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    Sounds like the perfect time to finally move TA to catcher.
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    And would wind up playing way too much
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    Calling votes that were cast legitimately fraudulent is a far worse conspiracy theory than Russians hacking the election.
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    A clear sign of voter fraud.
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    Go Sox, Twins, Tigers Royals, Indians
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    Did you attend Trump University?
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    We have a star SS. I don't see the rush to get Moncada or Anderson out of the infield.
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    All of that is complete and total nonsense.
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    Honest question, who here thought Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election? Can you all honestly say you didn't peddle that garbage?
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    I always thought this country was full of dumb people but never knew just how widespread it was until the last 4 years.
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    Trading a consensus top 2-3 catcher in the game r signed to a fair contract for 3 more years and just to replace him with a FA that is meaningfully worse at baseball and a meaningfully worse fit for the roster is not a decision any GM is going to make. Not to mention the simple fact that the Sox are SOOOOOOOOOO righty heavy as is. So lets remove 50% of the guys who can hit left handed in the everyday lineup, and replace them with yet another right handed hitter who is much worse offensively. Theres also that whole OBP thing, which is fairly important, and Grandal one of the few guys on the team that takes walks consistently. McCann doesn't do that. It makes zero sense. Grandal is good. Grandal is better than McCann, and always has been. Grandal is signed for three years. McCann is a free agent. The obsession with this whole situation on this board is dumbfounding. I will admit Grandal was disappointing with the glove in 2020. But he wasn't awful, and he's still above average defensively. Maybe the FA market craters enough that the Sox are the high bid on McCann and he returns as backup. But I highly doubt that scenario is going to play out, and I will literally eat a shoe live on twitter if the Sox trade Grandal. There is no chance it is happening.
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    I wouldn't expect a full season next year, guys. Maybe probably 80 to 100 games at most.
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    Sleepy Joe who can't hold a thought, and can only stay in his basement, t is an unmatched criminal mastermind in the Ukraine and China. Got the whole world in on a Covid 19 hoax, and now is rigging an election like no one has never been done before.
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    Yadi wants a 2 year deal, will want to catch 75 percent of the time, can’t hit, whines when he doesn’t play and then we’re blocking Vaughn basically from playing at all this season if you’re not moving Grandal. It’s a bad idea.
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    Grandal catching less is a good thing.
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    It’s hilarious that people were worried about an armed insurrection and all you have is a bunch of idiots showing up to election centers and arguing amongst themselves whether to start or stop the counting.
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    Joe Biden will be the first President elected since 2016 that doesn’t think windmills cause cancer.
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    You peddled Russia conspiracies and you're ashamed to admit it. Facts.
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    I know there are more important races, but the narrative of Detroit showing up to put the team on it's back rules.
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    He'll consider any catcher they bring in as a better defense catcher than Grandal.
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    I never want to get ahead of anything, but death by a thousand cuts is somewhat fitting.
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    I wish Joe Biden was 10% as good as Republicans portray him to be
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    If voter fraud was real, Trump would be doing it.
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