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    You guys are underselling Reylo, if you take away his 2020 season and his bad starts from 2019, he’s actually been pretty good.
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    Soxtalk reference. we made it fellas! For anybody that didn't see it, Liam Hendriks said he read the entire soxtalk thread about him so that was pretty funny to hear.
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    Somebody did not get joke.
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    The trash is always greener on the other side.
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    Let's be real here, pretty much anyone who is going to play MLB for $2 million falls into one of two buckets. Too young to get paid what they are worth, or back roster filler material. There are pretty much zero players out there who you can go out and sign on the market for $2 million who you expect a lot out of.
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    The Sox need guys like Lopez as a back up to the staff. Anything you would replace him with would cost the same or more anyway. What will be interesting is they already have some mechanical tweaks in mind, so if they can rebuild him at all, 2 million is nothing if they can get him anywhere close to his potential. This year is probably his make or break year, as his arb price will go up again next year.
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    I believe that the high paid CEOs that are taking huge bonuses and moving jobs out of the country might have something to do with this I dunno
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    Racial intolerance is the new racism. That supercharged Trump's political power with loyal support from white supremacists like those who marched in Charlottesville and those who stormed the Capitol. But racial intolerance is not only found at the fringe. Mainstream Republican ideology dovetails with racial intolerance in many ways - segregation, refusal to acknowledge the impact of generations of slavery, discrimination, unequal policing and justice There can be no compromise with bigotry and racism. They have to be defeated. That didn't happen after the Civil War and probably won't happen for several more generations. So forget the notion that there will ever be unity between Trumpublicans and Democrats. Not gonna happen.
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    No shot. Don't believe anything sports executives say publicly.
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    Might as well light 2.1 million on fire. Whatever. I'd have preferred to just non tender him. The chances he turns into anything more than a shitty mopup guy are about 1/100.
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    And people wonder why snobby elitist blue states make fun of reds states... because they elect idiots like Tuberville...
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    He was. And the White Sox starting catcher was #2
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    Like the Sox will ever have to pay the luxury tax. JR wouldn’t pay it with the Bulls where they lead the league in attendance, and print money.
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    Thinking through the years, Soxtalk has been pretty equitable in who they hit... black, white, Latino, doesn't matter.
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    All that's true and I'd still have rather just non tendered him.
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    This fangraphs article educated me on how this Competitive Balance Tax/Luxury Tax business actually works. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/a-quick-note-on-the-liam-hendriks-contract/#comments Most of you probably understood this, but for luxury tax purposes, the total dollar amount of the contract is spread evenly across the the years of the contract (the AAV). The White Sox have a team payroll of approximately 131m, but their luxury tax payroll is 160m. This is because they have so many contracts that are back loaded. Why is this great news you ask? In the future when the Sox are paying the back end of these contracts, they won't have to worry as much about the luxury tax penalty. When their payroll is exceeding 210m in the future (or whatever the luxury tax is then), they won't actually be exceeding the luxury tax. Am I reading into this correctly? The future is bright!
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    Yes. Making the playoffs multiple years is the best way. Even the best team in baseball only has like a 25% chance to win the WS. Sometimes it can take a while like the dodgers or even the Nats (who had multiple first round losses) but eventually there is a good chance to win one if you make the playoffs 6 times in a 7 year window (not guaranteed either like you see with the yankees though who made the playoffs 5 times in 6 years and made no WS). There is of course also the other side when a fluky team immediately makes it or the giants who usually lost the division to the dodgers but still managed 3 WS. But generally the best approach is trying to have a 5-7 year window and hope that you get lucky once or twice I you are really lucky. Statistically a team who has a strong 6 year window should win about 1 WS (if you consider all 6 division winners have about the same chance to win the WS). The sox will also need to make some trades for injury replacement so it is good to keep some trade capital. I think the sox only need a 4th starter now and they are good to go. Sure getting laStella would be a nice luxury and bauer would make them a super team on par with the dodgers but they are already favored to win the division.
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