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    Alexa play Thunderstruck on repeat at max volume
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    You know what we deserve as a fanbase? A nice no drama white sox blowout of the As in the first few innings and then coast.
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    Hopefully it is Encarnacion, but I will settle for Cordero.
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    "Robots are not the solution" he said while perfectly encapsulating why robots are, in fact, the solution.
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    A couple of weeks ago Dane went 7 IP, 3 H, 1 ER against the Twins. People seem to have short term memories and forgot that the majority of his games he has looked really good. if he is looking good he doesn't need to be removed after 1 time through the line up.
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    I think it's safe to say that the lineup the past few years is not really a reflection of this year's lineup.
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    Oh man. I'm so nervous and so excited. If we had control I'm sure we'd choose to win every playoff game with 10 run first innings, but deep down, these elimination playoff games are what we live for. Any player on the Sox, from MVP candidates to backups and disappointments, could make themselves a Sox legend today with one swing of the bat or one flash of leather. The highs of these games are as high as they get and, while it won't feel like it at the time if we lose, the lows are truthfully not that bad. I'd rather be taking an L in our last playoff game than be taking 100 Ls in a season with no end in sight just dreaming of this moment. But the moment is here now so LFG SOX, I'm not done with playoff baseball yet, go win and make sure you aren't either!!!
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    Hmmm think you need to rethink this part because I don't think he has had an actual good outing in a few years
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    If only we had Tatis, then we would never lose a game like the Padr....wait
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    I hope this isn't the last game with him, but just in case felt the need to say that I was really not a fan of the colome acquisition, but he was awesome and pitched his ass off for the white sox. Hope the big man gets a 2 inning save for us.
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    Abreu at 3 and Eloy right behind him. No complaints about this lineup
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    I'm anxious as could be. Already tanked a full bag of cool ranch doritos...
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    Start Dunning, any sign of trouble, follow him with Heuer, Foster, Marshall, Bummer, Crochet, Colome… those 6 relievers honestly could fill all 9 innings, so if Dunning doesn't look good in first, pull him for Foster. And keep going as if you have a 1 run lead in the 8th. Should be able to get this one if we score 3-4 runs!
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    I will leave that for someone who was there like @Texsox
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    Anderson shouldn't have put the silencer on his bat so Madrigal couldn't hear a baseball making contact with a wooden bat in an empty stadium.
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    Can he call the game for ESPN today, please?
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    Eloy at 50% is better than EE at 100%
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    Just dropped the Chicago elimination game parlay. Which of course means the slip reads: CHICAGO WHITE SOX MIAMI MARLINS
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    This A's lineup just does not impress me. Their starter is trash, and they wasted Hendricks and pitched Diekman the past 2 days. The Sox should win this game.
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    They both have looked good at the plate, Moncada has been robbed of 2 hits so far.
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    Sir, this is a Wendy's.
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    I think they'll start Dunning and have a quick hook. Essentially having him pitch the first leg in a bullpen game. I'd guess Dunning (2) Rodon (2) Crochet (2) Heuer-Bummer-Colome. Something like that. And then if Dunning is on his stuff, you can leave him in the game.
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