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    I think it's just a matter of teams not having money to give him. He was planning on signing for real money. Nobody really has it available. He'd be better off playing 3 years in Japan and signing a big league deal at 25 honestly. Also, teams aren't allowed to trade for space during the next two periods. Some clubs are really hurt by this because they're overcommitted. San Diego for example has had to renege on a few offers because they won't have the money.
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    I wrote about the latest international prospect to defect from Cuba and how it relates to the White Sox: https://www.futuresox.com/2020/10/26/white-sox-reportedly-interested-in-16-year-old-cuban-of-luis-pino/
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    Something I have been hinting at, but am going to just flat out say now... If you have to actively disqualify half of baseball and entire seasons of baseball to try to argue that someone is a good player, you aren't really proving that they are a good player. The National League is still major league baseball, and what they do, does count. It also doesn't help to disqualify one guys worst season, but not anyone else's. The numbers have been posted over and over again, and no matter how you move the goalposts around, even if you try to isolate down to just a single counting stat, Nomar Mazara has not been a "good" or even average RF. It just isn't true. None of what you have said actually proves out. o matter how many times you wrongly repeat it, it won't be true.
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    I guess the question you have to ask yourself is if you really want to be friends with someone that supports and admires a man that makes fun of disabled people, brags about walking into dressing rooms full of underage girls, thinks that nazis are "very fine people" and makes fun of people that wear masks during a national pandemic just to name a few things. I would hope that I do a better job of picking friends. I have people on FB that support him but they are only "facebook friends". Nobody I really associate IRL. Honestly, there are a couple that I've only stayed friends with because it's sometimes fun countering all the stupid crap they post/believe.
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    You might be on to something here.
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    First of all, I said the American league from the beginning as we began to argue. I wanted to argue apples to apples. One of the reasons is that the AL is a DH league and the NL is not. The NL happens to try and get more of its offensive production from its outfield positions than the AL does because the AL uses the DH for a lot of its power needs. The AL also has more older power hitters in it for that reason also which makes young power guys like Mazara a bit rare. You haven't proven anything that I've said as being false. Mazara is still in the top 25-33% of all major league right field power hitters. That quality makes him, to me an AVERAGE major league right fielder. YOu feel different? Fine. that is your opinion.
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    My contribution to this thread will be that Kamala Harris made a stop in the Charlotte Knights locker room.
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    I disagree. The next period doesn't start until January 2022. Colas is 22 years old already. Why would they want to wait? Just land Colas in this period whenever he gets freed up IMO.
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    But at the same time, how the fuck would you know? Seems to me that Stone would have access to much better info the matter than you.
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    This is what the White Sox have committed: Norge Vera RHP Cuba ($1.5 million) Victor Quezada 3B DR ($525K) Manual Guariman C Ven ($475K) Dario Barrero OF Ven ($350K) Adrian Gil RHP Ven ($250K) Gabriel Rodriguez OF DR ($100K) Antonio Jimenez OF ($90K) That's just over $3 million and the club has $5,398,300 total to spend.
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    Its just insane. Sox sign one of the best 2 catchers in the game to a very reasonable FA contract. He is the guy he always was and remains an unbelievably good fit for the future lineup. And half the fanbase wants to trade him to make space for a guy that is measurably worse player, a measurably worse fit, and a FA that will command a decent commitment this offseason. Makes zero sense whatsoever.
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    Uh oh, the double B-hive bout to blow up James mentions.
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    I have been told that .271 is a great batting average for AL RFs between 2016 and 2019.
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    I like Ben Bailey but his biggest skill was walking a lot in the DSL vs teenagers. He's never even played stateside. Yes, these guys are all better than him.
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    Pitchers have indeed used the tools that were provided to them. That is not what Bauer did. Yes, when you try to take a view from nowhere view that Giolito "changed his delivery", indeed pitchers have done that. But Giolito did that dramatically over the course of one offseason was the big change, and the use of the core velocity belt is now much more widespread. Bauer helped decentralize the pitching knowledge and gave more power to the players to tinker. You are being obtuse about his impact on the last half-decade.
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    Good read, but I noticed you didn't write about Ozzie in there? Does this mean he is a dark horse candidate? AJ Hinch just seems too obvious at this point. I'd be surprised if it isn't him. I would be thrilled with Hinch (or Ozzie).
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    For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Mitch isn't coming in for 6-10 plays a game on 3rd down (a la Taysom Hill). Foles is a statue out there, why can't Mitch come out there WITH Foles and try to get cute with a dual threat instead of Patterson repeatedly getting the ball out of the backfield for a whopping 2.8YPC, insanely frustrating.
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    I'm an old dinosaur and I love the shifting. It works, duh. Do we need to say more? Like make a rule that a fielder has to stand where he has the least chance of catching a baseball? Now, that's messing with the game we love.
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    Trading Grandal would be one of the stupidest things the Sox could possibly do. Makes me sick.
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    I haven't been to this forum for a long time and the first thread I read, I encounter this sat pissing contest. Name calling and nonsense. Knock it off guys. The White sox signed Mazarra to hit home runs and drive in runs. He was a dismal failure of a signing. He had a total of seven extra base hits in 42 games. He hit the same number of home runs Yolmer Sanchez hit in his 16 games. He should not and will not return.
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    Because no one cared about Gio Gonzalez. He signed here, and barely appeared so there was no real confusion, because essentially when it came to Gonzalez, there was nothign to talk about.
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    I think after Bauer, he's the best pitcher available in free agency. Strikeouts are great and all, but they aren't exactly efficient and aren't as great as home run suppression. Stroman keeps the ball on the ground. He has the lowest launch angle against of any pitcher in the majors, which keeps the ball in the park and induces double play balls. He's never allowed more than 0.9 hr/9 in any season. He's never had a FIP above 3.9. He's a bull dog on the mound, kind of a starter version of Colome. Put him together with a good defense and good offense he'd win a lot of games
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    Manfred's job should be endangered.
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    Jose, Jose .Jose, Jose Jose , Jose Now trade him.
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