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    Title and tags says it all. Got the offer to my email. Here’s the link: https://links.e1.theathletic.com/u/click?_t=1d75fd3a730a463c8648bd84293b832a&_m=821dfd6fd00548d3925e273a8e7cd6b0&_e=PaE1Mm7-a8hABhLTw7isj28AFHvEAQwG0W3f86HNeY2NI3zoSfwKv24kdzFV3_3zt2IaykLJ-UX5UBeoDcVknsvnwpOemwaZsm83QrUC5T-FGs9I_1rAVGAZm06JSz2hsr1dZADgJgoBPlX53lCvDL1MBiPvByYlnmeofSVayx7amiGTCHoaQPBLwySfLiAYCDc0k2uDHn9_gifERp5-vVpjBSyNIQgaz4v1-u2ePPK_wmsqpvjY3SXkG40S4MYOC5vJ0c4f3eXpgu6lL40ss2sEA-qOCmkJoJ2rCYNfDyGFuzRRQ19RAXFkUWK2AWGnJvBByu_kp1RosOY9YIA5M0pawmQD6EGWKMq7Klnk6sAq59U58fJsvH9GAR9f2X6T
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    the madrigal hate over that comment is absurd
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    One guy called a 6 year old the leader of their clubhouse. The other guy has a lot of confidence in himself. Why you think those two things are at all equal is truly baffling. One disrespects veteran leaders, the other does not.
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    Coupled with people overweight (BMI 25-29) or obese (30 +). https://www.cnbc.com/2021/03/08/covid-cdc-study-finds-roughly-78percent-of-people-hospitalized-were-overweight-or-obese.html
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    The vaccination cards are hand written on a piece of cardboard. In many cases people are writing the name and DOB themselves. With my limited photoshop skills I could create hundreds of them per day. And they can be transferred from person to person easily. There simply is no practical way to have people prove vaccination status reliably on entry. It would be pointless theatre designed to act as though it provides safety without having any actual impact.
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    1.1 WAR in 480 career games. He's an atrocious career hitter vs RHP and doesn't play very good infield defense, in my opinion. I would have liked to see the Sox sign an upgrade over him (Profar) to give themselves insurance in-case Leury & Mendick aren't suitable depth.
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    This is the big one in my opinion. I'd say it's nearly improbable that Moncada, Madrigal, and Jimenez stay off the IL this year just based on previous seasons. It's nice having a super utility sub who hopefully doesn't have to have 400 at bats this season.
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    I didn't realize you could ignore someone. That's a nice feature and I suspect my Soxtalk time will be filled with much less idiocy.
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    Lynn, Kopech, and Crochet scheduled to pitch - should be appointment viewing. Hendriks was previously scheduled as well but has been moved to a bullpen session on a back field, apparently.
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    You don't have to go back too far on my posting history to see those types. You don't have to go back too far to see the sacchariney-sweet types who can't handle any sort of "negativity." [Shrugs] LOL, yeah, there's a fair amount of those over here who don't like any sort of critique of any of the FOs in town... That said, I don't know if this org even SHOULD pursue a QB, given the awesome job they've done hereto fore in the four QB decisions they've made. But if it's Watson v. Wilson, I think it will more likely be the latter rather than the former. When the dust settles, I don't think this team will land either, in all honesty. I think it'll be in the Foles, Alex Smith, Sam Darnold, Ryan Fitzpartick level of QB.
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    Except anyone can read your post. So when you post like an asshole you are being an asshole to everyone.
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    Vaccinations have some public health workarounds, that's why some orgs can require employees/schools require proof of vaccinations.
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    People are burning masks in protest and otherwise throwing fits about wearing a little paper or cloth over their mouth. Asking proof of vaccination will only cause more confrontations. No, I wouldn't want to be one to demand such proof. Don't need the grief from some jerk.
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    I don't think Tampa fans were like "oh yea Brady is coming here" when we all found out that he really was going to be a free agent. Weird stuff happens sometimes and you have to be ready.
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    To be honest, I think now might not be a bad time to temporarily not allow infants, especially since they probably can't wear a mask. I'm not seeing the reward vs. risk benefit.
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    I know not the best team, or even among them, but that 2003 team should have done some damage. That team was crazy talented.
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    Once again, post starts with numerous things I have never said and ignored what I am actually saying. You constantly say you will never engage with me again... and then respond to me again soon after (still ignoring the core of my posts, of course). Round and round. Maybe if certain people didn't cherry pick many posts, misquote me and throw around strawmen I might be a little less coarse. Something to think about. When people are civil with me, I'm civil with them. If you think I'm being an asshole to you then perhaps reassess your own responses to me. I don't respond well to having words constantly put in my mouth, as most anyone doesn't. Maybe don't start a post out with "OMIGOD," engage in a redundant and repetitive rant and then wonder why I call you childish. I say it all the time: you can put me on ignore. You don't. You constantly claim I'm not worth arguing with yet always return. Only thing I can assume is you like the attention.
