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    I think people WAY underestimate the humanity of athletes. They are subject to all of the same peeves, tics, and oddities that regular people are, but some how we think that changing little things don't have a ripple effect on the mentality of the athlete. You will never convince me that where a guy hits in a line up doesn't get into the heads of some hitters. Whether it is pressure, anger, resentment, pride or whatever there are guys who are going to internalize that into their mental state, and carry it with them on to the field. Athletes are human.
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    Yep. Batting the reigning batting champ leadoff is a dope move, ha.
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    The other day during a broadcast Jason said something about how Steve's favorite song was "Regulate" and I don't know if that was true but it made me bust out laughing to picture it.
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    Polanco looks awful. Want nothing to do with him. It’s time to bring in an above average right fielder and stop with underachievers
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    Imagine having the problem of three great hitters in the leadoff spot. Has this team ever had that problem? Supplement that with 2-6 all being capable of driving in 100 runs or more and trying to figure that out as well.
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    Long term I want madrigal there, leadoff should be a guy with a good k/bb rate and both tim and robert aren't great in that department. This year I want tim there, no great k/bb rate but very consistent contact quality.
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    I won't be eating my words until Ray Ray eats his words about Frankie Montas
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    If this were happening to the White Sox and not the Cardinals, would we as Sox fans even want them to resume the season?? I'd want to see them play, but I'm not sure I wouldn't prefer their season be cancelled. Long layoff and then jumping into a schedule full of double headers....seems rife for injuries. And with no guarantee they'd play enough games to even be eligible for the postseason. No thank you.
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    oh is Lopez's command better (after 4 years in the majors)
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    I started this thread and I will eat my own words. This lineup is just different with TA up top. Hopefully by next season Robert has earned his way to 3, or at least into the heart of the order.
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    The real positive is that there are many quality hitters so they can be moved around a little to account for inevitable slumps. The are very few overall "easy outs" except for slumps.
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    I can't believe players are still doing it. It's a recipe for disaster.
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    That makes too much sense. A bubble playoff in November would be awesome as opposed to playing outdoors at the end of October. Follow the NHL model. This is the MLB that won't work.
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    That’s Tim Anderson’s future job.
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    In the modern game, there may be nothing more overrated about leading off than working counts. Guys just don't throw their entire arsenal the first time through the order anymore so you're only seeing the same 2ish pitches over and over again. OBP and run scoring skills are really all that matter at this point in time. If TA can maintain a high BA which puts his OBP north of 350 he's a very good option to lead off. Moncada is going to work counts in the 2 hole.
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    Actually wrote about this today: https://www.ecopolibbling.com/post/the-1-spot-is-reserved-for-7 "It’s nothing against Robert - who is a generational talent and the most exciting young player I have had the privilege to watch in my 33 years on this planet – as much as it’s a testament to all the hard work Tim Anderson has put in since he was an unpolished slightly bowlegged state champion point guard from Alabama, who played short stop in his spare time." I think Anderson is the clear choice despite people's constant doubt. As long as he's dropping .350+ OBP I'm good with Tim doing the job. I'd even take a 340ish sink.
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    Robert swings and misses WAY too much right now for me to be comfortable with just handing him the spot. He's doing damage in spite of that but that is probably going to change and he'll have to correct for it. I don't think it's the right spot for TA either, but I'm by no means going to be upset with him over robert. Long story short, put either of them there idc, they're both not right for the spot right now anyway.
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    If Madrigal can put up high OBP numbers, this would work. In 2019, the average leadoff hitter OBP was .335 league wide. The best couple of leadoff OBPs were guys like Springer, LeMahieu, and Betts, who were in the .370-380 range. Can Madrigal get that to .360? I don't know. If not, then Robert.
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    Luis has cooled off but he ultimately should be the lead off in the future. If he moves him out temporarily while he struggles that is fine. Tim can bat 2nd or 6th when Luis leads off. Eloy should also be moved to bat ahead of Grandal. It could be 1. Robert 2. Anderson 3. Moncada 4. Abreu 5 Jimenez. I would prefer Eloy batting 4th but I don't think Rick would move Abreu to 5th.
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    I was going to say, I think I want Anderson leading off, at least for the rest of this year.
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    I much rather see Eloy there to be honest. I think he's going to be a monster run producer down the road.
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    Madrigal Moncada Robert Do what you want after that
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    Ricky isn't going to move Abreu or Grandal down anytime soon.
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    What I was directly responding to was the statement that you can't suspend someone for language (words). He didn't specifically say Tim and my response was not specific to Tim's situation. Which once again I will say Tim should not have been suspended. You can and should suspend some people for language. Until we are able to definitely conclude someone's thoughts and intents all we can only respond to the words they are using. Objective not subjective is the clearest standard.
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