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    I got my vaccine apt with Jewel tomorrow. Woot. So far Jewel is allowing you to select either the two-shot model or the J&J single shot. So Walgreens opens their APTs up in the morning it seems. Jewel just randomly drops there's. I have been scouring the website trying every 5 minutes for a few days. I finally got lucky.
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    This is as low as I can remember the COVID ICU bed count, hoping this trend continues
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    http://dph.illinois.gov/news/public-health-officials-announce-1577-new-cases-coronavirus-disease 83k J&J vaccines coming wednesday to IL
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    This cannot happen at all. I don't know about you but I don't want to see Lucroy in the lineup multiple times in the ALCS and WS.
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    I have conflicting info on that. I have no idea how old the kid is. The White Sox are signing him though whenever that is. As of now, the next period is scheduled for July 2 2021. It's expected to be moved back though because current period would only be 6 months then. If that happens, the players with deals for this July wouldn't sign until next January. Then the players (who already have commitments) for J2 2022 wouldn't be able to sign until January 2023. Meanwhile, the collective bargaining agreement expires in December and there could be an international draft anyway.
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    I certainly wouldn't let the player's union dictate my roster/service time strategy and so would not advance either of these young pitchers to the active roster coming out of Spring Training. It's not like you're going to get a union concession because you did. I'd send them to Charlotte with instructions to use them together as a tandem starting pitcher until they were comfortable in that roll. Lopez and Flores can serve as your long men until the young starters are ready or you need a fifth starter. The Sox seem hellbent on bringing them north but no one knows if or how much they'll be needed during April and early May or if they can handle it. Why would you burn service time on such a high risk strategy. I don't get it.
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    What do you like about him? He's 31. He put up a .600 OPS last year...and his career OPS is .729. He's basically Leury Garcia and we already have him.
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    The way Vaughn loads his swing is so damn satisfying
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    I think that's even tough to do optically. Punt one of your aces during a World Series run? And then if someone is acquiring him that means they're a contender. So you're punting to a competitor. More likely he plays out his contract and then Jerry offers 5/150 or something while he goes out and gets 6/200. It will Machado 2.0 -- we made an effort "the money will be spent". etc.
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    Cases may, and probably will go up, but I don't expect this to get out of hand again.
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    It’s cool that almost any of them in both categories are legitimate choices.
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    Former top prospect of the Phillies, Was the main piece in the Hamels trade when he was traded to the Rangers.
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    It's 2021 my fellow Sox fan. We aren't solely using ERA as an indicator of pitching value.
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    Giolito ain't gonna get an extension, not with this ownership lol
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    Going to get my first shot on Thursday morning. Excited and worried since my heart and its health are very poor, we shall see what happens. I was skeptical of the vaccine because you know, the government and the history of black people and mass medicine in this country, but my grandparents who grew up not too far from Tuskegee decided to get the vaccine and got both their shots, so I'm doing the same.
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    I'm not exactly a "fair weather fan." I go back to 1970 with the Sox, which is 51 years. And if you look at how long I've posted on Sox Talk (2003), I didn't just arrive yesterday. I guarantee I've posted here longer than most, and been a fan longer than a lot of posters on here have been alive. Just because I tuned out during the years when the Sox were tanking doesn't change that. Any, BTW, I'm not the only one projecting everyone as a star. MLB Top 100 Right Now has 9 Sox on the list, tied with the Dodgers. That's pretty damn good by any measure. I'm also not making any apologies for being excited and optimistic about the team. As the title of this post says -- I'm going to enjoy the White Sox this year. Aren't you?
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    Absolutely dude. You nailed it. One thing people don’t realize is the high level of pedigree each of these young guys brings. These aren’t late first round talents. Almost our entire lineup and pitching staff would be taken 1:1 in a draft. That’s INSANE
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    Who was it that said there wouldn't be baseball until like 2023? They seem to be "juuust a bit outside."
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    Why would you have no hope for Sheets? I wasn't a fan of that pick but he's absolutely useful now. 16 homers and 83 RBI in the Southern League is impressive. He's dropped 20 pounds and implemented swing changes. Rival scouts think he can be decent in an outfield corner. He's enhanced his profile quite a bit.
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