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    Ok, this isn't funny anymore. If I am being honest here, I would rather have kept Ricky than to do this.
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    It isn't RH's job to set a lineup or make calls to the pen. That's literally what Ricky was hired to do. RH gave Ricky the rope and Ricky hung himself with it. He proved time after time that he wasn't capable of being an effective in-game manager so the front office (correctly) made the decision to move on.
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    yeah Tony LaRussa isn't what this team needs, let's move forwards not backwards
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    Hinch could also just get another job where he doesnt have a grandpa holding his hand and impeding his decisions for a year.
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    Last time I heard this phrase, it resulted in a man being locked away in solitary for a month.
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    I think they’re just getting names out there. They’ll interview different guys for a couple weeks, including minority candidates, and then Hinch will officially interview in early November, and be named the next Sox manager around November 10.
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    I will start to worry when someone other than Nightengale reports that La Russa is a frontrunner. I don't doubt that Tony and Jerry will have a lovely zoom call to catch up on old times, but I just can't see the hire happening.
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    Looks like he's convinced Reinsdorf to change his archaic views and ways. That's a win right there. I never would have thought he could get away getting rid of Ricky and specially coop.
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    AJ Hinch has 3 100 win seasons in a row. He isn't taking a bench coach job. This isn't a guy who needs seasoning.
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    Clever way to get people on the AJ Hinch bandwagon.
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    I’m sure an old school guy like La Russa would be totally good with Tim bat flipping and being asked to manage lineups based on exit velocities and launch angles.
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    I can’t see the Dodgers bringing in someone who “cheated” them out of a WS
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    If Roberts can't win with the Dodgers roster, I don't know how you would expect him to win with the White Sox roster.
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    I hope the owner lets him. The inconvenient truth is Reinsdorf signs the checks and establishes the team payroll boundaries. Lord knows I'm no fan of Hahn but if Reinsdorf told Hahn to make Bauer happen, it would get done unless Trevor was absolutely hell-bound on going elsewhere. The same is true in bringing in an A-list field manager. Reinsdorf absolutely shocked me by moving on from Cooper. If the objective is to move away from the ol' boy insider's club, getting rid of Cooper was tantamount. The White Sox are on the verge of greatness. But they are going to require a significant financial infusion to secure the services of in-their-prime difference makers from outside the organization. This is the last hoorah for this current ownership regime. Here's hoping they go out champions.
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    Bochy has managed 25 seasons and is under .500 for his career. His teams have won 90 or more games 4 times in those 25 years, and he is 65. I believe his time has passed.
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    Means we should also stop even thinking about Bochy. All signs point to Hinch.
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    Is anybody on here rooting for the Astros in this series? I didn’t think so. This scandal will have legs. The fans were absent this year but you’ll hear the boos next season. Our fans don’t deserve this baggage, especially with Bochy available out there.
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    Trevor Bauer did nothing wrong tonight. Don't interact with fans? Get criticized. Interact with fans? Get criticized. Bauer has a history and that's fine but today was ridiculous.
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    Bochy is perfect for our team. Comes with a ton of credibility and would attract top-tier coaches as well.
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    What a horribly awful story. “In the summer of 2012, she died by suicide.” I hope we never see Boston again.
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    I am going to parse this and first state that you are 100% wrong in your assessment here. Cheating has always been a part of baseball, even when there are rules against it. Pine tar, spit balls, sign stealing, steroids, speed, pitch tipping pitch framing, etc. When caught people pay their price, and then move on. Cheating to win has always been a part of baseball culture, and while penalized, it is something that has never, and will never go away. The argument has always been how much "cheating" is OK, how much cheating is going to get you in trouble, and how much cheating will get you in a LOT of trouble. Pete Rose didn't get banned for cheating. He got banned for betting on baseball. THIS has always been the thing to get you a lifetime ban. This goes back to the Black Sox. Playing to LOSE will also get you the ban treatment. Neither of those things happened here. The closest thing Pete Rose did was to tip off the professional gambling world to when he WASN'T willing to bet on his own team. But what he did was ALWAYS known to be a bannable offense. He also followed up his stupidity by flat out lying about it, and being proven a liar even when MLB seemed to be giving him an opening to get out of his mistakes. He might not have gotten banned if he had fessed up when he got this chance. Now we can definitely sit and argue all day about how bad Hinch's role was in all of this, if his punishment was appropriate and if the Sox should touch him as a manager. But what happened with Pete Rose is not an equitable item to what Hinch did.
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    I don't think you can expect him to get a star in this economy. If he gets a 2 war RF, a decent reliever to replace colome (maybe colome himself) and a good 3rd starter I would be fine with that.
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    A- so far, but this offseason is big. He’s gotta land a TOR SP and a RF that hits righties. A trade for SP at the deadline this year didn’t make a ton of sense. Imagine giving up a couple promising young players and then the season ends up cancelled.
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