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    I have no idea where Parkman comes up with this stuff
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    It depends on how well they do their rebuild. They have some good pieces especially pitching and have gotten some good hitting prospects too but the hitting still lacks depth and pitching can fade away quickly with injuries (as we have seen in the early days of the sox rebuild too).
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    Kneejerkery in the game threads is the very reason I keep the forums on during games, it just adds to the drama. Imagine the chat if EE missed that bomb, if Grandal didn't get the call at home plate, if Tim made another error, or if the pen lost the game, That's just baseball, so please let the kneejerkery continue.
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    I love the game threads. First the bottom of the lineup was a blackhole, Madrigal not playing WTF, and they proceed to collect a bunch of hits. Then Encarnacion hitting 4th so bad so terrible that he proceeded to hit a 3 run bomb and RBI single. Then its DFA Cordero and drop Cishek into a bottomless pit even though we're staring at guys like Bernardo Flores and Alex McRae now in the bullpen. Then its McRae is going to turn this into a save situation fast. Then you see the critical guys saying I will keep criticizing if they keep doing this well aka " I am right if they suck and if they are good I am responsible because I used the old reverse Jinx."
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    It’s such a weird feeling when the Sox just like win every day for 2+ weeks
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    We're living in em boys. Enjoy this.
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    Several players had career years in 19 at the same time, and most of them probably got some advice from Nelson Cruz on how Professionals Excel Daily.
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    Grandal won't stay this hot as he was the last two weeks and he will have empty weeks where he hits .100 with one extra base hit again (still will give you walks) but it is the bottom line you pay for and that bottom line is good.
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    I can tell I’m getting old when I realize that I am kinda bothered by how Eloy wears his jersey. Just some instinctive old man voice screaming from the void to button it up.
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    How I felt after that unbelievable Robert catch to seal the win on Saturday is the best I've felt as a Sox fan in a long time.
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    Someone with the screen name "Beaver Eater" is talking about cringe worthy things. Hmmmmmm.
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    Great news. He’s been huge this year. With other options after we missed on Wheeler, Hahn hit a home run with this signing.
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    Grandal is good. Yasmani Grandal since August 1: .273/.393/.489 5 HR 14 RBI 18 BB 29 K -per Chuck Garfein on Twitter
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    Grandal has supposedly been not so good but his current wRC + and OPS+ are higher than James McCann’s 2019 numbers.
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    Royals are super stupid. They got good depth in their system due to all the comp picks they got but they would have gotten much more if they had traded Hosmer, cain, moustakas and also Perez and merrifield instead of just cashing in comp picks. Comp picks are great but on average you only get a 45 which is great in the back half of your top 20 but not so great in your top5.
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    I think you want to win the division if you're the Sox. This season may not be 100 percent legit, but the way things are going it is about 85 percent legit.
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    It’s a great feeling though! And fully agree, it would be great to see us play tough against the Twins, Indians, Cubs, & Reds down the stretch. Beating up on the Royals & Tigers is great for making the playoffs, but if we want to go the distance we obviously got to beat good teams as well.
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    Grandal is good offensively, but his gamecalling sucks and it's not surprising at all that the pitchers prefer throwing to McCann. It's something for Grandal to work on this winter.
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    Yeah, in most years, it would be a no-brainer that Grandal would have a higher OBP. But this year, Abreu is having an MVP caliber year and "Grandal sucks" according to some people here. I'm saying it's crazy based on how people feel about both THIS year.
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    G7 once again your buddy Tex is here to explain it. If those ladies posted here we'd be discussing their hair habits as well. But they don't. We have you. You have pulled that hole card and you're working it like a stripper and his pole. No one else grabbed the salon card, they grabbed scissors and clippers. Once again this is why we need you. Nanc and Lori won't respond and keep the discussing going like you will. And bless your heart for it. We don't want you to be perfect. We need your quirky ways. We need you to be that slightly odd friend you don't know why is hanging out but you don't want him to leave. Yes, everyone makes fun of him when he's not there, but you'd miss him if he stopped hanging out. Greg isn't bad, Greg is great. You represent every salon going runway model with great hair. You are the lone voice sticking up for the Nancy and Loris of the world who need great hair. We salute you G7!
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