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    Excuse me, folks, But I claim to be the author of the dumbest post in Soxtalk history. Until you offer a post that gets ripped in Sports Illustrated .... I rest my case.
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    Am I the only one that doesn't really want Cruz on this team? Yes, he's been ridiculous and very good (especially against the Sox), but he's 40 years old. At some point he's not going to be able to keep this up, right? It would be so White Sox to bring him him only to see him completely fall off a cliff in production. I wouldn't HATE if they got him for the DH, and on paper this looks great in the lineup, but man, this feels so EE all over again.
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    Haaaaaaaaave you met my friend, the AL Central?
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    If he feels a 68 year old catcher would make the Sox fans very happy then I think he needs to reevaluate what makes Sox fans very happy
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    I would find it absolutely hilarious if the Sox win the WS this year with both Q and Eaton on the roster, along with Jimenez and Giolito.
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    Cruz's stats the past 5 years have been .286/.369/.932 and he just got an abbreviated season to provide more rest. Yes, he'll slow down eventually, but unless everyone expects a monumental drop off, it hasn't arrived yet. Vaughn is your insurance policy. Depending on price - what's the downside?
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    One day you're starting a thread facetiously thanking Reinsdorf for being Reinsdorfian and the next day you're trusting Hector Gomez thinking the Sox are going to spring for Nelson Cruz because there is more to play with than we think ? You are on a world class roller coaster my friend. Trust your instincts not Hector. Your heart is in the right place but not your mind. One vague Tweet about Sox fans being very happy and you lose it. Is it fun to think about ? Oh hell yes but it's not bloody likely. As a matter of fact it's so much fun to think about I want this post to age very very very poorly.
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    I thought it would have been pretty messed up to start Kopech in the minors 2020. Not so much in 2021 though. The guy hasn’t thrown a competitive pitch in 2 years
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    Let's take service time out of the equation for a moment. Given the last pitch Kopech threw in competitive play was September 5, 2018 and has a total of 14.1 IP, along with the Sox trying to compete for a World Series this season....I still think he starts in AAA taking out any service time "manipulation" It's just the right move given where he is in his comeback attempt.
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    I mean usually I would agree with you in this case but not on Kopech or Vaughn this year. Starting Kopech with the big league club would be stupid.
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    Axtually, this would be the best post in Soxtalk history.
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    I dunno, Peavy had probably 9 of the top 10 worst posts here...
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    If it helps anyone, this is what I know of Gomez's history with the Sox: 2018-2019: Continuously said that he believed Machado would sign with White Sox. Stated that Sox offered 8 years, $250 million. Chicago media went out in full force to tell him he was wrong about the offer (they believed it was $175 million). Obviously, he ended up being right about the offer, but wrong about him signing here. March 2019: First reporter to announce that Eloy Jimenez and the Sox were working on an extension, which was official within a week. December 2019: Retweeted a fellow reporter (Frank Castillo) who believed Marcell Ozuna was signing with the White Sox. Gomez was not the reporter who said Ozuna would sign, he just said he believed in his colleague's info.
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    We need to teach these young pups the history of Soxtalk...
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    This would apply to all the teams contending.
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    You need to find Padrestalk or something, because being a Sox fan has fried your logic circuits.
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    Have you met the Royce Clayton v Jose Valentin discussion?
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    I agree with your premise but really... the "dumbest in Soxtalk history"...can't be.
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    I don't think this cruz stuff is true, but the sox blowing the budget on the top DH and top closer would be hilarious because it would both subvert and reinforce longstanding opinions on how sox operate.
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    I think I speak for more people when I say I don't give a fuck.
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    If Bauer gets an AAV of $40+ per year for 5 years I will like , no i will love, all your posts from now until I am no longer able to.
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