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    There’s really no spot for him now that they resigned Rodon.
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    Mets are about to sign Bauer and Sox fans are on the edge of their seat trying to find out whether Folty chose us. I am one of those Sox fans lol.
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    lmao @ the luba hate, this is just absurd what's wrong with her tweet? It's quite clear that this is the 'end game' with all the national reporters reporting that it's down to mets/dodgers.
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    how unprofessional for Luba to tweet that. Seriously, if that is how she thinks she should do business...good luck.
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    Thank god we didn't sign Machado or Harper. Imagine trying to fill in the lineup/roster and keep the gold in the swimming pool filled. It would be impossible.
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    Yes it is. You're on the clock to win a world series . You got a free agent without many suitors who wants to play on a contender, likes your coaching staff, actually wants to be here, who is open to some kind of oddly structured contract, and the Sox, who tell you all about multiple championships and the money will be spent, look the gift horse in the mouth because JR can't spend more than last year because the poor owners lost so much money .
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    It was super frustrating, but it's a confounding draft class to me. I think I agree that it's likely sox had planned on some additional cubans to make the jump, but it was reversed by Trump admin. Sox may have had a bunch of extra budget at that point, the rest of players under previous agreements, so they just made sure they got Sanchez away from some teams in the previous year who still had money (orioles, etc). And the other part of it is that class has some really interesting pieces, moreso than many previous years. Bailey is the obvious, but it plucked a very interesting year as a 16 year old with really great K rates. Veloz was 18, but has chance to fill out and dominated the DSL that year. Christian Vera we'll see this year, along with Wilfred Veras. And then Tatis showed little, but keeps getting mentioned by sox. So maybe we'll find out this year that despite missing a real top 30 talent when we expected one, that it was a good class. I mean 2018 we had no idea would produce what it did, with Ramos and others.
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    I woulda loved hill.. Given him the 5th starter role until he gets hurt in his 3rd start, then let Rodon take over until he got hurt, then it's June1 and Kopech can come up.
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    The money will be spent..........eventually..........and not very much of it!
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    I'm not a Hahn hater but I'm pretty sure Jeremy Haber is the lead behind the majority of those
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    I don't believe anyone here knows what has been discussed. RH plays his cards close to the vest. I don't believe that our FO discusses this stuff with their best friends....there is just too much money at stake.
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    I don't see how. Cleveland cut their payroll in half, trading away everyone on the team making any sort of paycheck. Tampa traded away their best pitcher. What did the Sox do that was equal to that?
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    Big thing for Twins is if there 2019 offense shows up or their 2020 offense. If it’s 2019, they will win the division most likely.
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    Seeing Mets, Brewers and Rays in on Rich Hill... Was holding out small, small hope we'd be on that list. Seems like a small price/risk to take and can fill a role the rest of the back of rotation -- I woulda wanted to throw him in there with Rodon, Crochet, Stiever, Kopech, Hill, Cease and let them all battle it out for innings. Losers get multi inning bullpen roles this year. Also if the Rays are in on someone means there's something there. It's almost the coop can fix em from 2004-2008
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    Rogers, Duffey, Colome ain't a bad 7th, 8th, 9th pen at all. I'm assuming they're gonna move Dobnak to the pen too unless he's gonna be their 5th starter.
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    I think Collins is a much better catcher than Yermin
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    So we’re not going to add more depth to the rotation than. Great! JR being JR as always.
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    Would giving Bauer 35 million for 1 year or 2/70 or something have a major negative impact on the clubhouse?
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