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    Because you didn’t hear the answers you wanted? Again, the “Think of the children” line is where you lose me. You said your kids are old enough to understand “adult rationalization and double-speak” so they should be able to understand somewhat complicated concepts. It’s not a hard sell to explain that the people you watch play on the field aren’t hero’s, aren’t any sort of moral compass to go by and aren’t people that you should look up to. If you are so desperate to teach your kids a lesson using baseball, teach them that in life, most people deserve a second chance. When you get punished for doing something wrong you serve your time and work your ass off for another opportunity. Sometimes it comes and sometimes it doesn’t. But the best thing you can do after a mistake is own up to it, learn from it, and hopefully have a chance to show that you’ve grown from that mistake. The White Sox may be affording AJ Hinch that opportunity.
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    Why not? Because too many people feel they have the right to do whatever they want and simply don’t care about anyone but themselves. If the Sox did everything you said (which is a very easy and workable plan), some people who go to the games would refuse to follow the rules, and enforcement would probably be tasked to a 70 year old Andy Frain who’s just trying to get out of the house and make a few bucks working at Sox games.
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    Rick: Lifelong Sox fan here. I won't bore you by establishing my bona fides, but suffice it to say that most who know me would agree my devotion borders on pathological. Opening day is a holiday in my house. I've hung on the team's every move for decades. I was excited and encouraged by the decision to move in a new managerial direction. I won't speak ill of Ricky Renteria, who was by all accounts well liked and led the team to a great season, but I applaud the front office for "thinking big" and readying the team for sustained postseason success. But I have been shocked to find my feelings of elation quickly turn to terror as rumors have begun swirling about AJ Hinch (or even Alex Cora) as potential hires. At the risk of revealing my naivete, I had never even considered they could be options. Perhaps they are not--but in the event there is truth to these rumors I wanted to make my strong feelings known, for whatever that may be worth. Like many fans, I have been profoundly troubled about the Astros cheating scandal over the past year. I've been baffled by the lack of accountability for some of its participants. While I was encouraged by the initial, and appropriate, reaction of shock and revulsion that met the scandal within the baseball world, I have been surprised by how quickly many have changed course and seem willing to "just move on" from an orchestrated scheme of fraud that infected the game's most basic competitive elements. I have often tried to imagine how I would have managed all this as an Astros fan, and have felt blessed that I never had to confront this question in anything but the abstract. So I ask you, please: don't force me into a similar position now. There's no question here -- while their roles differed, AJ Hinch and Alex Cora both led a team that cheated its way to a World Series title, then smiled into the camera as they accepted a trophy they knew in their hearts was tainted by fraud. They were *fired* by other teams--including the *Houston Astros themselves*--for their roles in this scandal. How could we, as fans, be excited about hiring either of them to stand as the face of the Chicago White Sox franchise? How would I explain this to my kids? It is more difficult every day to impress upon them that they must adhere strictly to moral and ethical standards that so many people and institutions brazenly trample when it's expedient. Please don't foist these ugly dilemmas on us, not in this corner of our lives. It has taken a century to recover from the Black Sox scandal that darkened this franchise's legacy. You hold that legacy in your hands now, and at a precarious moment. Please do not sully this organization for some minuscule (and questionable) perceived marginal competitive advantage. Go Sox.
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    Uh if you give James McCann $19 million for next year, he will take it in a heartbeat and laugh all of the way to the bank.
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    The last time we brought in an A.J. with baggage we won the World Series. Hate it or love it, seems like Hinch is destined to be our next manager.
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    Robert is a better defensive CF. You are getting the same production regardless so this is just worsening your team for no reason. Engel would be a plus RF so at least you have premium outfield defense.
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    In a sport where domestic abusers get second chances, being involved in cheating doesn’t even rate. It would bother me a bit, but I would get over it.
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    This from a guy who is barely qualified to post on a message board about baseball.
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    I'm bothered but it won't make me protest and boycott White Sox baseball. I do think it's a pretty big managerial characteristic flaw he had, and I also don't think he is the reason they won 100 games a year, but if he can run a bullpen, we will be better off.
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    Would love to see this at some point. Let me know when it starts
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    Giving a near championship ready team to a first time manager just because he is a fan favorite would be a failure by Hahn. I loved Ventura the player. I didn't love Ventura the manager. There is too much at stake here to experiment.
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    3rd wave? Nah, the first wave never ended.
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    Then you should have nothing to worry about explaining to them.
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    How about "it matters to me a little bit, but if he comes here and has the success we anticipate, I'm 100% fine with the move" as an option?
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    Think it's time to email your buddy Jerry again.
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    Someone is going to hire Hinch (and Cora for that matter), and maybe it will be the Sox. Whoever hires him will be questioned - by the media, by the fans of that team, by fans in general. Cheating aside, Hinch has proven himself to be a very good manager and will most likely be a great manager for a new team. He knows that he has to rebuild his reputation, and he also knows that managing a young, exciting team will be a good way to do that. There will be some noise early on; right after the hiring, before the season starts, and early in the season. But driving a team to success will go a long way to make people forget (or at least forgive). The Sox are really close to being a perennial contender and force within baseball. They need the right person at the helm to get them there. If Hinch is the right guy, he should be hired.
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    Where did I suggest that? He was supposed to be out of baseball for a year. He was out of baseball for a year. The offense wasn’t premeditated murder so let’s call it water under the bridge and moooove on.
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    After giving it some more thought and letting the dust settle on today....Hinch is my runaway choice. 1. 46 year old former catcher with a World Series Championship, while making the ALCS 3 years in a row. I know the Astros had a great roster and cheated, but every team that makes 3 straight ALCS has a great roster. He showed he knows how to manage a loaded roster which is actually a skill, as we saw with Ricky... 2. This team already has an attitude and swagger about it. I'm already warming to the idea of having a manager fans will hate. Give off an nWo vibe, be the bad guys, be the swagger team. 3. Reading some of the Astros message boards and Reddit, it sounds like even after the scandal, they really liked Hinch. Great motivator, put a good staff together and really could develop pitchers and catchers. 4. Maybe more than anything...I'm not sure who is a better hire or available at this point. It sounds like Cora is going back to Boston and if you have a problem with Hinch and cheating, then you'll REALLY have a problem with Cora. And I agree with the route Hahn is taking.....if you're going to fire Ricky, then you better bring in someone you KNOW has experience and has won the big game. Bring it home, Rick.
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    imagine a sox player getting busted for peds, some of you guys would be twisting yourselves into knots telling us why you still support them, that they just made a mistake, the mental gymnastics would be amazing I picked option two fwiw
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    I care but I don't think I care enough for it to bother me if he's the best man for the job, I just want a good manager and for the Sox to win a lot of games.
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    🤣 Is this one of those spots where the kids would say, "OK boomer"?
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    All this talk about Hinch making us "bad boys" is laughable. There's "cool bad," like being brash, talking smack, flipping bats, or starting fights. Don't think using cameras and computers to steal information then lying about it quite fits into the "cool bad" category. I'm sure marketing is salivating: "Welcome to G-Rate, baby - come into our house and we'll utilize technology to gain an unfair advantage over you! Step to us, and we'll lie about it M'Fer! But if you catch us we'll totally apologize...b****!"
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    How about Ron Roenicke so we can use the RR out as Manager thread again someday.
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    I wish I had whatever you are drinking.
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