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    Hello everyone! I just found the board a couple of weeks ago and this is my first post. I'm from Southern Illinois and I am primarily a St. Louis Cardinals fan, but I've always liked the White Sox as well. Being from Illinois is part of that, as is my disdain for the Cubs 😁. Anyway, I am honestly more excited to watch the Sox this year than the Cardinals. It's nice to see a team seeing their division weakening and then making additions to the roster to make themselves dominant. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and share my excitement to really root on the White Sox this year. As a noob I won't agree or disagree with anyone's take on these signings, but again, it's nice to see a team that appears to be trying. Hendriks seems like a good add to me!
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    Has anyone factored into their calculation the fact that Hendriks gives 110% out on the field, rather than merely 100? That is literally ten more, which makes a difference when extrapolated over a 162 game season.
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    excruciatingly pissed I had to be stuck with that hell thread for months and it happens while I'm sleeping.
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    Me - I had to seperate this into a new thread. Didn't need 80 pages of historical garbage. Lets get the big news in its own thread.
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    I wouldn't spend a dollar on a DH. Spend it on starting pitching and fill DHs ABs internally. I'm content with Leury at DH if we can get a solid vet SP. Between Eloy, Yermin, Vaughn, Collins and Abreu we can fill DH ABs.
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    The reason we are in the mess we are in today is because the conservative media apparatus, the President of the United States, and the majority of Republicans in the House and the Senate spent the time since November 7, 2020 amplifying conspiracy theories that the election had been stolen from Trump with no actual evidence of that fact. And when the courts overwhelmingly rejected those claims, continued to amplify and push remedies outside the framework of the Constitution to prevent Biden from being seated as President. So yes, it is more than just Trump being Trump - as Mitt Romney said on the Senate floor, if the majority of Republicans had told the American people the truth from the word go - that Donald Trump lost the election - we might not be in the mess that we are in today.
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    lol, was just thinking about when Ryan McGuffey tweeted that he'd rather have hendriks for 3 years 50 million than 4 years 50 million (paraphrasing) and how that, in a way, is what is happening.
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    We've reached the point of this discussion of comparing save stats as to who is better. At least it's not ERA comparison. But still dumb no doubt.
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    I cannot believe some of you are so eager to get rid of Madrigal for average mlb players.
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    I sure hope not. They should sign Bauer for just money (and a lost second round pick) and just win the ALC (certainly) and the AL (maybe) for the next 3 or so years.
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    Jimmy Cordero / Jimmy Cordero / Jimmy Cordero / Jimmy Cordero / Jimmy Cordero / Jimmy Cordero / Jimmy Cordero
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    They brought in lance lynn. Does that not make you happy? They have a new pitching coach using analytics and science and he is jazzed about Cease. They have Kopech finally ready. I swear sometimes this page. They just signed the best closer in the game. The bullpen is stacked. They actually spent money.
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    Based on Sox history with Madrigal & Robert, I think Vaughn spends a year in Charlotte. 1st choice - La Stella with his multiple roles as DH/utility IF and still get 500+ AB's. 2nd choice - Daniel Murphy has a chance to be very good at a very affordable price.
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    I don't think they lied. He saved the games. But we aren't replaying 2019 or 2020 anymore. Moving forward, Hendriks looks like the far better bet.
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    If you ask me, a large part of the problem is the fact that people think last week's events and wanting to give all Americans a voice/representation are equally "bad"
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    I think of it like we had to pay to keep it a strength.
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    1.5 million a year will be like one book tour for Obama
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    The "hypocrisy" in question here is giving every American citizen a voice in the federal government vs. violent insurrection to overturn the results of an election, don't forget.
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    I don't think you rig things, but make things more balanced if you do the following: Uncap the House: This has been a massive oversight that has led to unequal representation for nearly a century. It seems like the House has been capped simply because the Capitol ran out of floor space (dumb reason) or because rural America wanted to kneecap populated centers (sinister reason). Some options include the Wyoming Rule and the Cube Root Rule, which is harder to explain, but is based on the U.S. population and not on the smallest state. It is worth noting that this would grow the Electoral College count. Give Puerto Rico statehood: PR isn't a guaranteed Democratic state - it's current non-voting rep caucuses with the GOP and its statehood has been on the GOP agenda. Politics there are different than politics on the mainland. Their 2020 vote passed statehood with actual turnout. If they want another vote, let them have it, but based on the most recent one, they deserve it. Give D.C. statehood: Yes, D.C. would be the most Democratic state in the union, but they pay federal taxes and have no federal representation. Also, as Trump just demonstrated, they have no ability to govern their own boundaries if there's a hostile situation. Maryland and Virginia have both stated they don't want them. Maybe the National Mall can become something similar to the Vatican where it governs itself, but the city deserves representation. The U.S. Virgin Islands/Guam/American Samoa/Mariana Islands question: We've been allowing states like Wyoming to have extreme power for so long with low population, I think it's time we have a real conversation about the non-Puerto Rico territories. Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands have decent sized populations (100k+) and may go for it. American Samoa would likely not as they'd probably lose their property laws (you must be 50% Samoan ancestry to own property there). At bare minimum, they should all be allowed to have a voting member in the House, especially if it uncapped. This is not to "fix" the election for Democrats, but make it so that all Americans have equal representation in Congress.
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    For some reason, I wouldn't be too busted up if Jose Ruiz is DFA'd.
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    Eww. Would certainly hope for more than Musgrove for a Nicky Big Sticks package.
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    If they trade Heuer now that kills part of the value of signing Hendricks. We want a stacked bullpen, no? There’s got to be another way
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    So we can’t bring in a career-long starter coming off an injury to relieve in a huge spot? I don’t like where they’re headed.
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