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    I have no idea where Parkman comes up with this stuff
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    Kneejerkery in the game threads is the very reason I keep the forums on during games, it just adds to the drama. Imagine the chat if EE missed that bomb, if Grandal didn't get the call at home plate, if Tim made another error, or if the pen lost the game, That's just baseball, so please let the kneejerkery continue.
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    I love the game threads. First the bottom of the lineup was a blackhole, Madrigal not playing WTF, and they proceed to collect a bunch of hits. Then Encarnacion hitting 4th so bad so terrible that he proceeded to hit a 3 run bomb and RBI single. Then its DFA Cordero and drop Cishek into a bottomless pit even though we're staring at guys like Bernardo Flores and Alex McRae now in the bullpen. Then its McRae is going to turn this into a save situation fast. Then you see the critical guys saying I will keep criticizing if they keep doing this well aka " I am right if they suck and if they are good I am responsible because I used the old reverse Jinx."
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    It’s such a weird feeling when the Sox just like win every day for 2+ weeks
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    We're living in em boys. Enjoy this.
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    Grandal won't stay this hot as he was the last two weeks and he will have empty weeks where he hits .100 with one extra base hit again (still will give you walks) but it is the bottom line you pay for and that bottom line is good.
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    I can tell I’m getting old when I realize that I am kinda bothered by how Eloy wears his jersey. Just some instinctive old man voice screaming from the void to button it up.
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    How I felt after that unbelievable Robert catch to seal the win on Saturday is the best I've felt as a Sox fan in a long time.
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    Someone with the screen name "Beaver Eater" is talking about cringe worthy things. Hmmmmmm.
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    Great news. He’s been huge this year. With other options after we missed on Wheeler, Hahn hit a home run with this signing.
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    Grandal is good. Yasmani Grandal since August 1: .273/.393/.489 5 HR 14 RBI 18 BB 29 K -per Chuck Garfein on Twitter
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    Grandal has supposedly been not so good but his current wRC + and OPS+ are higher than James McCann’s 2019 numbers.
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    2005 seems like a lifetime ago, I'm also an Arsenal FC fan and they won the league last in 2004. Both teams now are showing huge promise. 15 years of sporting depression, let's go!
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    Wait, this can't be right. I was told the pitchers don't like Grandal.
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    Twins just lost. 1.5 games up on Minny.
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    Interesting stuff indeed
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    Well, its almost like there is more than one statistical category that should be considered. Grandal's OBP being .002 higher is not really an indication that he is killing it, he is just doing what he does. Grandal has also K'd more than Abreu, in 40(ish) fewer PAs. Not to mention that Abreu's OPS is more than 200 points higher. I just don't really understand comparing those guys honestly. They are such different players.
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    That's not crazy at all. I would be shocked if it was opposite of that. OBP is Grandal's best skill, and clearly not what Abreu is focused on. With that said though, I get what you are saying. With all the negative attention towards Grandal, he is still getting his walks. He has basically been the player he has always been.
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    This is crazy. I can't believe Contreras is where he is. He frames like an 8th grader. He violently pulled every pitch to the middle of the zone. I can't wait for robo umps just to kill all this stupid framing talk.
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    He has stated he is big on using video between at bats which has been banned. The unfamiliarity with pitchers plays into no video. It will matter different amounts to different players. Probably hurts the cerebral guys which catchers often are. He also commented on the catching side that video helps seeing that nights strike zone.
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