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    Just another reason why overpaying for Eaton, especially so early in FA was pure stupidity. You could've had that deal once spring training started, because no one was scrambling to go sign him. Hell at this rate, you probably could've had Joc Pederson at 6. On another note, the way you people talk here about Vaughn reminds me of how people talked about Joe Borchard, Brandon McCarthy, Ryan Sweeney, etc. Vaughn is just a prospect. The Sox have multiple prospects/young players left. If I could go Vaughn and a bunch of lower level prospects instead of getting rid of our projected starting 2B and potential ace starter, then you do it.
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    Tampering with erection is definitely a serious crime.
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    Yeah, I too don't get Richards.. We need someone who can give innings, he, unfortunantely cannot.
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    Why not just get bauer instead of this garbage??
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    Though I like Walker as a FA, the payroll says its best for a trade. If its Musgrove then yeah, you trade Kelley. Agree that Pitt wouldn't want the others you mentioned, either. With due respect to Kelley; no guarantees. Musgrove is through all the finger crossing. Also, if target would be Castillo, virtually same 2021 salary, 1 more year of team control over Musgrove and a step up in quality, they should consider Vaughn if that's what it would take. They probably wouldn't though. Probably other similar candidates around the league.
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    I don’t know why a team would want to pay Richards to be in the injured list most of the time.
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    Stiever, Sheets, lottery ticket for Musgrove ($4.45M) Sign La Stella to a 1 year deal ($6M) Sign Flowers to a 1 year deal ($4M) That’s 3 moves, but still.
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    Mypillow guy from the top rope with the treason bomb
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    Lavine is really good, but closing out games is not a strength. Of course, being on bad teams doesn't help, but he constantly misses shots at the end of games he was making all night. His defense is improving but still below average. But there are a lot of NBA greats that didn't play much defense. I think Lavine would start getting his due if he was a #2 or #3 guy on a roster and not the man as he is on the Bulls. I also think the Nets would have been better off trading for Lavine than Harden. Assuming Kyrie can normalize, Lavine as the 3rd guy there and a lot less drama seems better to me.
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    I think Lavine took 1 shot in OT. The problem is he isnt shooting enough.
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    Garrett Richards and Tommy La Stella
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    over here trying to do the whole vegetarian thing and this mf
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    I agree with the sentiment in this article wholeheartedly.
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    Passan is one of the best. This is his way of saying the Cubs made a good hire.
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