odd man out as much as I like him.
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    He should be playing every day til the injured RF returns. No more Nicky please. Let Engle play. He 'might' be a major leaguer; Nicky is not.
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    With 24 games still against the royals, tigers and pirates you still have to feel solid on a wildcard chance
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    Yep, just win series going forward and we will be good.
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    Just because I was nervously pacing the living room in the bottom of the 9th means nothing.
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    I remember the Sunday lineups well. But how much of what we remember was just bad players on the roster who had no business being there? In '05 his Sunday lineups went 16-10 and had the same winning percentage the team ended the season at. In '06 they were 14-13. So slightly worse, but still not sub .500. Sure there might be better ways to rotate your Starters and get them rest over the course of the season, but a lot of that has to do with roster construction. Did Ozzie put guys like Wise on the team? On that same note, did Ricky put guys like Delmonico on the team? I don't think Ozzie is the answer, but I do know that Ricky isn't it either.
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    Ronald McDonald made himself a moldy hamburger with rancid ground pork from a pig that was bit by an Africanized honey bee which had mated with a slovic wombat who had a flu. Ronald thought it tasted good and got a great deal, so the moldy burgers went into the food supply starting at a roll out location in Wuhan China. This is exactly how it happened. The president told me himself. Thanks.
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    I would have preferred to have punted on Grandal and went with All-Star McCann and prospect Collins at catcher and spent the money on another quality starter. At this point any trade depends on what another team wants in exchange for a proven starting pitcher. This is not a popular opinion, but I would not take any of our prospects off the table if they can coax a trade for a decent, durable starter from another team.
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    The fact he is still making a public spectacle of himself shows otherwise.
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    I mean wasn't it Ozzie who was known for the "Sunday" lineup that had all kinds of odd things. Didn't Timo Perez hit cleanup once or twice?
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    I hope we get another set of remdesivir reports. It's been pretty widely used in key hot spots since then. Due to scarcity, it's been mainly used in the sickest since it showed its modest improvement in hospitalization there. But it really would be good to know if it helps when it's deployed earlier.
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    Contrast that against a number of actual scientific publications that have examined the efficacy of HCQ in treating COVID-19 I know I'm going with the Demon Seed lady!
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    I mean... this is one of those "doctors" in that video: https://www.thedailybeast.com/stella-immanuel-trumps-new-covid-doctor-believes-in-alien-dna-demon-sperm-and-hydroxychloroquine
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    Start with the fact that the group is about 12 days old and not a real organization and the main doctor behind the group is a quack that has said that there is no scientific basis that the average American should be concerned about Covid.
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    It is total and complete trash.
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    Like any of the grand conspiracy claims which are focused on political allegiances - that would mean that every other country in the world is also ignoring it and all part of a massive global conspiracy just to ensure Trump can never get elected. I'll let you decide if the world is really able to collectively achieve that and for what reason.
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    Trading for anything that is "win now" in a season that may be cancelled in a week is silly.
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