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    OHMIGOD...your responses to everyone are "you are too stupid to follow my arguments" or "you are ignoring my obvious brilliance" or "your opinions are idiotic based on logic and reason". Then we get the insults about us being "childish" or "ridiculous". It's fine to have alternate opinions but your method of expressing them is SO condescending. I didn't start off by saying "you are too stupid to argue with"....I ended up there after dozens of assaults by you. I promised I wouldn't say that again and I won't. I just choose to not engage with you because honestly...you will bring nothing to the discussion. I have heard countless of your opinions as you comment on every posting and I never think " OH...a Ragah posting!!!! I can't wait to read what he thinks."
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    Logical fallacies are objective, not subjective. And your comment about Hendriks is ridiculous and shows you are engaging in them yourself as I have been outspoken about how much I like Hendriks and that the bullpen is the one thing I not concerned about this year. If you really think I'm rooting for the Sox to lose then frankly you don't know shit about me and have learned nothing. Because you obviously aren't paying enough attention and to solidify my example you are going to just disappear instead of own it because you have to make some bullshit up just to make yourself right. If the Sox prove my assertions wrong I will be happy to admit I was wrong. THAT is what I am rooting for. You don't even actually have a grasp on my opinions because you are jumping to conclusions on them and not actually knowing them because you just lazily want to claim ALL my arguments are negative rather than actually absorb them individually. So you sound like another person whose feathers I have ruffled enough to the point of (as per the usual for people who bash me) mischaracterizing my posts or grasping straws and then disappearing. Of course arguing with someone isn't going to be "worth it" if you don't even know what the person's actual stance is because you assume it. I also never said I was smart. It doesn't take that much intelligence to simply point out something that is incorrect. But no one ever wants to admit they could be incorrect about anything. Heaven forbid. You're "ending the conversation" because you are wrong and you know it. Otherwise you wouldn't make up bullshit about me "rooting for blown saves."
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    Having a lefty hitting catcher that can walk 100 times a year and hit 25 homers would be one of the most valuable assets in baseball....he wouldn't even have to be a good defensive catcher...just average. Its hard to get an exact feel on what the White Sox think of Collins. In 2018 they had a young, offensive catcher Omar Narvaez and signed Wellington Castillo...many thought they signed Castillo to help with the Manny Machado signing as they were friends. Zack was only 23...he played 74 games that year all at catcher and was the all-star selection for the Southern League. At the end of 2018...the young and interesting Narvaez (he put up a 2 WAR for Sox in 97 games at catcher at 26) was traded for Colome...which seemed to hint the White Sox thought they had a BETTER offense first catcher in the system. That off-season they signed a two year contract with a journeyman catcher, James McCann. In 2019 JM exploded out of the gate and was the all-star catcher, so he caught 106 games and they still had Wellington under contract so he still caught 50 games. Collins, 24, came up and caught 10 games in the pros and caught 50 games in AAA...also he played 21 games at first base for the first time...was that because they lost faith in him as a catcher...or wanted to add to his diversity as a player? In 2020 they signed Grandal...was that because they lost faith in Collins as a catcher or that they thought the team was near ready to compete, Grandal was affordable and a top 3 catcher in the league and 25 year old Collins wasn't ready to manage a staff of young pitchers? Why didn't they trade James McCann?? It's possible that teams saw McCann's second half slide in 2019 and just figured 2019 first half was an illusion and didn't offer anything for him. Why didn't they trade Collins...at that point he had just put up a .950 OPS as a young lefty catcher in AAA. Then 2020 with two great starting catchers they had Collins everyday in Schaumburg catching simulated games with the Sox top young pitchers....everyday for months. Doing nothing but catching under watchful eyes. So now it's 2021 and the Sox made no attempt to resign JM...so they must have a plan for back up catcher. I have written this before but I think this has been the Sox plan all along...it's just JM accidently being great and COVID screwed up the time line. Grandal catches 110 games and Collins catches 50 and backs up at 1b and backs up DH. He's only 26 and catching is a hard art to learn. As Grandal gets older they cut his number of games caught and increase Collins games caught. I've heard Catching is one of the hardest positions to learn...the White Sox have been grooming Collins to be everyday starter for the rest of the window. If you are looking for a comp...Ted Simmons (switch hitting but similar) was a high OBP, 20 homer per year, mediocre defensive catcher that had a 5 year stretch starting at 26 where he put up 25 WAR. Of course if they give the back up catcher job to Lucroy it will tell us 100% that they have no belief that Collins can catch....but what does "Can't catch" even mean? Narvaez was forced to catch 90 games because WC got caught with PEDS and he had seven errors, allowed 12 passed balls, and only threw out 24 percent of runners...and STILL put up near 2 WAR...good hitting catchers are valuable and good hitting lefty catchers more so.
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    It is not an insignificant fact that Theo bowed out after 2020. He definitely didn't want to wear that
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    I've addressed those issues. But simply making a snide remark is not productive and it's not my problem if people are irritated because I take people to task. If you don't then there's really no point in arguing in the first place.
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    He is invaluable on a contender. He's the only reason they can carry other guys on the roster that aren't as flexible. He can play 7 positions in theory, passably, and is I'd assume the primary backup at 3B, SS, 2B and CF depending on how the roster shakes out. @Chicago White Sox that would be a fair critique if he was a regular, but as a backup I can't b**** about his bat at all. Most teams would kill to have a guy that can carry a 90 OPS+ overall and play 7 positions as a backup passably.
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