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    Milwaukee was probably reading this site and was like, "Dude, I know we basically agreed on Stiever, but these Soxtalk clowns love Crochet. Give me the phone. I gotta call Rick."
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    The important thing is we keep posting here regardless forever.
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    Finally, someone with integrity upholding their own guarantee and or ban bet. Welchers, take note.
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    Now are u all covinced that hahn and co tiying with us?all fas signing elsewhere with big $$$ and we soent 50 something on a closer.have fun watching that Circus,id rather watch san diego cause theyre serious about winning
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    Seriously. At this point, I rather take my lumps with Reynaldo and use the money to get Nelson Cruz. Make that offense elite.
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    Just write "👀" constantly and we'll hang on your every tweet.
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    The lack of a college season killed him. If he had pitched anything like he did for the White Sox, he would have been a 1-1 or close to it.
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    Hello Soxtalk, Long time reader first time caller. Sorry to get everybody excited with my Twitter post. I’m not sure how credible you will consider a nobody like myself but I do get a decent amount of info. Here is the truth to it: That package is something I have/had heard from multiple people as to what was on the table and potentially ‘close’ for Burnes. I may be in the minority but I didn’t like it. Burnes has electric stuff (savant is beautiful) but to me I don’t know why we give up Madrigal/Heuer/Kelley for a guy with 9 starts and was previously an up and down reliever. It’s a decent amount of depth from a team that has limited trade capital for a fourth starter that would be able to pitch 100-120 innings tops in 2021? Is it really so hard just to sign that depth starter (Richards) and figure out the Cease/Kopech scenario as the season goes? Or in a perfect world, have done this for someone a bit more projectable like anyone the Padres got? Or Sonny Gray? Or sign Trevor Bauer (ha..ha) Burnes ceiling is the moon but so is Kopech’s and Crochet’s. We have guys like him. I would rather have someone with a higher floor. So, as a total joke in a chat I’m in, I said I am going to say the deal is ‘done’ and try to ‘Joc Pederson’ it. I figure it would be a funny win/win either I get the deal or I can believe I jinxed it (which I’m sure I have nothing to do with). So first of all, Hi! Second of all, sorry for my dumb tweet you’ll see I don’t even really post on Twitter. Third, that Reddit guy is way off base. His idea that the trade was ‘done’ but the Brewers asked for Crochet instead of Stiever? Yeah a deal is ‘done’ but then the team asked for a headliner instead of the fourth piece, doesn’t work that way. He’s pretty far off. No clue if anything here ever happens but it seems they will talk to the Brewers until the dawn of time with Codi Heuer going there for something. They’ve been at this since the deadline last year.
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    Burnes is 50 inning removed from a season his ERA approached 9.00. The Brewers would be selling hign, and if they are selling, considering they are in a position to win, they may know something.
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    I'm shocked. I never saw this post coming.
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    I think Chris Archer would be a good pickup. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/chris-archer-502042?stats=statcast-r-pitching-mlb He opted out last year, where he missed an opportunity to work with new pitching coach in Pitt where Musgrove saw some success when it clicked. Look at this quote from February of last year: https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2020/02/14/pirates-pitcher-chris-archer-is-ready-for-new-season/ In his 4 IP in spring training last year, he had 2 IP, 4 ks, 1 hit, 0 runs. Hardly something to hang your hat on, but still it's something. In Pitt, Searage forced the sinker into his rotation and a curve. Neither were good, and it seemed like they made his slider less effective. His changeup went from excellent sink to below average. Get him back to being a 3-pitch pitcher and see what he can do.
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    See that's the thing, with the offense we have, and the players we have at each position in on the field, Vaughn would be the 1st guy out of the top prospects I would be willing to trade. Now I say that, but if I trade him, I am getting back a big time pitcher who has proven himself. We have tons of offense. We have 1B and DH covered, and guys like Eloy who are future DH's. If Vaughn could play RF it would be a different story.
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    Tex, come on. The Trump administration had no plan for a vaccine rollout period - and the Biden administration has to start from scratch (https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/report-biden-admin-discovers-trump-had-zero-plans-for-covid-vaccine-distribution; https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/19/health/trump-biden-covid-19-vaccine-numbers-bn/index.html) In the final days of the Trump presidency, the HHS Secretary announced the government would begin releasing vaccines which had been held in reserve for second shots... when that reserve simply didn't exist. The federal government straight up lied to the states. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/01/15/trump-vaccine-reserve-used-up/ https://denver.cbslocal.com/2021/01/15/jared-polis-federal-government-covid-vaccines-lied-to/ Excusing this stuff because some countries have worse, more corrupt, governments is absurd. We're over 400,000 lives lost. Not screwing up the vaccine rollout would have saved lives. How can you hand wave this away by saying "public health stuff is difficult?"
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    It's incredibly frustrating that we're left debating whether the team should give up important, impact big league pieces -- Madrigal, Heuer, Crochet, Vaughn, Kopech -- to get a young starter, when there's an even better starter on the market that the Sox could sign and still have a payroll well below other major market teams.
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    If sox are serious about winning they need to stop worrying over a few million dollars on shitty players. Just sign Bauer and a few back up pieces and put a bow on it.
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    It would never happen but I would've shopped Crochet heavily this offseason. His value will never be higher, IMO, and if you could get a Burnes type or a stud RF with control, that's an easy trade for me to make
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    At some point we do need to realistic about Vaughn. I like Vaughn and, like many, I was really excited about him last spring but is there really a place for him on this team? I guess the vision is to use him as a DH and part-time fill for Abreu and he is a RH power bat in a lineup full of them. Abreu has shown no sign of decline and, yes, six years is a long time but if you can use him as a chip to bring in a pitcher like Burnes, you have to consider it, don't you??? I guess I just look at the market even now. Much easier to get a DH/1B than a starting pitcher.
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    This is why if the Sox were willing to get rid of Vaughn, Blake Snell would have have been the guy to go after using Vaughn as the lead piece.
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    Who we trade Vaughn for is an important consideration for sure, but with who we have on the major league roster, and the kids on the way, 1B/DH is the last place I am worried about. We are loaded with bats with no place to play.
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    yes. I'd rather just spend the extra 10 million for Bauer
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    I am warming up to a Hamels signing. Obviously not first on my list.. But definitely above Richards. I can't believe he's so highly regarded here.
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    I probably would trade Crochet+ for him. It would be the ultimate sell-high move, but it would hurt. I definitely wouldn't move Kopech, but as established earlier in the thread, that has nothing to do with Burnes and is just my high opinion of him plus all the great things I've heard about him this offseason
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    I worked in the blue Jays front office in 2009. Harry Einbinder had an office to my left. Kevin Briand was across the hall. And, no joke, paul Beeston shared a wall on the right. At no point were the white Sox serious suitors for halladay and blue Jays scouts were bearish on beckham.
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