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    Caulfield is like super well informed, knows a lot on a lot of subjects but thoughts seem scattered and it shows in his posts when he references stuff half the board has no idea what he's talking about and it comes across as scatterbrained or at the least just showing off his knowledge. He cant help but throw out tons of names in most posts and yet all this knowledge and he still posts mixing in grand conjecture with facts fabricating and mixing truth with fiction. Seems like a good guy . If he could just post on Sox stuff and not mix in politics and focus his thoughts he'd be an awesome poster. BUt as some like to say " Caulfield gonna Caulfield" . Who knows if he is actually right about AJ broadcasting for the Twins even part time.
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    DK is doing our manager's job. Renteria was great for the rebuild but he is not a championship caliber manager. I don't like to nitpick everything a manager does, but there are too many mistakes he makes that the average fan wouldn't. He seems to be here because he is a friend for the players and someone who makes them feel comfortable with US baseball. That's fine, but someone needs to tell this man how to correctly do his job if the plan is to keep him.
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    Kopech hasnt done a thing at the major league level.
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    I lived in Wrigleyville shortly after graduating from college. It can be a fun place to drink, but i advise staying off the beaten path. Avoid the Cubby Bear, Sluggers, Deuces, etc. I was always a fan of Murphy's Bleachers and The Sports Corner. Murphy's is a divey-er bar that isn't AS infested with jabronis, but it still gets packed. Regardless, most places right by the field are packed on game day. Keep in mind, i have no idea how it is during quarantine. i imagine it is even harder to get into a bar. I highly doubt you'll get a seat at a place within viewing distance of the field. Try The Sports Corner i guess. if that is packed, go pound some malort at the Nisei Lounge.
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    Detroit will make the playoffs the Sox won't and Hahn will blame injuries, short season and youth. There are numerous at-bats that are just terrible every game where a pitcher does not throw a strike and gets an out or worse a strike out. Yesterday on a 2-0 count Moncada swung at a ball 3 inches off the inside corner and grounded out weakly to third. I do not know if that is player development or what but we have 7 guys in the lineup daily that do that.
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    The whole staff needs to go. The Sox need a new mentality a new focus. Not this complacency shit
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    I doubt Ricky has it in him, but Anderson-Moncada-Robert is a way better configuration than Anderson-Moncada-Abreu
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    He spoke because what Renteria is saying (or isn't) isn't working. Man, my first born for a competent manager on the South Side. We've had maybe two years of Ozzie and that's about it the last two decades as far as above average managers.
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    I mean at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what they are saying to the press and the general public. It matters what is happening in the lockerroom. Hopefully Dallas didn't just run to the press first, and has been trying to work with some of these kids who are learning what a baseball schedule really looks like. We also have zero idea who has and has not said something in private. Just because it wasn't reported, doesn't mean it didn't happen. We do know the White Sox beat writers protect certain information, which is why we usually get newsbreaks from reporters outside of the inner circle. Then add to that there is literally no one in the lockerroom this year, so we would never know if someone gave a speech, had a meltdown or any other motivational technique, unless someone snitched.
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    That’s Tim Anderson’s future job.
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    Maybe revisit the Renteria issue after the Detroit, Cards, and first Cubs series. And yes, I do think Yermin would be good for the clubhouse. These guys look depressed to me.
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    The acclaimed duo of play-by-play announcer Joe Davis and World Series champion A.J. Pierzynski cover all the action from the San Francisco Giants contest with the Los Angeles Dodgers, immediately prior at 4:00 PM ET. I could have sworn he was on a Twins’ broadcast this year, either radio or tv, but sometimes they have the ESPN or Fox National feeds instead of the local broadcasters on MLB.TV and then I switch to Gameday Audio to at least listen if the feed goes bad or sticks. As it stands, he already has that Fox gig as well as paid baseball ambassador with the White Sox (many former Sox players listed.) It’s also quite possible the White Sox were playing the Twins the same day I was channel surfing through all the feeds looking at different games. Maybe part of the problem is always playing devil’s advocate to get my HS students to think critically, so I end up taking minority positions quite frequently, then ask them to make the opposite argument which is much more difficult for “obedient” Chinese students who are almost programmed not to break uniformity, some would call it conformity, I guess.
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    I would like to add that if you are going to rest guys do it as much as possible against non division teams at least in a normal season. I realize this season is mostly division opponents on the schedule . These losses against division opponents hurt the most. I know the Sox have lost players and it sucks. 2 more taken out last night in Leury and Abreu the day before Anderson and Encarnacion are due back. Madrigal out , Mazara missed time and still looks off. Rodon, Lambert , Bummer who else besides Kopech am I missing who is injured ? That's a lot of guys to lose. Weird that we are in this terrible hitting slump and we're supposed to have all these good hitters , more lefthandedness , more power , more OBP but now the hitting with RISP is comically bad. This has to be the low point of the season.Even with the 1-4 start we knew it was early but now we're nearing 33% done and the bad luck is just piling up and a bad manager is not changing our luck. He needs to get on the umps, get on his players. Tell them they are playing like a big steaming pile of rhino shit. Tell them they have to prove they are good. Stop tallking the talk and walk the walk. You all wanted swag , great you got it. I'll take W's. At least I can't blame Yermin. Probably could single handedly bust the Sox out of their hitting doldrums. 😏
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    The offense was great when Madrigal was in the lineup! and when they were playing KC
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    There is never accountability on the White Sox as long as Reinsdorf is there.
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    I didn't see the August 10th game so I don't know what prompted Keuchel to come out like this. Maybe he was pissed that he had another good start without a win. I do know when teams don't hit, they look flat. I recall a Tribune story back in 2013 when the team had really gone south. Several board members were interviewed and they basically said they left everything to JR. Now they were older, financially secure, and if they weren't losing money from their investment in the White Sox, they didn't care too much about the win-loss record. But their statements left the impression few in the organization cared that the team was its way to its worst season in 43 years. Not the best PR in the world. Things start at the top, but I truly don't know what JR's mindset is. The team just got done with a terrible decade, but Williams and Hahn are still here. So is Renteria, Cooper, Boston and others. Right now, I don't know if anyone knows what a winning baseball culture is. We fans haven't had expectations lately because of the rebuild. That excuse can't be used anymore. Seven straight losing seasons is enough. It is not too much to ask to play slightly over .500 for 60 games.
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    Why can't Dallas be a leader on this team? When he was signed, literally every single article, and I'm pretty sure Hahn himself, touted his veteran leadership as one of the most important benefits of signing him.
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    Good for Keuchel. He knows what winning teams look like.
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    The Leafs were that close in winning the #1 pick.
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    The abbreviated spring training clearly didn't prepare his body for all the mound visits
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    Steve Stone has dry wit. He is funny without trying too hard. I wouldn’t trade him for any color guy in the league besides the Mets duo of Herandez and Darling.
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    All I know is that I miss the daily minor league reports from FutureSox.
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    How about AJ? My favorite Sox player ever, great analyst currently...Maybe at least let him be the bench coach for the next guy, Ricky ain't it, glad I was never behind him
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