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    What does one man’s penis in New York have to do with Jerry and La Russa? Was the penis involved in the DUI?
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    Look, obviously Trevor Bauer should be the answer, but the Sox aren't in that market. For my two cents, when I look at this rotation as it stands today there are a whole of of innings and starts to fill. We know Kopech probably isn't starting this season with the big team. It really sounds like they want Crochet working out of the pen. So how do you fill those innings? For my two cents, my #1 goal is to not do anything that endangers the depth and future pieces we have coming through the system. We already did it with Dunning and Lynn. Hopefully Lynn extends to fix another future hole in the pen, but until they, the pitching should be mostly off limits. Maybe a Steiver whose timing is blocked by the guys who are already ahead of him, but for the most part, pitching should be off limits. #2 hopefully we are looking at the free agent market. Keep in mind with the injury risks, if they aren't starting, then you are dropping into the minors to cover their starts. So if your bring in a Paxton or Richards, sure you get some great starts, but then you also get Reynaldo Lopez, Jon Stiever, and company doing a lot of other starts. The stability of knowing that you are pretty sure about getting a certain guy, and knowing that he is going to give you six innings every five days allows you to set your pen, not overextend those guys, and have them ready to go when you need them. #3, again while it would be nice to be getting a top flight guy to fill in back of the rotation, if you can't, it isn't the worst thing, because you are going to be running one of the best offenses in baseball out on the field every day, so if you have to win some games 7-5, so be it. You are OK with that. #4, while we want the Sox to spend, they are obviously being safe and conservative with the budget. Assuming this season isn't a worst case scenario, hopefully a budget conscious move allows them to make another move at the deadline, if needed. Realistically, Jose Quintana fits this resume. He is also a guy you already know, and he seemed to fit into the White Sox just fine before, so there isn't a real feel that he wouldn't now.
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    From the guy who complained about the swear filters not working...
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    is the username wetbutt23 or Katyperrysbootyhole?
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    Imagine defending sending unsolicited dick pics in any context. And what a creep this guy is. Taking advantage of a foreign reporter, and her leaving the profession due to the harassment she felt she would face just flat out sucks.
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    I don't get it. Some people had a meltdown for trading a single prospect for a legit 2 x Cy Young candidate in Lynn. But we're OK to unload the Farm for a guy with less than 150 career innings in 3 ML seasons? WTF is going on here folks? STOP TRADING AWAY THE LITTLE BIT OF FARM TALENT LEFT. FREE AGENCY.
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    Please...just get that starter from the FA aisle. They have lots of different people with different skills and price points to choose from. You can keep our future moving forward while having that starting pitcher we all want.
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    I find my smile widening when Nick is up there making the opposition pitcher work hard. I half expect the 8th pitch to be tossed up underhanded with an accompanied "c'mon you little pissant, what are you going to do - hit a double?". How does one go about qualifying/quantifying the frustration/anger he surely causes? I can imagine Nick fairly quickly evolving to a point where he does start 'turning' on 1st pitch fastballs that fill up a teacup sized version of his 'power' zone. Ohhhhhhhh Nellie, he's already fun to watch, with the best yet to come.
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    Yup, and that rotation (outside of Kopech) is extremely durable with Q at 5. Guys that stay healthy and eat innings. I don’t understand why people don’t want Q.
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    I’m glad you have reawakened after your exactly 4 year long nap. I have some bad news for you.
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    This is not knee-jerk. For over a month now you have just added putrid vitriol to every post. Even when the Sox make moves, you are there to pile on more criticism. The fact is that only a handful of teams this offseason have made their teams better and spent money or made significant trades. The Sox are one of them. Do we need to like all their moves...no. But to constantly harp on things you have no real knowledge of like it's owed to you is just silly. I would love to have seen your reaction to the 2004 offseason. you probably shit on Podsednik and the moves made ad nauseum. There is still time for the roster to be complete...but this board would be a whole lot better if every 5th post wasn't just a total shit on JR, Hahn or payroll. This is a world championship competing team, whether we agree with that or not.
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    Wonder if this guy was behind the original concept for Clark the Cub
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    As much as I would like to take another dump on TLR, this is a BS move meant to distract from someone who doesn't deserve this job and has committed a crime. If your reaction to this is that "well Tony LaRussa did worse" YOU are part of the problem. Quit trying to disqualify sexual harassments, and ergo run down those who are victims of it, by trying to minimize it with whataboutisms.
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    Scary thought that 50% of SoxTalk would DM a local reporter with pictures like that, and actually believe that it would be an effective strategy, and never have any future consequences, lol. And we wonder why so few women typically post on baseball message boards.
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    He discusses this on Chuck's podcast; he even notes that he saw there was a new thread when he signed.
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    Giolito-Lynn-Keuchel-Quintana- Cease/Kopech Is pretty good, especially with our bullpen.
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    I wanna see this again: Warning: Lots of mother fucks in the song, if you're one of those people who doesn't like swearing.
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    And the Cubs organization in 2016 gets even more unlikable
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    Nick Madrigal named to the MLB Pipeline All Defensive team for 2021: https://www.mlb.com/amp/news/mlb-pipeline-2021-all-defense-team.html?tcid=tw_article_&__twitter_impression=true
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    Stiever, Thompson, Cease should be more than enough. I would not want to move Kopech, Madrigal, Kelley, or Bailey.
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    Fair, so we agree that they're both not worth our time or money.
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