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    When you clinch a playoff berth by having Reynaldo Lopez beat Kenta Maeda.... in large part due to a 2 out RBI infield single by Jose Abreu..... well, you gotta start wondering if its just a charmed season right?
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    I'm telling you he's fine. Renteria said in postgame that he's starting in Cincy and I checked with some beat writers. He's all good.
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    I've got a White Sox Golden Ale chilling in the fridge at home for just such an occasion
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    Ozzie is making the case. LET FANS IN THE STANDS!
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    Man can't believe this team of players that are so terrible and awful every at bat and play somehow won 3 out of 4 and are the best team in the AL.
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    Hey Donaldson, how does that taste?? Tie break and a playoff berth! Eat Shit!
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    COVID doesn’t make you not swing the bat on strikes.
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    I haven't been this anxious watching a baseball game in years.
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    This Twins team is a bunch of roided up assholes
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    If you were on soxtalk prior to this season, you would know. He was highly overrated around these parts prior to his MVP run this season.
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    Mendick has options, Yolmer doesn't. RR can't risk letting go of his precious.
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    I know Ricky had to get EE reps, but today's just not the right day for it. Maeda throws his slider 40% of the time. EE might be one of the worst hitters against the slider in baseball this year.
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    He'll start Dyson vs Maeda (4/10 lifetime), but not McCann vs Berrios (8/24 lifetime)... twice. Renteria is so smart.
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    Robert, Grandal, Yoan, EE, Mazara and even Madrigal are slumping. This offense has 10 days to get back on track or it’s going to be a short postseason.
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    It would be great if Robert can start hitting. Bad timing to be in a slump.
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    If Mazara is the starting right fielder for this team next year I will freak the fuck out.
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    Shields was through before Hahn acquired him. He couldn't get anyone out in San Diego. So, Preller called Hahn. The rest is history.
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    Now this is plain false. There have been plenty of instances of him cutting bait when things aren't working out. Shields was signed to a contract, and was pitching for a rebuilding team. so cutting him was pretty fucking stupid at that point since he was blocking nobody and the wins and losses didn't matter at all. Maybe if they had signed Chatwood though, they would have three World Series trophies by now 😂
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