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    Nah, Jack is one of the post posters on this site IMO. Makes good posts backed up with facts and when he is wrong he openly admits it. Maybe a bit on the pessimistic side, but he's on my top list of posters.
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    How some of you can still do mental gymnastics to defend Jerry is beyond me...
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    Their projected DH has no experience above A ball and their #4 and #5 starters have no track record of success at the MLB level. Counting on those guys to be key contributors right away is a terrible plan. Just stop.
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    Your arms must be tired carrying all that water for Jerry.
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    It sure would be nice if the Sox gave Crochet a chance to prove him wrong.
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    One can enjoy the team while still being upset at their refusal to go from a “very damn good” baseball team to a great one, especially when presented with countless opportunities to do so. Why is this so hard to comprehend?
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    This HOFHurt35 guy is Jerry's PR Agent? Off to the ignore list you go, weirdo.
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    No, but Jerry is doing exactly what David Samson said he'd do. Jerry doesn't want a winner. He wants a second place team, and that's exactly what he has built. Every year there are guys that overperform and guys that underperform. The Sox cannot afford any underperformance whatsoever and expect to make the playoffs as anything more than the second wild card, if that. They need everything to go right to win the division, and these are exactly the types of teams Jerry put together from 2000-2012.
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    It does get exhausting climbing those steps while carrying Jerry's water.
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    You guys are gonna look real foolish when Financial Flexibility wins the AL MVP.
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    “Doesn't make it compelling or interesting conversation.” It’s a conversation that needs to be had. Jerry shouldn’t be able to get away with being this cheap any longer. They promised that the money would be spent. Well here we are and it’s clear that it’s not going to be. Obviously the pandemic plays a role in this, but it’s still extremely disappointing.
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    It's as if these whiners just showed up recently to cheer for this team. EVERY DIE HARD SOX FAN KNOWS JERRY IS CHEAP! IT'S NOT BREAKING NEWS!
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    What did he say that implied any sort of water carrying
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    This isn't a shit product and this is a stupid fucking thing to say. It isn't perfect but this team is still projected to win a lot of games next season based on the team they have right now, with no other moves being made. this entire thread fucking sucks
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    Join me.....come to the dark side......together we can b**** about Jerry and wait it out until there is new ownership.
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    I am starting to get excited about the upcoming season.I have been noticing that a lot of people wearing Sox hats , sweatshirts and coats ....and Spring Training has not even started. . I have the beautiful WS license plates on my black Benz. I am proud of the White Sox and thank Jerry Reinsdorf for the team we have. It is a great time to be a White Sox fan.
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    This is a likely playoff team. However, there are some clear risks to that statement, which could have been mitigated and haven't been.
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    We are about to go into 2021 with Lopez as our #5 aren't we...
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    I'm really grossed out by how MLB is so indifferent about other leagues being legitimate competition for top talent. Go NPB, keep retaining and taking mlb talent.
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    In part I'm glad stadiums won't be allowed filled to capacity, to have to avoid answering the constant question of why only 20k are showing up every night despite having a great young team.
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    What company puts out a shit product and then blames their consumers for not wanting to buy into said shit product?
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