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    Um, why would a contending team want Julio Tehran?
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    He does look amazing for his age. I just can't stand looking at him.
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    For sure. It's the unfortunate reality that George McCaskey put us in when he decided to keep the same management structure. My only hope is that they've set some parameters around Pace so he can't just trade away whatever he wants.
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    I will let you debate yourself since you again ignored the threads that already contained this propaganda to create a new thread.
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    I think this team looks great right now and we have the money to buy needs if any become necessary. A little patience is needed to see if Katz has fixed some of these young guys. By most accounts we have one of the best teams in the AL.
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    Didn't you hear RH? The Sox are so good free agents don't want to come.
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    Per MLBTR; The Tigers have agreed to a contract with free-agent right-hander Julio Teheran, per Jon Heyman of MLB Network. It’s a non-guaranteed deal, though Teheran will earn a $3MM base salary if he makes the Tigers’ roster. He could rake in another $1MM in incentives if he starts 20 games for the team. This vs Sox signing Rodon for same $3 but guaranteed. Who made the smarter deal? Or why couldn't the Sox have done the same exact deal with Teheran whether they signed Rodon or not? How did RH let this happen? So very frustrating!
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    Agreed. Madrigal is most likely to be traded if anybody. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he gets traded.
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    Can you name me 5 starting pitchers that got significantly better when they left Colorado? Everyone always thinks and assumes it happens due to their hitter friendly park and splits.. But it just doesn't. Hell, I cant even see one and I just looked at their rotations for the past 20 years. The myth of baseball.
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    I get that it's huge and has all of those resources but the entire point of all of this is Texas repeatedly tells everyone that they don't need them, and they do. Nobody would blink twice in your above scenario because all of those states could lean on each other in case of a crisis. and let's not pretend like what's happening in Texas is isolated. These 100 year events are increasing in frequency. Texas is going to recover from this and in a few months be staring at a massive hurricane coming up from the gulf. the states need each other and this just magnifies that need.
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    Just read and saw pictures of Jared Kelly slimmed down. Lost around 20 pounds!!!
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    TLR looks AMAZING for his age.
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    I’m actually part of a LaRusstans Discord group now because so many people needed refuge from the social media toxicity towards Tony and Jerry. It’s so much healthier, positive, and we get some inside nuggets too. A lot of people are in for a surprise when Tony gets his standing ovation.
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    Once again VAUGHN WILL NOT BE TRADED. He will be extended before he traded. End of discussion
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    You reminding me of Ron Gant is worth this thread's existence. Cheers.
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    https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-offseason-grades-yankees-lack-urgency-mets-dodgers-padres-get-high-marks-cubs-red-sox-underwhelm/ B for White Sox, with puzzling TLR hire the main point. For some reason, poor Hector Rondon and Carlos Rodon keep getting their names mixed up by writers.
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    I can't even listen to Bernstein now a days. It's a shame. I used to love B&B. He is awful now.
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    This is the view looking down on the rover from its rocket-powered skycrane system that is in the process of lowering it to Mars's surface. I think they will eventually have video of this.
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    I didn't. Pretty upset about it.
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    An interesting list for no other reason than to see who the Sox seem to favor enough to bring to camp early for the extra work and exposure, and also who they don't.
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    You short selling Mercedes? Im going to buy up all the inventory and diamond hand it to the moon.
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    The only hyperbole on this thread comes from your post, some stupid bullshit that adds nothing to the discussion.
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