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    Jesus christ, now we're shitting on a guy hitting .390 or whatever because he argued balls and strikes and was wrong to argue. Who gives a shit? No one would care if this was Abreu. The guy isn't a perfect player but at the plate he's been everything I've hoped and more. The team is 1 game in first with 17 to play. Shut the hell up already. Some of you just whine to whine.
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    I rarely say this, but I love the way Ricky has used McCann this season. He really has gotten the most out of him without overexposing him
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    I hate to be that guy, but i wonder if his "baseball IQ" was overrated because he is a short, white, grindy player... His speed and defense as well. I'm not going to definitively say his baseball IQ is overrated after this small sample size, but i do wonder.
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    And you weren't good enough for the pros still.. sad.
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    I know someone who would...
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    This is way too premature in a SSS.
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    Pretty sure there isn't a speed bias for short white dudes
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    Nick had legit complaints about that AB it should've bee 2-0 instead of 0-2 the plate isn't 5' wide. Maybe the next time the ump is behind the dish he'll make better calls. Id rather have Nick defend himself, for fuck sake he knows the zone as witness by his over .400 on two strikes and to say otherwise is just dismissive.
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    He had a legitimate argument though. The pitch 2 before was a strike 4 inches inside. There is no way both of those pitches could be strikes. He was correct on that.
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    Part of it is that he didn't spend much time at the lower levels. He really hasn't learned what the capabilities of professional players are. This is the disadvantage of the player advancing so quickly. He'll figure it out with time.
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    There is literally zero excuse for his decision making outside of this season is weird and he's not thinking right. He ran to third on a ball hit right in front of him; you don't do that in little league. He tried to extend a double into a triple with ZERO outs. That is another thing not even a little leaguer does. He blew threw a stop sign and was hosed easily with the heart of the order coming up. Last night he argued an obvious strike with the umpire; the second time he's done that. That's another thing you just don't do and you look like a moron when you do it. I have no doubt 5'8 Madrigal is a smart baseball player, but so far he's played nothing like one.
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    Name is way too close to Adam Dunn
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    Mods - Why we letting Tommy Longo back? I thought he’s received multiple lifetime bans?
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    Thru his first 40 major league at bats he’s hitting .400 and is .500 over his last 7 games... after being out of action for a month with an injured shoulder. However, according to some... he sucks and was a wasted 4th pick because his BABIP is high, slugging is low, his arm is weak, and his speed is overrated. I love this kid.
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    lol the pro's, i wasn't good enough to be below avg in an average conference. should have had me handing out gatorade.
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    A rookie made a couple baserunning errors? Who cares, he'll learn from it and be better.
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    He's done 3 things this season that dumb players won't do in a year. He's done 3 things this year that some players will go their entire career without doing.
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    Checkmate. Lower level aggressiveness is fine,but don't run through stop signs with one out and big hitters coming up. He has to understand it is okay to let Timmy, Yoan, and Abreu drive you in.
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    5th instrasquad blast lol Every time I hear about how Vaughn is destroying the ball - and I think Vaughn is going to be amazing - in Schaumburg I think to myself "he better be, who the fuck the Sox have pitching down there?" These top prospects better be destroying baseballs at their training sites because baseball has gone through all the good arms at the MLB level this year due to expanded rosters and injuries. Congratulations to Jered on his 5th fake game home run vs friends; Nick Madrigal has an 824 OPS and a 380 average vs big leaguers.
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    See, this season I think it’s the exact opposite of the bolded.
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    As I've said, this fanbase would have cut Anderson, Moncada, Grandal, Giolito, etc at various different times. If you were GM, we'd be 0-162 I'm absolutely sure, because what you said there are zero GMs that would do. They should have cut Mazara after 15-20 games? Ya ok. It's too bad we have the most insane fans in baseball, because you can't even enjoy wins. Every single thread turns into a complaint-fest
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    Good topic Ray Ray. I would explore 2 years $32 million for Michael Brantley. Lefty hitter, high on base %, does not strike out, still good defensively in RF, no known negative baggage and 32 years old. He would be a near perfect fit. 2 years for $32 mil. is exactly what he accepted two years ago. We should have signed him then, instead of chasing Machado & Harper.
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    I'm sorry but it should be expected that the White Sox spend significantly this off-season. I'm not expecting a $150 million payroll or anything but they have close to $45 million coming off the books. They should replace that at a minimum and they'd still be a medium sized payroll. They need at least 1 starting pitcher, right field and bullpen help. It should be doable even with the "catastrophic losses".
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    Because the concept of a bubble has evolved and these kids are probably starting to understand that if they risk themselves, they risk everyone and everything they are working for.
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